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message 1: by Emily Cait (new)

Emily Cait | 70 comments Mod
So what did you guys think of the fifth Dark Tower novel? Any predictions for book 6?

message 2: by Ľudmila (new)

Ľudmila | 15 comments I loved this one. Except the Salem's Lot plot twist. I hope this will not be spoiler for the rest of the series but...

Now I have only one question - is the Crimson King actually Stephen King? Is he the one on top of the Dark Tower? Watching all the worlds like Eye of Sauron in Lord of the Rings? Because that is not something I would like to happen. There aren't lot of rules in this series due to all the magic and breaking of the worlds and time but still I hoped it would go back to being simple fantasy series :D

2ndHandBookclan | 6 comments It's really hard to make a good prediction with this series. They keep taking directions that I didn't see coming. I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that they will give us a little more fill in on the battle of Jericho hill. I do think the wolves might make another appearance. After all the build up in this novel I was surprised by how quickly they were dispatched.

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