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Emily Cait | 70 comments Mod
How are you finding the Wolves of the Calla so far?

2ndHandBookclan | 6 comments It's just plodding along slowly so far. I'm a little over halfway done and it's not as much fun as the last books. I'm hopping that father Callahan is really relevant to the story line and not just thrown in for filler. It seems like a weird tie in but maybe it will make sense later on. I feel like it's a nice homage to long time King readers to have old characters from previous works make appearances again. I'm quite curious about the wolves and what their purpose may be. I also like how ambiguous Andy's role is. But really though.......what's up with Mia? I just don't know 😳

message 3: by Ľudmila (new)

Ľudmila | 15 comments This might be my favourite book so far. I thought father Callahan will be important for the future of the ka-tet but never expected tie in with the first book of the series. I wanted to read Salem's Lot by King but now the plot is obviously spoiled so there is no need :D I have my theory about the wolves but I'm not sure if that will really happen and I can't wait to find out.

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