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Fairy Cake Fatality (Cake Fairy Mysteries, #1)
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Sabrina Hartford | 5 comments All new Cozy mystery!


“Fairy cakes, a kitten, magic & a murder in England… With a fairy twist!”

Faye left California to start a new life in England. Things aren’t going well and her new cake shop is close to bankruptcy, but she gets a lucky break when she is chosen to be featured on the town’s popular radio program. Unfortunately, on the day of the recording, a murder occurs and she is the prime suspect!

She tries to solve the case herself, but each clue she finds only leaves her more confused. To make things worse, she keeps having hallucinations about being a fairy, but these only occur when a certain kitten is around. Or maybe there is something to these visions? Can Faye befriend the kitten and master her fairy past while solving the case?

Includes free recipe book containing the 25 cakes that are mentioned in the story.

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Free Review Copy

I have a limited number of free review copies. To receive one, just message me, reply to this post, or email me.

Only ebook copies are left.

There is no formal deadline to get a free review copy. Feel free to apply at any time even many months in the future. I will update this post when I am no longer accepting applications for Review Copies.

Note: There is no obligation to post a review to get a free copy.

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Feliks (dzerzhinsky) | 148 comments Mod
Nicely formatted message there. Exemplary. Except perhaps for the title of the post. It ought to be all on one line, and ideally include book title and author name (I'll fix it myself, no worry).

Anyway, more authors should certainly follow suit! Bravo

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Sabrina Hartford | 5 comments @Feliks

Thanks! I had made a snazzy looking video too (if I say so myself), but I didn't know how to embedded it!

Thanks for your help with the title.

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