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message 1: by Iceyreads74, Tori (new) - rated it 4 stars

Iceyreads74 | 32 comments Mod
Hey guys! So, I went ahead and made this discussion area for us to talk about the book as we finish it. Anna and I would love to hear your thoughts on Everything Everything, and we'll be talking about our thoughts and feels in our upcoming liveshow. Just a heads up, there WILL be spoilers here, so be wary!!
What did you like about it?

What, if anything, did you disklike? Why?

Any other thoughts on the book, or things you'd like to talk about?

message 2: by Iceyreads74, Tori (new) - rated it 4 stars

Iceyreads74 | 32 comments Mod
So, I know I didn't really talk about the book on here earlier, but that's because Anna and I talked a lot about it in our live show. I figured I'd post my thoughts on here too!

I loved this book! I enjoyed every aspect it had to offer. I liked the way in which Olly and Maddie met and how their relationship with one another grew. I thought it was expertly written and had just the perfect amount of flair and seriousness. I loved the plot twist and how Maddie found out that she wasn't really sick.

The only thing I really didn't like was the way that Maddie's mother reacted after she found out about Olly. I get that she was pissed about it, but the measures she took were too over board. I think that's just another example of how great this book is, because I have great respect for any author that can make me feel the same type of emotion as a character, or can make me feel so strongly toward a character.

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