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Assassin's Fate (The Fitz and the Fool, #3)
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Book 16 - Assassin's Fate > Book 16 -Assassin's Fate Chp 37-42 (FULL Spoilers)

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Mark | 26 comments It's something good actually going to happen for ol' FitzChivalry? That can't be possible.

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Alfred Haplo (alfredhaplo) | 550 comments I suspected Fitz will not die at the tunnel because of Bee's dream (FA) here - (view spoiler)

EDIT: That perpetual itch from "flea bite".. (oh oh.. Parasitic servant dart, maybe?) and the dream about him dying slowly?
That also makes me suspect death isn't in the tunnel. A guess, anyway. Speaking of deaths, Lant and Kennitson ("the sons"), so much death all around.

Hobb makes us think about the morality of it all. Must the innocent die as a direct or indirect consequence? Is it justified? Can it be?

These chapters really messed with my heart. The moments between Fitz/Bee and Fitz/Fool leading to Fitz's death, the way he dies, he died, then he lived, and then he killed one last time mercilessly, and the message to Buck that will take forever to arrive.... My eyes were moist a fair few times, admittedly.

The moments between Bee/Fool alternated between sweetly tremulous and outright irritating for me, particularly with Bee and her lie to hurt Fool. Then I am reminded that she's lost her father, her sense of family, her home, herself even, and she's coping as much as a young child who's also an old soul can. I hope they work it out somehow, if the dream is any indication of her acknowledgment of Fool as father. It would be real sad if Fool dies not knowing the truth about the false letter.

Fitz's long journey with Nighteyes brings back to memory of his solitary hike at the end of AQ. It was nice. At this point, I doubt Fitz will bond with Motley, and that's that. I like better their semi-Wit but fully-friends bond.

Nice to have Fool back in his prime condition, after being shackled with physically disability for the last... hmm, 1600 pages. At least the next short 100 pages to the end he'll only have to deal with being emotionally and psychologically scarred for life... Tiny consolation at that.

Fitz going into the Skill pillar with a ruined rune seems fitting, given how afraid he is about being lost in current . That it happened accidentally, and how close he was to going home, was... a frustrating and sad moment. Oh, Hobb. A theory about what happens next (view spoiler)

I am not ready to read the next 100 pages to the final end yet.
Sorry, rambling again. Tend to get this way when I'm being silly, and very sad.

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