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message 1: by Anni (new)

Anni (1962-2019) (annisennov) | 10 comments Hi again,

2 of my books does not have a clear frame around them (they are white book covers) and I would like to have them replace with a new cover (actually the same) which has a thicker frame(line).

Book 1:

Book 1 replacement:

Book 2:

Book 2 replacement:


message 2: by Philip (new)

Philip (burnnerman) | 5913 comments So, the cover itself does not have the border around it?

message 3: by Anni (new)

Anni (1962-2019) (annisennov) | 10 comments Yes this do, but they are too weak, so you can hardly see them, which is why we have had them made with a thicker boarder/line around them.

I hope it makes sense otherwise please have a look at the links, then you will see the difference.

Thank you for helping out

message 4: by Philip (new)

Philip (burnnerman) | 5913 comments Don't have time right now, but that means we basically need to create ACEs (Alternate Cover Editions), since they were published with the one set of covers and have been republished with the new covers.

Hopefully somebody can get to that for you.

message 5: by Anni (new)

Anni (1962-2019) (annisennov) | 10 comments Hi Philip,

Sorry I'm not clear here.

The books have not had a new cover. It's ONLY the image online that has been changed to make it more clear AND the only change is a thicker line around the cover/book.

I hope it makes sense. There has been no changes made to the books.


message 6: by Abcdarian (new)

Abcdarian | 19392 comments So there is no actual line on the book cover itself, right? You just want one around it to make it show better online? I'm doubtful Goodreads will add it.

message 7: by Anni (new)

Anni (1962-2019) (annisennov) | 10 comments Right, the physical book does not have a line around the edges, because there is no need, but every online cover of a white book need one otherwise it's unclear where the cover starts and ends when placed on a white background.

So all our white book covers have had a line around the cover added. On Amazon, Nielsen, Lightning Source and all online systems have added the cover with the thicker line, therefore I thought Good-reads would like to do the same for their readers?

Please have look at the links above, it makes things very visible, what I'm not very good at explaining :-)

If you can change it would be great, if not, then just close this case and the readers here on Good-Readers will have to live with a bad looking cover.


message 8: by Abcdarian (new)

Abcdarian | 19392 comments I can totally see your point, just don't know if GR rules allow. Waiting for a higher up to give a ruling.

message 9: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 41994 comments Mod
After some discussion, we agree that this is more like a higher-quality cover image than a real cover change. Please go ahead.

message 10: by Mike Briggs (new)

Mike Briggs (mikebriggs) | 188 comments After go ahead, both books have been updated.

message 11: by Anni (new)

Anni (1962-2019) (annisennov) | 10 comments Thank you so much. I belive the readers will benefit from this.

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