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Rhiz Vill About to start reading in a couple of hours...

Rhiz Vill "Our hopes rest with you, Mr. Brekker. If you fail, all the world will suffer for it."
"Oh, it's worst than that, Van Eck. If I fail, I don't get paid."
Page 27, Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Rhiz Vill Ugh... My progress is slow this time. I'm distracted.

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- laura hi :)
i think im going to pick this up again on monday since i should be studying for exams haha
but im currently on page 40 and i have no idea whats going on tbh

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- laura Hazel wrote: "Hey I'm Hazel , would you mind if I join you both. I can probably get the book tomorrow :)"

hii hazel yess thats fine by me :D

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- laura Hazel wrote: "Hey I was just wondering what you guys think of the book so far ? I'm only on page 30 but I don't think I'm going to continue it. I'm not too sure."

omg me too but all my friends told me to continue it because its supposed to get really good
i have absolutely no idea whats going on right now
ill try to get to page 200 today and then see if im going to continue it..
im gonna post here later :D

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- laura to be honest it's getting really good, im on page 205

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- laura i actually finished it and have a really unpopular opinion about it LMAO
you should read it on the side though, like read something else as your main book

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Emma Frew - wrote: "i actually finished it and have a really unpopular opinion about it LMAO
you should read it on the side though, like read something else as your main book"

*Gasps* Hello! I just found this discussion and I just finished the book as well! I would love to hear your opinion on it since the book also doesn't sit quite right in my stomach as well haha

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- laura Well, i thought the whole point of this book was the heist and their relationships, well they basically failed by the end of the book.
Most of the characters were also pretty cliché in my opinion and i didnt really like the whole world they live in, its just not interesting at all to me. I like to describe it as an old black and white film because that's what reading it felt like. The dialogues were good but the writing kinda irked me. It was like u had to concentrate on every single sentence and it was super tiring. I also basically hated Kaz and Inej, they were just super annoying, same goes for some of the other characters too. The ending was pretty much predictable, like such a heist was too good to be true. The fighting wasn't really exciting and the Ice Court scenes bored me kinda...
I dont really have much good to say about this book, the only time i really was able to sympathize with the characters was when Kaz explained his past.. I didnt feel any connection to them and by the end of the book i realized that I wouldnt even care if they were killed off, in fact it would've added more spice into the story LMAO
i regret now that i had already ordered crooked kingdom because ill probably never touch that.

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Emma Frew - wrote: "Well, i thought the whole point of this book was the heist and their relationships, well they basically failed by the end of the book.
Most of the characters were also pretty cliché in my opinion ..."

Yeah I get that, I feel like the ending was very meh. Since Kaz is supposed to be a mastermind who outthinks everyone it seems very disappointing when he didn't live up to it in the end, since he acted super foolishly and out of character. (Like Ironman in anything passed the first movie has a really big mouth and is kind of a jerk but can't live up to anything he claims and acts stupidly ) It kinda seemed like just another reason to give the book a sequel? Or at least make the sequel last longer haha.

But then again Kaz as an adult was kind of boring, since he thought through everything and usually left no room for error everything just unfolds the way he wants too, which is too OP of him. He never becomes resourceful or uses his brain in the spur of the moment which makes everything kinda bland. Even when the characters do Improvise it's way too flawless. It doesn't feel like the choices these characters make have consequences, which make them very boring to follow.

Kaz as a little kid, however, was really well done, he had to be resourceful, learn, think on his toes. Any choice he made had consequences he had to be careful in order not to be duped, which made tiny Kaz a lot of fun to watch.

And the other characters that followed Kaz weren't that special, they do go through hardships, but it wasn't nearly as traumatizing as Kaz's childhood. They do go through hard times but in the setting of THAT universe, it didn't seem like anything special. For example, almost every Grisha gets captured and killed by Fjedra, what makes this Grisha so special? She doesn't really fight back, can't really escape or has any different or profound thoughts. Jesper shoots things, great, but is he different from any other person who shoots things? Not really, other than he's pretty good at shooting things.These people were picked by Kaz, therefore the author wants us to believe they are special, but without proving HOW they are special. I think making the audience blindly take that is not a smart move.

PPPFFTTT IDK if I should read crooked kingdom either, I feel the need for the sake of completion? But not cause I was a huge fan, maybe I'll try shadow and bone though? Cause I haven't read that before haha hopefully it's better!

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- laura yESSS omg i know exactly what you mean
i also think leigh bardugo wanted you to read between the lines a lot, like for example when she explained inejs past or the gang rivalry thing.
if she wouldve explained that more, maybe it would've been more interesting..
and yeah the characters are extremely bland, especially the side characters that are just really your typical 0815 characters
and yeah ive heard shadow and bone isnt as good as SoC so i dont know if i will pick it up.. maybe in the future :D but right now i really dont like the whole universe and its just weird to me that only Grishas seem to hold these special powers, which makes it pretty unbelievable for me that humans still have the most control over the world..

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Emma Frew I know!!! I really wish Inej had a better backstory that went into more specifics! The Grisha being the minority was weird now that I think about it like you got all that power man! How did you Grisha's done goof so much for this universe to be plausible? And NOooOooOoo I was hoping it would have been better orzzz oh well, I guess that just leaves other books to read!

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