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After only giving two short knocks as a warning, Sebastian breezed into his friend's house without a pause, gripping his dinner tight in one hand as he kicked the door shut again behind himself. The instant the door was shut behind him, it was obvious he was comfortable, given the sudden relaxation of his shoulders. "I'm here to gift you with my delightful company, mi alma." He announced cheerfully, though there was a note of exhaustion in his voice. He jumped up over the back of the couch to land neatly in the middle, setting his usual Chinese takeout on the table before tugging off his uncomfortable jacket, tossing it up and draping it over the back of the couch. Already feeling more comfortable in just black jeans and tshirt, he completed the switch to casual as best as he could, kicking his dress shoes off with a groan of relief. He pulled both his feet up underneath him to sit crosslegged in the middle of the couch, whipping out his chopsticks and picking up his food again with an air of smug satisfaction.

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He should have heard Sebastian coming, but honestly, it was the smell of food that punched through Anthony's numb mind. With a quick hum he rolled his shoulders, ridding himself of the imaginary ache that would have settled in if he were anything other than a vampire. He'd been sitting like that, shirtless and ass firmly planted on his bed that had been made and rarely used, with his shoulders hunched as he stared holes through his bedroom wall.

In the time it took Sebastian to get through the door and on the couch, Anthony had already shrugged on a semi-clean shirt and located his glasses. He made it to the couch with his glasses on and a newly poured drink in his hand just in time to watch his friend lift the food in the air as though it were a trophy.

"If it weren't so utterly adorable to watch you try and guzzle that crap at least once a week I would have kicked your butt for bringing it here so much," Anthony snorted, lifting his cup up in a 'cheers' motion before taking a sip. The blood was too old to be refreshing in any way, but it was hardly an issue. Sebastian was the perfect excuse to drink more than was necessary, and it would probably help with his recent affliction of thinking too deeply.

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Sebastian brightened at the sight of his friend, flashing a brief smile as he looked over at Anthony's arrival. He chuckled slightly, shrugging one shoulder. "I am precious." He agreed sagely, grinning at him from around a bite of his takeout. "Besides, you know you love me anyway." He mused, tipping over to lean his shoulder against Anthony's. The urge to use him as a pillow was overwhelming, but he didn't really want to lay down and spill Chinese all over the couch. There was no way he'd give Antony more fuel to his anti-takeout fire.

Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, he had known Anthony a long while. Besides, with the balancing act the two of them were pulling off, he had to be able to read the other when he had to make a big decision without time to prepare. So it was safe to say that he knew his friend fairly well, or so he thought. Bastian glanced sideways at him, raising one perfect eyebrow. "You alright?" He asked casually, shoving in another bite of Chinese. He swallowed before chuckling slightly. "I'd offer you some of my food, but we both know that you would not appreciate it."

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After giving a sharp, over the top bark of laughter at Sebastian, Anthony didn't think twice before adjusting his posture to accommodate Sebastian at his side, having been friends for so long that it was second nature by now.

After pulling a theatrically disgusted face at Sebastian's offer of food, Anthony settled slowly back against the couch, giving Sebastian time to lean back with him if he wanted.

"'M fine, 'Bastion, just..." he paused, mind constructing a suitable sentence of partial truth, "just worried about our alliance with the wolves. You handle gang relations crap so much better than me." The last sentence was genuine enough, although delivered in an almost childish tone and saturated with too much emphatic earnestness to be genuinely flattering. Anthony was teasing his friend, now, dealing with his stress in the way he usually did, humour taking centre stage.

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Almost instantaneously Sebastian settled against him, shifting slightly to get suitably comfortable. He made a small noise of complaint as Anthony started to move right when he was settled, but didn't hesitate to move back with him to lean against the back of the couch along with the convenient shoulder.

One of his expressive eyebrows rose as he glanced over at Anthony, pulling a face as he lightly elbowed his friend in retaliation for the tone. "They're just smug bastards that use their strength to work with half the gangs here." He shrugged indifferently. Then he frowned, huffing slightly. "Come on, I don't want to just continue to talk about work. We do that at work. Entertain me some other way." He half begged, half demanded, taking another bite of his food. "Work talk just makes me feel like I have to be mean. I don't have to be over here around you, let me enjoy that." He pouted.

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"I know. I apologize, your highness," Anthony simpered, hunching his shoulders and averting his eyes. He broke the docile act barely a second later. "I know how you feel, though." He smiled lazily at Sebastian, rolling his head to the side so he could look at him directly. "You do a good job, but... you know, if it gets to much you can leave. Disappear somehow. I wouldn't blame you."

It had been bothering Anthony recently, and was one of the primary reasons he was so scattered the past day or so. He'd realized that he cared about Sebastian, cared about him as more than just a clan member. He was genuinely close to the man, and he didn't quite know how to deal with it. It meant he felt for Sebastian, and using him as a means for cover was no longer his only function in Anthony's life.

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"Oh shut it." Sebastian huffed, though he was grinning as he shook his head over at Anthony. But then he continued speaking, and Bastian stopped shoveling in his Chinese for a moment, looking back at Anthony. He regarded him for a moment, once again raising one eyebrow. "Why, mi rey, are you trying to get rid of me?" He chuckled slightly, teasingly offended. But he knew him well, enough to know that this was something that Anthony was actually serious about.

So he settled in to give him an honest response, hoping to help quell the king's fears. "I'm not going to leave you alone to deal with them. You're my king and my friend. It's my job to do anything you asked me to, and now you need me here to help you." He shrugged. "I'm more than happy to do it so you don't have to." He insisted, taking a bite of his food. "Seriously, its fine. I promise." He spoke around the mouthful.

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((i hope you realize that i never rp fluff and that to get in the mood for this i have to listen to the sappiest shit. i'm talking 'bonfire hearts' level sappy. smh. i lov it))

Anthony made a low noise that could have been humorous or pained, strained as it was. It was probably both. He pinched the side of Sebastian's neck, sharp but just short of genuinely harsh, punishing him for both his words and his persistent consumption of the food.

"You should think more of yourself, mi rey," Anthony repeated back with heavily accented sarcasm "those dillweeds can be fed to the concilios for a week or so. Just say your on a secret mission. If you never leave my apartment they won't even know." There was barely a breath between sentences as he steamrolled ideas, brightening up as the too-optimistic plan unveiled itself within his head. "We could play Mario Kart, or take turns at the new Halo. Or," his voice took on a darker tone, layered thick with ironic breathiness "we could watch Twilight again."

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((Fuck off I have dibs on not knowing what to do I've never done anything remotely romantic and only one actual date with a guy and barely more with a girl either))

Sebastian raised one sharp brow as he looked back at him, smirking slightly. He huffed slightly in surprise and slight pain, elbowing Anthony in the ribs in retaliation. "I'd make a joke about you trying to keep me here but it's somewhat of a moot point since we both know I'd come over to bother you anyway." He shrugged one shoulder unapologetically.

"My god you're obsessed." He shook his head slowly in mock-horror, though he was grinning. "There are other horrible, inaccurate, insulting vampire movies to watch, you know." Leaning forward, he set his now-empty Chinese container on the table, along with his chopsticks. Of course he immediately settled back against the other vampire again, making a small noise of protest when a chopstick, probably from when he fell asleep while eating the other day, stabbed him in the back. He pulled it out and tossed it onto the table, shaking his head as he resumed his spot against Anthony.

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((Cute~ I'm feeling very angsty atm tho so prepare yourself babe <3 i have a Bad Thing planned ))

"Assassination attempt," Anthony gasped, eyes widening comically at the hastily discarded chopstick. "A stake, hidden within the comfort of my own home?" He shot to his feet in a blur of movement, going from lackadaisical to playful in an instant, spurred on by their banter. He went from standing to kneeling in front of Sebastian in another too-sharp movement, clasping his friend's hands in his own.

"It is my duty to protect all of my children, even you, you horrible gremlin. Are you okay, or did the nasty stake get you?" Anthony began rapidly prodding his fingers into Sebastian's torso, just enough to hurt a little. "Where's the wound, we have to, we have to fix... have to operate immediately." As the gleeful torture scene played out his faux shocked expression was succumbing to the wicked smile that wanted to shine through, ruining any sort of sincerity he had been aiming for as he mercilessly fussed over Sebastian.

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((Its about to be two dates I'm moving up in the world apparently
Shit bb don't fuck them up too bad <3))

Given that Sebastian was leaning against Anthony as much as the couch, when the other vampire moved Bastian started to tip over. It was a less than graceful scramble to keep himself upright, shifting forward to sit on the edge of the couch looking down at Anthony with one eyebrow raised. "Children? I am older than you, you asshole." He pointed out briefly, shaking his head with a faint grin. Still, he was more than willing to join in this little skit. And of course he was going to try and out-drama Anthony.

He blinked, sticking out his lower lip just slightly in an almost pout. "Assassination attempt?" He gasped in mock-horror, staring back at Anthony. "But who would want to hurt me? You have to protect me!" He insisted, grabbing Anthony's hands tightly. He laced their fingers together to prevent Anthony from escaping the grip, staring at him in faux earnest. "You saved my life from that stake how could I ever repay you?"

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((ahhhhhhH nice! and i don't think i'm creative enough to do anything awful/interesting, so if it falls flat then blame the government))

Anthony's eyes widened in response, eyebrows raising as he tried to keep in character, ultimately failing as he had to press his lips into a thin line to keep from grinning.

"Not payment needed, Laura," he responded, bowing his head and gently squeezing the hands in his. He didn't so much as pause, not realizing he had called Sebastian by the wrong name. "Your life is a gift of its own." He looked up, slowly turning his head from side-to-side as thought to look for danger. "The coast is clear, but it looks like you've been poisoned by something truly awful and are probably gonna throw up on my couch soon," he fretted, locking eyes with Sebastian again, smile finally breaking through and lighting up his features.

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((Different guy since the other was an ass but you know still go me.))

Sebastian was already trying to mentally form a response as Anthony started talking, so it took him a second to realize the name that had been used. He tensed slightly, but it was obvious Anthony hadn't realized and Bastian wasn't going to call his attention to it. He had to clear his throats before he could continue their banter, but flashed a quick smile back at the other vampire.

"I will give you the gift of my company for forever in payment." He nodded firmly. His hands hadn't moved from Anthony's, and as he spoke his thumb absent-mindedly traced small, almost comforting circles on the other's hand as he spoke. "Well if I do throw up it's the poison's fault and not mine. You really should just take care of me if I'm sick. After all, I'm poisoned and can't do it myself." He smirked.

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((a 5 month late reply is totally acceptable, ya? also i had some plot/plan in place for this, but i've forgotten, so now it's just gonna be fluff and a shitload of pining lmfao))

"Forever? Oh, but good sir, that's an awful long time," Anthony replied, quirking an eyebrow as the smile widened further at Sebastian's dramatic rhetoric. "Even longer if we happen to somehow how live past our normal, human life expectancy. The idea does tempt me, though."

His hands twitched beneath Sebastian's gentle ministrations, but he only pulled away after he felt the whole scene had been thoroughly overdone. As he moved back he gave an easy huff of laughter, shaking his head. It was either move away or move in much, much closer, and Anthony couldn't quite bring himself to carry the joke that far. Just for the joke, of course. Not because Sebastian's touch made his whole body warm up comfortably.

"We should have taken up acting rather than gang activity," Anthony mused. "Theater calls our names, baby, and we must answer her call. I will sell everything to the highest bidder and buy all of Broadway." He paused, eyes narrowing. "Is that possible? Can you buy Broadway?"

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((Pfft I mean of course. We both know I'm just going to be chill and reply lol))

"Are you forgetting that unless we do mess up, we will live forever, mi rey." Sebastian grinned slightly, tilting his head a bit as he looked over at him. He shifted back when Anthony did, settling back more comfortably against the couch. "To humans it seems as though we have lived forever already." One shoulder rose and fell in a shrug, and he turned to readjust one of the pillows behind him to avoid looking over at Anthony, not wanting to get unnecessarily deep.

"I did take up acting." He pointed out, raising one eyebrow. "You do remember that, right? It's like the only thing I'm actually good at. Everything else I just pretend to be good at." He smirked slightly, running his fingers back through his hair. "That's why you hired me to play you."

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"Ohh, sassing me again? That's no way to talk to your king," Anthony said. He clicked his tongue and shook his head slowly in mock disapproval. "What if I go into acting, and then I play you, playing me? Nobody would suspect a thing." He was joking, of course, but it was still ironic when taking into consideration that most of the clan thought Anthony was a whining newbie. Sure, he was a whiner, but he was far from new. Honestly, Anthony lived for the dramatic nature of it all. It was probably the main reason he did much of anything at all; the sheer unadulterated drama.

"Besides, I wouldn't say it's really the only thing you're good at. You're also good at throwing up on my furniture, and display your skills quite a lot. So charming."

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((I'm so sorry for this one I haven't RPed in longer than I'd like to admit))

"I can say anything I want and you can't stop me." Bastian smirked slightly, raising a single eyebrow sharply. "Besides, I've been trained to be an actor. I have practice. The entire clan thinks I'm someone I'm definitely not. I'm a great actor. You, have no practice. I could kick your ass in any acting competition." He folded his arms, grinning slightly as he studied the other vampire. "I'm very charming. I have to be to keep your people liking and listening to me." He teased,

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((babe shh, me too, and it looks fine and perfect.))

Anthony hummed, lifting a shoulder in non-committal surrender.

"Maybe so, but have you considered you do your job too well? In fact, you're practically King already, I could just leave for a nice holiday for the next hundred years, leave you to deal with this mess." He winked at Sebastian before reaching out to jab a finger into the bicep of one of his crossed arms.

"You can deal with my 'people', and all their sociopathic tendencies, and if you aren't dead by the time I return, maybe you can get a raise." Not that Anthony paid Sebastian at all.

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((we shall be a mess together <3))

"You told me that I had to be able to think on my feet and make decisions so I wouldn't be caught." Sebastian pointed out instantly, eyeing the other vampire warily. Despite how casual he was with the actual king, he was very aware that his status could be altered the second Anthony changed his mind. He knew that the instant Anthony decided he wanted to be known as king, Sebastian became disposable. He did everything he could to keep himself irreplaceable, but in the end he didn't really have any control over that. He knew Anthony and knew that was very unlikely to happen, but still. It was a vague concern. So at even the slightest suggestion that he could be over stepping his boundaries, he instantly went defensive and placating. "If you want me to check with you more often, I can do that. You just have to let me know if I'm taking too much of the power from you."

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((babe i'm so tipsy rn and i just gotta say i love you so fucking much))

Anthony stiffened slightly, almost imperceptibly, the change in mood washing over him with a chill. The warmth that Sebastian had left with his touch was chased away, leaving a sense of unease. Yuck. Instead of allowing the grim cloud to settle, Anthony just tipped back his head and gave a snort as he decided that staring at the ceiling was a lot safer than watching his employee. Employee and friend. Sort of. Only half of either, really.

"Bastion, please, even if you outed me and took over, all you'd have to do is bat those rather average eyelashes at me and I'd forgive you." He was half serious. "But okay, deal. I'd had for you to have to actually deal with half the shit that goes on. You're far too delicate for that," Anthony jabbed, lips drawing back in a sharp smile that was designed to show off his teeth.

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((Ok tipsy is ideal. I don't like being around drunk people and I don't drink but tipsy people are fucking great. Anyway babe I love you so much too like I get when you have real life shit and have to be busy and gone for a while but I'm always so fucking happy when I see you're back))

"Trust me, Anthony. I have no desire to actually lead. This way I get the benefits of being a leader without having to make the tough decisions." Sebastian smirked slightly, sweeping a hand back through his dark hair. But he snorted slightly, slowly relaxing again. If Anthony wanted to say something, he'd just outright say it. So for now, Bastian was completely in the clear. "Delicate? Me? Did you not know that I spent my first week as a vampire getting exorcised? Even if you're all badass and yeah, maybe you are tougher than me, but I'm not exactly fragile, mi sol naciente. Relax." He pointed out dryly.

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((i hate being drunk tbh. i used to get absolutely smashed every other night, and now i can't do it. don't mind others being drunk, but i understand you yesyes. <3 )))

The clouds came back, different this time, immediately shutting down the humor on Anthony's face. Sebastian didn't share his past that much, after all, and while Anthony had assumed something distasteful had probably happened having it confirmed was still sobering. He shared even less about his past than Sebastian, and placed a certain gravity towards people revealing their history.

"What, did Hell not want you, or was the priest an adulterer?" He tried to cover up his slip. "Because from what I've seen, you are completely fragile. One hundred percent a kitten. No, wait, more like fifty percent. The other half is just salt."

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((I've never been drunk or even tipsy I'm a good kid lol. High people are like the ultimate entertainment though. Yet again something I haven't done but A+ entertainment to see my friends after they get high))

"Did you not know?" Sebastian looked over, analyzing his friend. "I assumed you'd done all of your research when you hired me. All the way back into the way I was turned and all that fun stuff." He shrugged, desperately trying to maintain his unconcerned facade. Still, very few vampires liked bringing up how they were turned. It was rarely all nice and straightforward. It's not that Sebastian didn't want Anthony to know, quite the contrary. It made sense for his best friend to learn about his past. It was just the whole actually telling him part that threw a wrench into Bastian's plans. "You do make a fair point. After all, it's not like I fought my way out like a badass or anything. One just got too close, and a starving fledgling, given any amount of blood to strengthen them, is very, very hard to stop."

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((Aww, I am proud. I don't get high anymore either, it ruins ur brain so much, but yes oml, quality entertainment.))

Nodding solemnly, Anthony made a sympathetic noise.

"Yeah, it is. Even one as delicate as you." He was unwilling to leave humour behind. It was as much a part of his facade as his real personality, the two having blended together long ago. "I knew, I guess, but... but this is some bro bonding. Bronding. A step forward in our relationship, no homo." Sometimes he loved modern humour. Irony was a beautiful thing and maintaining cover as a young immortal was easy when it was fun.

"Anyway, you were braver than me. I hid for months. This was back in Ancient Rome, of course," he lied smoothly, knowing Sebastian would pick up on the running gag regarding his age. "I did kill the bastard who did it, though. I'm so cool."

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((Watching chris try and hook his Xbox up while high was fucking hilarious))

"Delicate doesn't mean fragile, that's just rude." Bastian pouted teasingly, chuckling slightly. "No homo?" He echoed, snorting slightly. "It's me, Anthony. Everything I do is automatically yes homo." He smirked slightly, raising a perfect eyebrow.

"I didn't kill anyone worth killing. The one who turned me was long gone. He didn't really care what happened to me." He shrugged indifferently, absently fiddling with his sleeves. "There's nothing brave about it. I was trapped and couldn't control myself when I got free. My family paid the price." His gaze dropped down to his sleeves, but after a second he shook his head sharply to clear it. "Not the point. No one can change the past, Anthony. Though yes, you are cool." He grinned slightly.

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