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Tricia Sagers | 98 comments Mod
Here is the beginning of the discussion for this book. I will post questions in a couple of weeks.

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Tricia Sagers | 98 comments Mod
I found some interesting questions for our discussion. I am going to wait to post for a couple of weeks as some of them may give parts away. Keep me apprised of where you are and I will post questions as we go along.

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Tricia Sagers | 98 comments Mod
I finished it. You all let me know when you are ready for me to post the questions.

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Julie (jflamingo) | 21 comments I'm sorry I'll be a bit late on reading this one - into Sept. I'm waiting for a copy from the library. I think I'll be able to pick it up this week.

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Tricia Sagers | 98 comments Mod
I extended till the end of September. Also with parents trying to get kids ready for school, maybe this month we will extend.

message 6: by Julie (new)

Julie (jflamingo) | 21 comments I finished it now. Looking forward to discussing or answering questions when you post.

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Tricia Sagers | 98 comments Mod
Here are the questions.


1. Discuss Clare’s attraction to fictional orphans. Why is she so fascinated by them, even before her mother leaves? Why can she relate to them? In what ways is she abandoned even before she is actually abandoned?

I think it is because she has a compassionate heart and she feels for them. I think part is also that her father does not real show loving feelings for her. She may also have an idea of her mothers condition.

2. Cornelia claims that she doesn’t fantasize about living in an old Hollywood movie but it becomes clear that she does. In what ways does she try to keep her own desires for the perfect Hollywood romance at bay? Why does she think she’ll never have it? Does she harbor false or unrealistic expectations about love? In what ways, in the end, is Cornelia’s story “old Hollywood?”

3. Why do you think Cornelia is so immediately drawn to Martin Grace? What does he represent to her? In what ways does he live up to her expectations? In what ways does he fail?

I think it is the "Cary Grant / Clark Gable" fantasy, I think most women have it. We then go into relationships with our fantasty in mind.

4. Discuss Martin’s reaction to Clare’s situation. Why do you think he never told Cornelia about Clare? Once Clare reappears in his life, what do you make of his actions and reactions to both Clare and to the missing Viviana? Do you think he handles it well? Try to imagine his perspective. Discuss.

I do not think he handled it well. When he married Viviana he should have know they would have children and made her aware of his decision. I think he could have been more concerned about them both.

5.In what ways are Cornelia and Clare alike? Why does Cornelia immediately feel the need to comfort Clare? How do they fill empty places in each other’s lives? Also, why does Clare take to Teo so quickly when she can’t do the same for her father? What about Cornelia and Teo together comforts Clare?

I think they both live in a fantasy world of their own making and so they see a lot of simularities in each other. Teo appears more open to a relationship to her and children can sense that.

6. Clare realizes quickly that her father does not love her. Do you think that she’s correct in her assessment? Do you think, in general, she is fair to Martin? Is Cornelia? When Martin told Cornelia he loved her, did you believe him? Why or why not? Do you think it’s possible that he could love Cornelia but not his own daughter?

I think Martin loved her in his own way, but could not express it way a parent should.

7. Why does Cornelia insist on taking Clare to her own house for Christmas? Do you think that was a mistake? In what other ways does Cornelia try to accommodate Clare? Why do you think she does these things? In what ways does returning to the house help Cornelia to better understand Clare? Why is this so important later on?

I think that it was the best to provide some security for Clare. It also helps Cornelia to understand the world Clare came from and help understand how to help her most. It will also help her to do what is best for Clare not what is best for herself in the long run.

8. On p. 184, Clare thinks about love: “What she came to was that even if someone wasn’t perfect or even especially good, you couldn’t dismiss the love they felt. Love was always love; it had a rightness all its own, even if the person feeling the love was full of wrongness.” Do you think Martin is a bad person? Do you think he deserves Cornelia’s love? Clare’s? Why or why not?

9. What do you make of Clare’s reaction to Martin’s death? Discuss the conversation she has with Teo on p. 204. Why does Clare think she’s evil? Do you think she is? Why do you think she can have such open conversations with Teo? What about him makes him so trustworthy to her? Why are his opinions so important? What void does he fill in her life?

10. Throughout the novel, Linny is a very stabilizing force. What about her soothes Cornelia? Why are both Clare and Cornelia so relieved when Linny arrives just after Viviana? What role does Linny’s character play in the novel? In what ways is she the opposite of Cornelia? Why is that something both Clare and Cornelia need so badly.

11. Were you surprised by Viviana’s return? Did you believe that she would return? Do you think Cornelia’s plans for herself and Clare were realistic?

Yes. She had an over riding theme that she truly loved Clare and that there was a reason she was not there. It was interesting the turn out. I think in the end it made everyone realize what happens when as parents we do not take care of ourselves as well. No matter what it truly impacts those around us.

12. What does Mrs. Goldberg represent to Cornelia? How do her memories of Mrs. Goldberg help her through difficult situations? How do her stories about Mrs. Goldberg help Clare? What does Mrs. Goldberg’s house represent to Cornelia? To Clare? Why does Clare want so badly to stay there?

A teacher and a friend. I think she was the hero she could look up to. Sometimes as much as our parents can be our heros we sometimes need another to be an example, friend and confidant(sp?).

13. In the end, do you think Cornelia makes the right decision to leave Clare with Viviana? How is leaving them at Mrs. Goldberg’s different than them returning to their own home? Why does it seem safer to all of them? Do you think Clare will really forgive Cornelia for leaving her?

Yes, they need to heal. A mother is very important role in a childs life and through time I think that Clare will understand what her mother went through. The change of house is like a new beginning.

14.Why is Cornelia surprised to discover that she is in love with Teo? Were you surprised? Why or why not? In what ways is he exactly what she was looking for? In what ways is he not? What do you make of his relationship with Ollie? Do you think he and Cornelia have a chance? Why or why not?

Yes, but I wasn't. Sometimes its best to end up with your best friend. When I read how quickly Ollie and he were married I wondered what kind of relationship they truly had.

message 8: by Julie (last edited Sep 22, 2009 08:08PM) (new)

Julie (jflamingo) | 21 comments My answers to Love Walked In questions (1-8) as asked above:

1. I agree that she has compassion and feelings for them but I also think it is because of her loneliness. It helps her to pass the time and feel less lonely. She can relate to them because of how they describe their feelings in their stories.
She is abandoned through neglect. Her mother is there, in the physical sense, but she is not able to realize that she is not taking care of Clare properly. Clare's father is seemingly out of her life as well and misunderstands when she attempts to tell him.

2. I liked Cornelia's fantasies. She is a romantic at heart but doesn't believe within herself that it can come true. I'm not sure that I can pinpoint the why in that. She keeps her desires at bay to avoid embarrassing herself or from being misunderstood by others. She also desires to be appropriate through her actions. Some of her expectations might be unrealistic but seemed natural. In the end, Cornelia's story is like a dream, not likely to happen for others.

3. She can't help it she likes well-dressed men. Martin fits her fantasy because he looks like Cary Grant. He represents success, wealth, knowing the right thing to say at the right time and he is present in her life. He lives up to her expectations on the outside but not when it truly counts to her on the inside.

4. I agree, Martin didn't handle this well at all. He never told Cornelia because it never seemed convenient to him to do so. His actions were selfish until right before he left for London and then you see a small sliver of light but then it
vanishes. He should have had more concern and thoughtful regard for both of them. He could have done more of showing love than just thinking it, especially for Clare.

5. They are alike in their ability to view life through a perspective based on what objects they love: Cornelia, classic movies and Clare, books.
Cornelia's compassion wins over her personal feelings and she sees that Clare's feelings need to come before her own in that situation. She senses Clare is desperate. Clare senses Cornelia's searching for true love. Cornelia is the mother
figure for Clare and Clare is the sweet daughter that Cornelia dreams of one day.
Teo had an innate ability to actually do and show love as Clare's father could not. For Teo, it came naturally as it didn't for Martin. Clare's own feelings of her father get in the way of being able to relate to him where Teo was fresh and like a clean slate for Clare. No expectations.
Teo and Cornelia comfort Clare because they actually listen to her, acknowledge her and invite her in to their lives. They make Clare feel needed and important.

6. Clare is not correct, but I don't expect her to be, in her assessment that her father doesn't love her because I think he does in his heart. I think it is not easy for him to be a father or to show love. Cornelia and Clare are not always fair to Martin and he isn't always proving them wrong either. I did believe Martin when he
told Cornelia he loved her. Yes, it is possible he could love Cornelia and not his daughter but I don't think it is true.

7. Cornelia wants to take care to her house for Christmas because she is expecting to find some peace perhaps security for Clare and for herself as well. No, I don't think it was a mistake. Cornelia is trying to show her love to Clare. I think returning to her house reminds Cornelia of her childhood and that a child needs happiness. She desires Clare to have what she had and give her a chance. Clare is able to see a different world than the one she has known. Later, it becomes important and crucial to the way the story unfolds. It does give Clare a way to start over and feel peace.

8. I don't feel that Martin is a bad person. Selfish maybe, but that doesn't necessarily make you bad. I think he deserves love, in general, but not the type that he thinks he should have from Cornelia or Clare. The love he needs is not the same as what he thinks he needs. I think all people are worthy of love and that is what the book is saying but they have to see it too. If he tried, he would see the love Clare had for him and the friend Cornelia was trying to be.

I'll answer questions (9-14) later in my next comment.

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