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A. Benitez (billbenitez) | 12 comments Sharing and writing how-to books and blogs about my woodworking and self publishing skills is what I love to do. I own a small publishing house (Positive Imaging, LLC) that publishes my books and also for many other authors, about 40 books to date. You can check out my books, including my two newest books on self publishing, at .


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Dwayne Fry | 560 comments Mod
Hey A. Welcome!

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A. Benitez (billbenitez) | 12 comments Hi Dwayne,

Thanks for the welcome. I hope this is a place where I can mention my books without breaking the rules. I go by Bill which is short for my middle name William. Most of the time the A. is picked up as my first name so I should have considered that when setting up this topic.

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G.G. (ggatcheson) | 571 comments Mod
This is your topic, Bill. You can mention your books any time you want, with links to them if you wish it.
Oh and welcome aboard! :)

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A. Benitez (billbenitez) | 12 comments Thanks G.G.

I appreciate the prompt response and welcome.

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A. Benitez (billbenitez) | 12 comments Writing is my joy and I've written and publish 9 of my print books and 10 between Kindle and Smashwords. I plan to list those books with links here soon. In the meantime, as a full time publisher, marketing has to be my priority to keep business coming in.

I've published more than 20 books for other authors and it's work I enjoy. Am presently working on three publishing jobs. Based on the experience I gained over many years I wrote three books on self publishing or, as I prefer calling it, independent publishing. I've listed them below with a link to the web sites.

Self Publishing: How To Publish Your Print Book or eBook Step by Step.

Independent Publishing of Ebooks

How To Independently Publish Print Books With No Investment

I welcome questions and comments. Thanks.

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Angela Joseph | 39 comments Welcome, Bill.

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A. Benitez (billbenitez) | 12 comments Thanks, Angela

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