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When We Wake (When We Wake, #1)
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Future, adventure and love

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Mariana Madera | 9 comments Future, adventure and love
When We Wake - Karen Healey
Reviewed by: Mariana Madera

Sixteen-year-old Tegan Oglietti was just like any other teenage girl in 2027. She was happiest playing the guitar and joining her friends to protest the wrongs of the world. She was very passionate and believed she could make a difference. One day Tegan, her best friend, and her boyfriend went to a Parliament house because the Prime Minister was meeting with some petitioners and that's when her first lifetime was over. Someone in the crowd was trying to assassinate the Prime Minister but ended up shooting Tegan, who was instantly killed. Tegan wakes up to someone in her face shinning a bright light at her in a government facility. This woman starts asking Tegan questions to see if she remembers all that has happened. What Tegan doesn't know is that she woke up one hundred years later. Once she got the news she starts to freak out and the lady takes her to meet the other scientist who are behind this project. Tegan is the only one to ever actually come back alive. As she get situated with her new guardian, Marie, she realizes how different the world is now. It was Marie's job to get Tegan caught up with what she has missed in the last hundred years and to get her ready to go back to school and to help her understand what she is in for. Tegan is all over the news and everyone knows about her. There was lines and lines of reporters to get an interview with " The Living Dead Girl", Tegan gets so caught up into this new life and would do anything to go back to her old life. The future isn't at all how she hoped it would be, and when secrets start to unfold, Tegan must make a choice: Does she keep her head down and survive or does she fight for a better world? Tegan and her new friends find some evidence of what the government is actually up to and want to expose the government to the whole world.

I was actually very surprised how much I liked this book. I thought it was an interesting setting and had a great plot and developed the characters well. The booked hooked me in right away and it had a vey interesting beginning but the middle was a little slow but then the end was a page turner. Once I was reading for ten or fifteen minutes it was hard to stop without wanting to just keep reading. I would definitely recommend this book to someone who likes books that have romance, adventure, and mystery with a brave and strong female as the lead role.

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Des'Ree Henry | 8 comments This book looks like a great read! I love when the females are the lead role in stories. This book seems like it will have a lot of action and romance. I will have to read this book next!

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