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message 1: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca | 16 comments We are offering an e-book of Dark Harvest by Chris Patchell in exchange for an honest review no later than three weeks after you receive the book. Dark Harvest is the second book in the Holt Foundation series and finds Marissa Rooney pitted against a calculated killer with a truly sinister agenda.
Becky Kincaid ventures out in the middle of a snowstorm to buy a car seat for her unborn baby and never makes it home. When a second pregnant woman disappears, Marissa Rooney and the team at the Holt Foundation fear a sinister motive lurks behind the crimes.
Lead investigator, Seth Crawford, desperately searches for the thread that binds the two cases together, knowing that if he fails, another woman will soon be gone. While Seth searches for clues, a madman has Marissa in his sights and she carries a secret that could tear her whole world apart.
Can Seth stop the killer before he reaps his… Dark Harvest.

Please consider reading and reviewing this captivating thriller. If you would like to read and review Dark Harvest, please email

message 2: by J.S. (new)

J.S. Bell (jsbellauthor) | 29 comments As a young girl, Mecca witnesses the rape and murder of her institutionalized mother. Her young mind, not able to cope, buried the memory so deep she can’t remember what happened. Then Mecca and her twin sister, Bella, lose their father to his terrible grief and depression. The two girls find themselves living in a group home. Mecca is soon diagnosed with the same multi-personality disease as her mother. Admitted to a mental institution, Mecca finds herself treated by Dr. Marz … the same psychiatrist who treated her mother.

When Bella is adopted by a loving family, Mecca finds herself dealing with her pain alone. As time goes on her blackouts worsen. She shifts from personality to personality. Horrible flashes of her mother’s rape and murder begin to coalesce in her mind. Mecca seeks the help of her sister Bella and Dr. Marz. But then, are they who they appear to be? In Mecca’s world, it is hard to know.

Are Mecca’s many personalities all in her mind? Or are they a means to hide her psychological scars. Is Bella real or another of her many personalities? What happened the day her mother died?

J.S. Bell's psychological thriller about the horrors of mental illness is full of twists. The reader won’t see what is coming.

A last psychological twist awaiting discovery.

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