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message 1: by Cecil (new)

Cecil Wright | 1 comments I am writing a paranormal mystery story that I am hoping to publish in a serial format online. Ideally I would be be looking for feedback on chapters of about 3,500 words roughly once a week. I am always striving to improve and would love someone willing to be brutally honest!

A quick summary:

After being accused of a crime he didn't commit, former warlock Solomon Lovelace is stripped of his magic and reduced to the mundane existence of a humble secretary. But when a mysterious ritual takes the life of his boss and mentor, Sol will have no choice to but to use everything he knows about the arcane arts to find the truth and clear his name.

If you like fairy mobsters or vampires in skinny jeans, this book is for you.

My preferred genres are YA Fantasy or Dystopian but I'll read just about anything! I am an experienced beta reader and I have a fairly quick turnaround.

If you're interested, either message me on GR or shoot me an email at!

message 2: by Susan (new)

Susan | 7 comments Cecil,

I am writing fantasy thrillers, horrors and some gothics. I have a finished manuscript, another one three quarters done, and starting a new one next week. I really need to set up a long term critique partner.

If you are willing to try out a few chapters to see how it goes, e-mail me on

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