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message 1: by Windsprite (new) - added it

Windsprite | 35 comments This book lists Jella Lepman, the woman who gave the author the idea to this book as "Herausgeber" (publisher/editor) which is clearly wrong, apart from not being in English.

Apparently Lepman was important enough to be mentioned, so I want to keep her name among the authors, but I have no idea which role I could give her. She definitely isn't co-author.

message 2: by Arenda (last edited May 17, 2017 09:39AM) (new)

Arenda | 19918 comments Windsprite wrote: "as "Herausgeber" (publisher/editor) which is clearly wrong, apart from not being in English."

Author roles are allowed to be either in English or in the language of the book. This is not mentioned in the Librarian Manual, but was discussed earlier in the Librarians Group, confirmed by Rivka (= staff):

That said, I've also questioned what the role Herausgeber includes, and if that is a valid role to be included in an author field on GR.
Editors should generally not be included as author in single author books.

I know there are some series where an author started the series, that was later continued by someone else, where the original author is still credited on the later books with a role like 'Series Creator' or something similar.

Since Jella Lepman is not credited on the cover, nor listed as author/adapter on Worldcat, I don't think this author should stay. There is always the option to add a line to the description, stating the name and role. (which is the policy for cover designers, who should not be in an author field, but can be credited in the description).

message 3: by Windsprite (new) - added it

Windsprite | 35 comments Okay, thanks :-)

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