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Christa (is on top of the world!) (ObsesedWBooks) | 9 comments He's so free spirited and everything he sings is so original! I think he's a great music artist!

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madison (HBmadison) | 40 comments I don't know, I just can't get into his music. My mom loves him...

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madison (HBmadison) | 40 comments I havn't heard any of his old stuff. I'll listen to it, though. Better be good. :)

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madison (HBmadison) | 40 comments I will listen. I can't stand his new album. "Lucky" is a horrible. Sure, it has a good meaning...but I hate it. Being in love with your best friend is not "Lucky." :P Becuase if you break up you lose both yoour best friend and your lover. You know, kill one bird with two stones. Or something like that.

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madison (HBmadison) | 40 comments Lol, wish my mom could get that through her head.

Clido the monkey pig pirate i have no last name!!! (Clide) | 1 comments Love him!!!! :D

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Destinee | 1 comments BUTTERFLY!!!

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I love Jason Mraz!!! A few Thanksgivings ago, we were driving home and my mom's friends' three-year-old heard Jason Mraz's song "I'm Yours" and he picked up the chorus. He sang it all the time. My mom burned the CD for him later in the year. It was so funny!

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Alejandro (Plus10) | 1 comments What i like the most ´bout Jason Mraz is that he is a humble person (and the fact that he´s one of the few who really cares about earth) + his vocals are awesome.
Check also this guy from Argentina, pretty cool:


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I love You and I Both, Beautiful Mess, Love For a Child, and Coyotes.

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