Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3) Mockingjay question

Your opinion of Gale ?

I think Gale is awesome, he understands Katniss in a way no one else really does. But in my opinion, they're better off as friends. I think a relationship between the two would ruin their friendship and then Katniss wouldn't have anyone who she could just kind of relax with and be herself. (I'm not saying that she can't with Peeta, but you get the point).

Gale is hot and caring and can a good boyfriend

I am super undecided. Lots of people I know love him. He's caring, and knows Katniss. Like, REALLY know her. I think she really needed that. Someone who understands her pain.

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In the beginning, I loved Gale. He was by far my favorite character. Later on though (and I haven't finished the series yet), as I learned more about Peeta, I officially transferred my favoritism. Even so, I'll still love Gale forever :)

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