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Susannah Bell (moonblossom) | 4 comments The Exodus Sequence by Susannah J. Bell

The Exodus Sequence is a collection of connected science fiction novelettes with an exploration of other genres: horror, fantasy, even a moment for romance. The first trilogy (Wired, Reflected and Walked) introduce the reader to the "aliens," creating mysteries without solving them. The next trilogy (Spooked, Suicided and Crashed) introduce main characters that will appear again. In fact, several characters appear in different stories but are often not recognisable in that particular incarnation. The idea is create the mystery in the first book and then begin unravelling the details in two subsequent collections. The third trilogy (Woken, Experienced and Caged) are my most experimental works. Woken is the first real fantasy-type story I've written and while it drips beauty and romance, at its heart is an intense and philosophical discussion about immortality. Experienced is written from the viewpoint of one of the "aliens" so quite a lot of backstory is revealed providing you can get through the dense drug-comedown narrative. And since these are “aliens” so to speak, the drug is not like any other anyone has come across before! One of the secrets of Atlantis is revealed in Caged, the final story of the last trilogy and is as easy to read as Experienced is difficult. The very last story, Drowned, is an extra, existing in the Exodus Sequence universe without any consequences. It’s the only story not to be published singly.
As an unknown writer, I’m really desperate for reviews. If you’d like to read and review this collection, I’m happy to send a PDF to anyone who asks. As the first nine stories are available to buy singly, you could just read one or two stories from the collection to review, rather than the whole thing. All the novelettes are available from Amazon. The link is for the collection, free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

message 2: by Dwayne, That's Dr. Cannibal To You (new)

Dwayne Fry | 560 comments Mod
Oh Susannah! (Sorry).

Hi! Welcome!

message 3: by J. Daniel, Nibbly-No-Nails (new)

J. Daniel Layfield (jdaniellayfield) | 80 comments Mod
Welcome to the Showcase, Susannah! Very ambitious and unique works you have there!

Susannah Bell (moonblossom) | 4 comments No one's teased me with that since I was in primary school! But thanks for the welcome!!

Susannah Bell (moonblossom) | 4 comments J. Daniel wrote: "Welcome to the Showcase, Susannah! Very ambitious and unique works you have there!"

Thank you - it keeps me from getting bored!

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Nat Kennedy | 614 comments Welcome to the group, Susannah!

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