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message 1: by Shomeret (new)

Shomeret | 1380 comments 5) The Silent Shadow by Pat S. Clarke (thriller) Source: Amazon Started: 4/17 Finished: 4/21

Why Read: I was interested in the mute Brazilian MC, but there were plot and character problems along with formatting problems. I gave it a C-. See my review at

6)Drinking Gourd by Barbara Hambly (historical mystery) 248 pages. Source: Library Started: 4/21 Finished: 4/23

Why Read: This is part of the Benjamin January series that makes no sense to me, but this one deals with the Underground Railroad which I thought might be an improvement.

Comments: Benjamin January is a free African American in early 19th century New Orleans. So naturally he goes to assist with the Underground Railroad in Mississippi where he's in constant danger of being enslaved. Sigh! OTOH, there was some good character development. I also liked finding out the significance of the title for runaway slaves. So I gave it a B+.

7)Sister Jaguar's Journey by Sister Judy Bisignano & Sandra C. Morse (memoir) Source: Amazon Started: 4/23 Finished: 4/29

Why Read: I loved the cover which shows a cross dangling over a jaguar.

Comments: Sister Judy had a very interesting life as an activist for immigration, educational reform and the environment. I had a few criticisms and gave the book an A-. See my review at

8)Into That Forest by Louis Nowra (historical fiction) 153 pages. Source: Library Started: 4/30 Finished: 4/30

Why Read: This was the last day of the month and I wanted to have eight reads. So I picked the shortest library book from the pile that was due soonest. It turned out to be a book about two girls who were adopted by Tasmanian tigers after a bad storm.

Comments: This is a very moving story especially knowing that Tasmanian tigers are extinct. Rating A+ It turned out to be the best book of the month. See my review at

But I was ambivalent about every other book I read in April. So I was glad to finally find a book about which I didn't have reservations at the end of the month.

message 2: by Ann (new)

Ann (annrumsey) | 14623 comments Shomeret: what a good choice to end the month with a library book that ended up being your top read! Being ambivalent about the rest must have been disappointing.

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