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rp here

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Z walked threw the forest, and came to a stream with eggs in it.
she grabbed one that was multi colured egg.
She decided to raise it, and walked on her way.
She built a little house, with a padliock, to rais the eggs in the river.
After a whial, she discovered a small town an went inside an inn called remmys inn

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Z walked out of the in back to her keep

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"Hi?" Z said.

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"Hi....and you are?"

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Alice leaned against her keep. She smiled at the fire gryphon chick that was hopping around

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((waitin 4 responce))

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((where iz master?))

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Blackfire(Dark pegy) troted over to Alice

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Alice spoke to Blackfire for a few moments. Thhen she hopped onto the pegy. Blackfire reared and with a sweep of his wings, he took off

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Alice laughed. It was always wonderful to be in the sky

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Z frowned, and walked away back to her keep

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Alice saw humans. She gulpped and directed Blackfire higher so it was hidden in the clouds

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Z got into her keep, she looked at the tiny diffrent colured bird, it swaked.

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"This is good." Alice said to Blackfire

Blackfire stopped in the middle of a cloud, hovering.

"Go straight back to the keep, OK?" Alice said and then jumpped off the Dark phgesus

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"Yaahh!" Alice yelled, falling for a bit. After free-falling for a while, she snapped out her wings and swooped upwards, barely missing the ground.

Blackfire had turned around and flew back to the Keep

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"ow!" Never suddenly snap out wings when falling. Alice thought to herself and flew upwards

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"Ow, ow, ow." Never mind, you've got to land. Alice looked around and swooped down towards a keep

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"Hi, yeah, sorry, I need to land." Alice swooped down and landed. "Ow." she muttered and folded in her wings

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"I opened my wings while I was alling, now it fells like they were ripped off." Alice scowled

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((A human with white wings))
"Pretty much." Alice scaned the sky.

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"I better be off. Blackfire will worry." Alice streached her wings out fully and took off

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A fire Gryphone was hovering in the cloud's her eyes full of worry.

"Whitefire, it's OK." Alice flew over

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Whitefire nudged Alice and Alice got on

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Whitefire flew silantly through the skies. THey landed in Alice's keep

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Z peted her bird and walked down with it to the river.

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Alice let out all of the creatures, giving them exerisces.

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Z was at the rriver.

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The big Dire wolf was racing off

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Shadowpaw ((Another Dire wolf and Hazelpaw's mate)) ran after Hazelpaw

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Z herd a growl behind her.

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Z truned around to see a huge dire wolf behnd her

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Shadowpaw barked at Hazelpaw

Hazelpaw growled

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great Z thought

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SHadowpaw smaked Hazelpaw and dragged him back

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"About time... thanks"

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Shadowpaw looked at Z and barked out something. Then she turned and headed back to Alice

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Z did not smile, she diped her hands in the river, withdrawing a gryffon egg

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Alice looked levaly at Hazelpaw then turn to deal with a rampaging Gryphone chick

Hazelpaw lowered his head, ashamed

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((should i add an anime section, including anime rps an junk
and change the name 2 "magi stream and a bunch of other junk"?))

Z turned around and her puvia flutered down from a tree, still a hatchling.

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Alice storked the gryphone hatchling and turned to the wolves. She set them louse, to hunt

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Z caried the gryffon egg back to her keep.

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