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Short Stories > "The Colour Out Of Space" by H.P. Lovecraft

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message 1: by Jason (new)

Jason | 176 comments Feel free to discuss. I'll be reading this soon...

message 2: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) | 19935 comments I hadn't checked to see which story won. I'll read this ASAP and join in.

message 3: by Jason (new)

Jason | 176 comments What I like about this story is the way he plays on your imagination. For the most part not much horror happens but instead the reader, and characters, fear on the unseen and unknown. The characters do not see the horror but rather feel it and fear it. Lovecraft always does a great job with building scenery.

message 4: by William (new)

William (acknud) Arkham seems like an eerie place.

message 5: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) | 19935 comments I've expressed my disinterest in Lovecraft's writing here at HA, but, man this story is scary! I read half of it on my lunch hour in our small workroom and it's almost like he placed me in the "blasted heath"!

These parts are too eerie and I love them:

About the meteor: "When it had gone, no residue was left behind, and in time the professors felt scarcely sure they had indeed seen with waking eyes that cryptic vestige of the fathomless gulfs outside; that lone, weird message from other universes and other realms of matter, force, and entity." Wow.

About Mrs. Gardner's change: "...and the poor woman screamed about things in the air which she could not describe. In her raving there was not a single specific noun, but only verbs and pronouns." Gives me goosebumps.

A son was locked in an attic room across from his mother: "The way they screamed at each other from behind their locked doors was very terrible, especally to little Merwin, who fancied they talked in some terrible language that was not of earth."

And the part where Mr. Gardner looks in on his wife and sees her walking on all fours? Good God in Heaven!

message 6: by Shawn (new)

Shawn | 1168 comments This has been adapted (and I use that term loosely) to film twice, for those interested:

as DIE, MONSTER,DIE (1965) reset to England and with Boris Karloff!

and THE CURSE (1987) with Will Wheaton.

message 7: by Tressa (last edited Aug 06, 2009 06:55PM) (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) | 19935 comments Let me guess: they aren't good movies?

I really enjoyed this story for the chills it gave me sitting in a work room under fluorescent lights.

When the area is flooded for the reservoir, will people getting in the water or drinking it go mad, dry up and chip away?

message 8: by Shawn (new)

Shawn | 1168 comments Well, each has their charms but neither is particularly effective (how's that for diplomatic?)

message 9: by Paul (new)

Paul | 123 comments Lovely slow, gradual disintegration of everything in and around the farm; the well; the bloated vegetation that sways without a wind - and too much more to mention. Apart from perhaps 'The Dreams in the Witch House', his finest short sotry (IMO)

message 10: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) | 19935 comments I will probably read more of his stories after this one. I did love the slow build up of terror. Especially the odd behavior and larger sizes of the insects and animals in the area.

I felt so sorry for the Gardners. They didn't ask the meteor to fall on their property.

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