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Novel or Really Long Poem?

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Julia Trisha wrote: "I thought the story was very poetic especially with it's ending. In our society there are rules to keep it going along with power plants running our electricity. This story touches on the struggle ..."

I'm a huge Ken Follett fan, so I can't say anything negative about his writing ... :) I have read about 10 of his books. This one was maybe not my favorite, but yes, Pillars of the Earth, World Without End and Fall of Giants were excellent!!

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I think Ken Follet is one of those writers who has the power to make a scene or a happening, extremely vivid, through his words. Be it a scene of violence or tenderness. This book is surely one of his best writings ever, but my favorite two situations would be,
1. When Feliks comes face to face with his daughter Charlotte, in the burning house and saves her in the process killing himself.( from The Man from St. Petersburg)
2. The scene where Lucy describes to Frederick Bloggs, how she used her fingers to short circuit the electric connection in her house, and he looks at her in awe. (from Eye of the Needle)

All in all, no one better than Follet :)

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