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Medieval (Highland?) Romance...Heroine has sight..Hero hates anything to do with witches......She is running to convent to escape marrying hero....Heroines father is cruel man.......Traitor in hero's clan wishing for his downfall?*Detailed in the post*

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message 1: by VijiS (new)

VijiS | 6 comments Hey guys,

I've been trying to find this story from few days and can't seem to find it.
"Heroine is on run to convent with the help of one of trusted elder man accompanying her since she does not want to marry the man her father has chosen (i.e., hero). I think she is English or half English or rival clan. I'm not sure on that. She has sight. A gift or curse she got from her mother. She can sense people's feelings like happiness, hate, anger, pain, sadness like that.

Hero is coming to marry heroine when he was ambushed. The place was near by where heroine was hiding. She senses his pain and goes in search for him. Finds him, brings him with the help of the elder man and nurses the hero. Hero becomes blind for few days due to injury to his head. She realizes he has come for her and lies to him about her identity. Hero does not come to know that until she enters inside the convent. But he manages to get married to her using the elder man as pawn.

Heroine's father is a cruel man who hurts her because she has sight like her mother. He had been locking them in tower since she had been a child. and he is getting her married to hero only because he knows hero hates people having fae power....anything to connecting to witch....and thinks hero will definitely kill heroine once he comes to know of it. Hitting the two with one stone strategy.

I liked this story a lot but can't seem to remember the name.

Please anyone if had read help me finding this story.

Thank you........

message 2: by Jenn (new)

Jenn I've read this book and I can't remember title either. I will go through all my books though, I still have it, and try to find it for you.

message 3: by VijiS (new)

VijiS | 6 comments @ Jenn Thank You :)

I'm looking forward for your reply.

This story is really bugging me from past few days and it will go on bugging me until I find it.

message 4: by VijiS (new)

VijiS | 6 comments Hey guys......Plus if anyone could post this request in amazon.com. that will be helpful too. I am unable to post it from here. It is asking for valuable customer and I don't buy from amazon.com but from amazon.in and in India there is no discussion for finding or may be I can't seem to find if any discussion topics going.

Please help me..........

message 5: by VijiS (new)

VijiS | 6 comments Hello.....Hello......Anyone remembers this story......Please guys....

message 6: by Jenn (new)

Jenn just to make sure we are thinking of the same book, were there monks at the convent?

message 7: by VijiS (new)

VijiS | 6 comments Jenn wrote: "just to make sure we are thinking of the same book, were there monks at the convent?"

I know there were nuns but monks not sure.

The opening scene of the book will be Heroine sensing heroes pain. She knew that someone is near the door of death and if not got in time to the person they could die. When she shares the same with the elder man who is guarding her [the man is from same clan as heroines mother and he came with the mother when she got married to heroines father. He looks after them even though he could not do enough for them before the master of the land], he refuses for her to go look for the person whose pain she is feeling.

But heroine leaves nonetheless and comes upon the place where hero and his people were attacked. Hero is severely injured and it is his pain she felt.

message 8: by VijiS (new)

VijiS | 6 comments Jenn wrote: "just to make sure we are thinking of the same book, were there monks at the convent?"

Jenn it is okay even if our story does not match if the story you will be referring to is good then up for it.

message 9: by Sharil (new)

Sharil | 2 comments Hi VijiS,

That story sounds so familiar. I am like Jenn. The story sounds like one I have read. I browsed through books Jenn and I had in common & both read, but no luck. I browsed my medieval and Scottish or Highlander books and found a few that were close.

If you ever want to browse a number of Highlander or medieval books, I have just four categories for these historical books with my bookshelves. Look for "Scottish-Historical-Romance" & "Medieval-Historical-Romance" and also one of each with "Harlequin" in front.

If you find this book or any that are close to it, it sounds good.

message 10: by Jenn (new)

Jenn I want to say that it's a Julie Garwood book and I have a few of hers that I'm going to take a look at to see if it's her.

message 11: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Barton (Jessabarton) | 2 comments https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/9...

this is the closest thing I can think of.
Is this possibly an amalgamation of two orthree stories?

good luck! (I hate when this happens to me!)

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