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message 1: by Angie, YA lovin mod!! (new) - rated it 5 stars

Angie | 2687 comments Mod
The book mentions a social website called Well we have facebook and myspace as the big ones. Does anyone use these? Anyone connect with someone they had lost touch with? Do you keep up with family on there? Or do you not use these websites at all?

Noelle (missnoellerenee) | 40 comments I only use Goodreads.

message 3: by Angie, YA lovin mod!! (new) - rated it 5 stars

Angie | 2687 comments Mod
I have JUST recently joined facebook. I am enjoying it so far but it amazes me how many people who couldn't be bothered to keep in touch with my by phone or email want to be my friend!

Lisa Vegan (lisavegan) I belong to facebook & twitter, but I rarely sign in or use them. Most of my online time is spent doing emails and being on Goodreads. Mostly Goodreads.

message 5: by Mounica (last edited Aug 01, 2009 09:02PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mounica | 29 comments I don't use myspace or facebook at all. I think it would be a great way to connect with family and friends, but it's just a whole lot different online. There's no face-to-face conversations of course, and you would have to be cautious of what you write, because it could mean something different for the other person. And there's also the issue about privacy.

These social websites sound fun, and as my friends say, addictive too. But I think my goodreads account is good enough for me. :)

Anna I belong to Facebook and it has pluses and minuses--the positives are seeing pictures of my extended family and reconnecting with old friends, but the negatives are using that form of communication versus calling or actually seeing people in person. I also don't friend my daughters' friends as I really don't need to relive all the teen angst. I primarily text with my daughter, but I do like it for reminders about soccer games, school events, etc.

message 7: by Jill (new) - added it

Jill (jillber) | 20 comments I just recently started using Facebook and I think it's wonderful!! Practically everyone from church and my family is on there and it's so convenient to post one thing and everyone see and comment on it rather than making phone calls or e-mailing. I agree that it's not as personal as a phone call but I don't have the time and I personally hate being on the phone all the time.
Another perk is finding people that you have lost touch with, I've already found 3 people I used to go to high school with that live out of state and I've also found about 10 people I used to work with and we're planning a get-together, all because we found each other on Facebook.
I LOVE it!!
I'm addicted to Facebook and Goodreads! That's where I spend my time when I'm on the computer.

message 8: by Angie, YA lovin mod!! (new) - rated it 5 stars

Angie | 2687 comments Mod
I have also joined up on Twitter. I like it but Facebook basically does the same. BUT on twitter you are able to follow celebs. Meaning authors... for example I follow Neil Gaiman on there and love to read what he has to write.

oh and goodreads is on there as well:

message 9: by Brenda (new)

Brenda (brlemon) | 149 comments I use facebook to stay in touch with extended family, friends and co-workers. I like it as its a quick way to share pictures and other trivial updates like "just returned from watching..... and loved it" stuff.

As for twitter, I use it primarily for professional development stuff. I don't follow any actors or actresses but I do follow a lot of YA authors and professional organizations. I love the ability to just glance at a very short snapshot of what they have to say with a link to their blog. It reminds me of RSS feeds but is easier to use. I have found that I have learned more from twitter this summer for my profession than last summer where I subscribed to several professional magazines.

Diane (dianes) I'm on Facebook, and have recently connected up with old friends from high school that I hadn't heard from in years. It's great!

message 11: by Celestasaurus (last edited Aug 06, 2009 09:35AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Celestasaurus I have a myspace. I love it because I can connect with old friends that I would've otherwise lost touch with. And I can talk to family members that I'm not able to visit often.

Obviously I use goodreads, too. I know none of my friends on goodreads personally, but it's nice to have someone to chat with about books.

Lorraine Stinson | 23 comments I have been a facebook for awhile. When I first started I was on it a lot. Now, I check into it a couple of times a week. I do keep in touch with some family & friends I don't see too often. I like it, but don't have time to be onit everyday. I find goodreads easier to check in and see exactly what I'm interested in quickly. I have a Twitter account but rarely use it.

Janna (fortunateizzi) | 5 comments I have been on Facebook since the days when only college students were allowed on. It's a great way to keep in touch with people. I have a Myspace, but rarely use it... I think the site is kinda trashy. I also have a Twitter, but never use it except to follow people a little sometimes... but I never post anything myself. I don't see the point.

Vicki I am on facebook, but most of the people I am friends with are people that I currently keep in touch with. I have some friends who have moved a distance and its great with that. I really haven't friended people from high school, first because I am a teacher, I feel I need to keep mine real private, second because I feel if we haven't kept in touch in 10 years, why now. That's just me though

message 15: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ I use facebook. I think it's great; it really helps me and my friends make plans. Much faster and easier than having to call each other back and forth. :D haha

alisonwonderland (Alison) | 30 comments I'm on Facebook daily. I also Twitter, though not too much.

message 17: by Angie, YA lovin mod!! (new) - rated it 5 stars

Angie | 2687 comments Mod
I am surprised how much fun Facebook has been. I stayed away from it for years and finally just joined. I have been able to get into contact with people whom I never thought I would find again.

message 18: by Adriana (last edited Aug 27, 2009 02:43PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Adriana (msbibliotecaria) | 29 comments I use MySpace primarily. I also have a facebook account, but to me the interface is too cluttered. I refuse to use twitter (I just don't see how anyone would care to know what I do all day). On MySpace I keep in touch with both family and friends. I like sharing photos and being able to send messages to my family and knowing that they will get them because they too check their accounts frequently. I also like making my profile look "pretty" :). It's funny though how MySpace is often my source for gossip and I find myself telling my mom, "Oh, so-and-so is getting married", and she will say "How do you know?", to which I reply "I saw it on MySpace."

message 19: by Angie, YA lovin mod!! (last edited Aug 28, 2009 08:39AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Angie | 2687 comments Mod
Funny thing is I also think the social sites have become a good way to share information. I found out when I joined on there this good friend from my freshman year in high school died. Even though it is bad news I am glad to have found out about it. But the sad thing is the girls account is still on there and I am sure no one can delete it because they don't know her password.

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