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Ashley The last ones for this book. I know I am posting quickly after the last set of questions, but I am thinking most are done with this book already anyway, and are getting ready for our next book.

10. What does Mrs. Goldberg represent to Cornelia? How do her stories about Mrs. Goldberg help Clare? What does Mrs. Goldberg’s house represent? Why does Clare want so badly to stay there?

11. In the end, do you think Cornelia makes the right decision to leave Clare with Viviana? How is leaving them at Mrs. Goldberg’s different than them returning to their own home? Do you think Clare will really forgive Cornelia for leaving her?

12.Why is Cornelia surprised to discover that she is in love with Teo? Were you surprised? In what ways is he exactly what she was looking for? What do you make of his relationship with Ollie? Do you think he and Cornelia have a chance?

Joanie | 121 comments I feel like I commented on some of these in my last posting but I'll answer some points here.

10. I feel like Mrs. Goldberg is yet another person who values the same things Cornelia values (but then again, did she learn that from Mrs. Goldberg) I get the sense that Mrs. Goldberg made Cornelia feel special, that they are kindred spirits in the same way as Clare and Cornelia. It's funny though, when there is a relationship like this in a book it's usally also because the character is somehow misunderstood by her biological family. I don't get the sense that things were totally like that for Cornelia, yes her brothers are like big puppies and her parents are concerned with appearances but once again it feels like something doesn't quite fit there-same with Cornelia telling us that she's irresponsible when she doesn't come across that way at all. I think for Clare and Cornelia the house is a sense of safety and comfort and putting an importance on meaning, not just appearances. Martin's apartment is all sleek and stylish but once again there's no meaning behind anything whereas in Mrs. Goldberg's house, everything has a meaning or a story.

11. I think Clare does ultimately belong with her mother and I guess at least in Mrs. Goldberg's house there are people to watch over them but it still felt pretty unrealistic to me. I do think Clare will forgive her, especially when she sees that Cornelia isn't gone for good.

12. I think because Teo is always there she never really thought about him that way. I wasn't surprised, party because it's chick lit and that's kind of the basic formula but alsob because it's clear they have a special bond. I am bothered by the fact that there is no part where they talk to Ollie but then again if they did and she gave her blessing in some silly way it would have annoyed me too. I think it's weird that Ollie and Teo went so far as to marry because they both figured they wouldn't find anyone else. I can see them starting a relationship for that reason but the marriage felt so extreme.

Overall I did like the book. I thought Clare was a great character and Teo was perfect. Cornelia even grew on me by the end!

Joelle (Kreimhilde) 10. When we learned that Mrs. Goldberg passed away, I had to think for a minute who she was. I thought that part of the story wasn't developed very well. Considering how significant it became to the rest of the story I think her relationship with Mrs. Goldberg should have held more weight earlier on.
11. I absolutely do NOT think Cornelia made the correct choice and it left me feeling very frustrated about the whole book. Like "so what's the whole point???" Who's to say Vivianna isn't going to pull that stunt again? Other than the fact that Claire and her mother are no longer in the city and Cornelia and Teo are in love, what has really changed from the beginning to the end? I thought Cornelia grew up but then she just leaves the girl with her unstable mother and trots off back to the city. hmph!
12. I wasn't at all surprised that they were in love. The whole story was pretty predictable to me so of course they would be in love. Why else would Teo be there? I think a more interesting story would have been to leave out Teo altogether and focus more attention on how the 2 women are going to work together to raise the child.

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