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Chapter 18: Humor > I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence by Amy Sedaris-book club selection-*may contain spoilers*

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message 2: by Sunflower (last edited Oct 31, 2009 04:10PM) (new)

Sunflower | 33 comments This book purports to be the housewife's guide to both entertaining and being the perfect guest; however from the front jacket flap to the strange crafts section, it has moments of complete madness. Sedaris has a fondness for peanuts with glued-on googly eyes, rabbits, and alcohol (lots of recommendations to be a "heavy pourer"). The advice ranges from the mundane (to help you sleep, darken the room. Okay....), the wacky (use cotton then rubber gloves when putting on pantyhose) and the off-the-wall (how to clean your vagina. I kid you not). The recipes are photographed without retouching, so they look like real food, but who knows? And many of the ingredients sound pretty frightening to a kiwi: pasteurised egg whites?
And hey, it was November when I wrote this- I really did read it in the rignt month, where I live!

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Pam (pammylee76) I thought this was funny, but then again, I listened to this and Sedaris was the narrator on the audio version. It was..well, interesting would be a good word. I did think at times "well that was random" or "did she just give instructions to clean your vagina?" or "does she really try to get her houseguests to buy something when they come to her house?" But overall, it was entertaining, which I'm sure was the purpose of this book.

I am actually looking forward to seeing the book version with the pictures of the food. :D

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MJ | 1332 comments Mod
Amy Sedaris takes a half serious half humorous look at the lost art of hospitality. While portions of the book were laugh out loud hilarious others were just bizarre and absurd. The one thing I can take a way from this book is add more alcohol to everything. I may try listening to the book like Pam did or just to drink up before handed.

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Denise Lampton (denise49) | 1 comments I bought this book for my daughter for her birthday last year. I enjoyed reading it also. Amy Sedaris is hilarious.

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