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Lori (tnbbc) | 10004 comments Mod
Go ahead and spoil each other!

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Lori (tnbbc) | 10004 comments Mod

I have closed this topic in the "Wanna Discuss THis Novel" thread, and linked it here for you to reference. Not sure if it contained spoilers or not, so I am tucking it in here.

message 3: by Jackie (last edited Aug 01, 2009 07:15AM) (new)

Jackie (seolmara) | 28 comments It seems alot of people on the other thread weren't impressed with the book. I, myself, did give it 5 stars....probably more so because of the amount of tissues I used getting through the worst parts of the book, the most heart-wrenching parts. It takes alot to make me cry, so kudos to the author for putting me through the wringer along with the characters.

There are many unanswered questions - What's the deal with the Gomez thing in the future? Does Clare ever date again? Does she take Alba for gene therapy? - in the book. But, the biggest for me was about the science of it all. I'm so curious about how/if this could happen (or what the author had in mind to describe it)? Then again, maybe I've just seen to many Star Treks for my own good.

In the end, it's a love story and me being the silly, romantic that I am, I appreciated it for the story telling. The characters' acceptance that time travel just happens and deal with it the best they can while still sharing a grand love and suffering the longings for each other when separated just gives it that human quality, albeit, with a twist.

Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews (silversreviews) I didn't like it at all, but I finished it.

Too confusing and sort of strange if you ask me, but we all have our likes and dislikes. :)

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Hayes (hayes13) It did seem to be a love it or hate it kind of book.

I liked it even with its flaws (my review here:, and gave it 4 stars. I really liked the concept of time travel, and as I had never read anything of the sort before, it was new and fresh for me. I thought the author did a good job of keeping the bits straight and I liked the characters and the situations, and I too liked the love story. You know it's going to finish with a disaster, but you keep reading to the end, you have to keep reading to the end...

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Angela | 1934 comments I just finished this book on Wed. and I gave it 5 stars. We discussed this book at my home bookclub on Thursday and some people despised it and others loved it.
I admit to being confused with the travel aspect of the book and was even further confused after we discussed it because I thought I had it figured out. I also was stumped when Clare saw Henry with her father and brother and there was a lot of blood in the begininng of the book and later he goes back to that part of his life and says "thats it, it is over' or something like that.
I am looking forward to the movie when it comes out.

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I read this a month ago and I remember crying over it at two in the morning because I can't put it down until I'm done. I know I sound silly but there's no wife that can not be affected by the story. I gave it 5 stars.

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message 9: by Carol (new)

Carol I like books about time travel. This one was not articulate,it just left you too confused and off center at times. I will say; it was a sweet romance though. I could have done without the back and forth in time. I also did not like Henry,although he kind of redeemed himself in the end. Over all he was a man without direction ,he drifted in and out of Clares life.and was sad that she found intimacy with another person. Note I did not say love with another person,I think as she proved she loved Henry to her dying day. As for Henry he just did not know where he was in emotions and time.

message 10: by Jessie (new)

Jessie (Jessie08) | 1 comments I loved the romance in this book, I thought the love story was beautiful. I also really like the idea of time traveling as being a genetic disorder, I thought that was a very unique spin on the whole time traveling thing.
So overall I really liked the book, but reviewing it I only gave it 3 stars because there were a number of things that bothered me throughout the book. Some of it was small stuff that annoyed me, such as an entire grocery list or a long list of punk bands. Other things that annoyed me were bigger than that, for example the charachter of Gomez, he's such a creep, I don't understand the friendship with him. Also it bothered me that Henry seemed to have a number of problems involving drugs and alcohol before meeting Clare, then when he meets her it's like he was never like that, I wish the author would have gone into his process of getting away from that stuff. Theres a number of other things in the book that just didn't seem to add up.

message 11: by Danielle (new)

Danielle (thewolvessaid) I read this back in January 2007 and LOVED IT!! If my TBR list wasn't so big I might be reading it again for this Group Read. I'm a Sci-Fi fan so I think that's why it appealed to me. I'm excited for the movie, but I'm scared the romance is going to be turned into cheesy romance, which I can't stand. So I'm crossing my fingers!!

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Janny (jannywurts) | 142 comments I didn't mind the confusing, scrambled sequence of this book, probably because that was part of the point. Clare and Henry had to master the ability to live in the moment, whichever moment was available to them, with the uncertainties that went with Henry's condition. The angles of suspense were unusual, not just concerning their abnormal experience, but over how those close to them were forced to react.

I loved the last scene, most of all, perhaps because for me it brought back remembrance of the Odyssey - that two people could be true to each other in spirit, even under the most trying of circumstances.

If anything was missing, I found I wanted to know more of Henry's time trips where he did not meet up with Clare. Though that would have made for a very long book, and would have diverged from the central theme of the relationship, nonetheless, I was curious.

message 13: by Hayes (new)

Hayes (hayes13) Well put, Janny. I agree with you about Henry's time trips; I was curious too. But I hadn't really thought about the "carpe diem" (seize the day) theme - they did have to live in the moment, every moment, any moment, even if Henry and Clare were rarely in the same moment.

message 14: by Gretta (new)

Gretta | 18 comments This book is the best book I've read in a very long time. I fell in love with many characters in this book, especially Henry. I don't want to forget anything I've read so I had to discount as much as possible the different scenarios at different ages and dates, but maintain what was learned from each of them. It was complicated for me, but anyone can read this and love it. I hope Dr. Kendrick found a cure in Alba's lifetime because time travel is simply too dangerous. Regardless, I know Clare had to have been a wonderful mother to her and nurtured her in all the ways she knew best for her to survive as long as possible. I'm amazed this is Audrey Niffenegger's first novel. I so want her to write another one. She knows how to connect her readers with the characters. It's not often I get to read a novel where I believe I know what the characters are feeling. It was a grand experience.

message 15: by JSou (new)

JSou I liked this when I read it last year. I thought it was interesting how the story went back and forth with Henry's time travels.

The one thing that annoyed me was it seemed the author was trying to beat me over the head with how cool and "punk" Henry was. Endless names of various punk bands, the wearing of Doc Marten's, his love of vintage books and just got to be a little too much, reading it over and over again. Maybe I just like getting to know the characters more through their actions and dialogue, not with overly-detailed descriptions.

message 16: by Tammy AZ (new)

Tammy AZ (tammyaz) Heather wrote: "I wasn't all that impressed with this one. I just never connected with or cared much for Henry or Clare and that pretty much ruined the story for me. After about 50 pages or so, I seriously thought..."

I also did not connect with either character right from the start & after that it was just a book to get through. I think we're in the minority. I do want to see the movie though - good casting!

message 17: by John (new)

John Burns I read this book 2 years ago as part of a local young adult reading group. I thought it was the worst book i'd ever read. It basically seemed really badly written and was also incredibly indulgent. All just an escapist fantasy by a third rate literature lecturer. This woman has students. I pity them.

message 18: by Nikole (new)

Nikole | 12 comments I didn't really connect with either of the characters either, but I did find the love story very compelling. I really enjoyed this book and cried so hard at the end when we find Clare had been waiting for years just to get another glimpse of Henry.

message 19: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn | 12 comments I read this book last summer and felt as though it was a great summer read. The romance between the 2 characters was great, and i felt it was introduced in such a different way. I really did like this book, even though there were flaws I felt it was an enjoyable book.

Susanna - Censored by GoodReads (susannag) | 1736 comments I felt was interesting, though it definitely had a number of flaws. Was it a first novel?

message 21: by Bhumi (new)

Bhumi | 524 comments Personally, I thought it was a mediocre book, too slow at times. With all the hype surrounding the book, I thought it would be much better than it turned out to be.

message 22: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 10004 comments Mod
OK, so i read this in one day because I couldnt put it down. It was really supreme brain candy for me.

I loved the fact that it was a love story. I was a bit creeped out by the GOmez crush on Claire thing, I thought it was interesting how Claire harboured all this love for Henry from her childhood, but he had no clue who she was when they met in real time becuase he hadnt gone into her past yet... I liked how Henry and his daughter were able to overlap over and over again, i thought that was such a sweet twist.

Why dont we see any time travels from Henry in his teens? We seem him jump around as a child and an adult, but never in his teens, unless its just because it didnt fit with the whole Claire thing.... but I thought that was strange. Like, did puberty put a temporary stop to his time traveling.

I didnt like how he would randomly disappear like that in public sometimes and no one ever really stuck around to find out what the heck just happened. Most of the times, the only people who cared were friends, the dr, or his co workers. that just seemed odd to me.

Someone up above mentioned being confused at the part where he died. That claire saw him standing there her dad and brother, but there was blood... he time traveled to the same place twice, but just missed the actual event the first time. IT goes hand in hand with the stuff he was telling Claire about with the PULL being strongest to the tragic parts.

I still have alot spinning around in my head since I just finished reading it, but it was a great book. Just what I needed, coming off a heavy russian classic....very refreshing.

Lisa  (not getting friends updates) Vegan (lisavegan) I read this in April 2006 for my real world book club. I just loved it.

I do like science fiction and I love time travel books.

While reading it I was confused but I enjoyed it anyway. I reread it at some point and it was then that I appreciated that the author did an excellent job of putting together everything: I thought the convoluted plot made perfect sense. I thought it was brilliant how the author managed that.

I did enjoy the love story too and liked aspects of all the characters. I really enjoyed Henry's profession as a librarian and Claire's as an artist. I loved the woman (forgive my faulty memory; I'm not remembering her name) who helped Henry by providing clothes when he'd reappear.

I didn't know anything about it when I read it for the first time so I didn't have the baggage of any hype.

message 24: by Vicki (new)

Vicki I wanted to love this book, but I didn't. I know it is quite popular, but I lacked a connection with the characters and felt the book was too slow. I guess based on all the hype I expected something better. I will probably see the movie still, I feel it may be something I'd be more interested in seeing.

Lisa  (not getting friends updates) Vegan (lisavegan) I do know what people mean when they talk about a lack of connection with the characters. It took quite a while for me to grow attached to some of them, and for a while I didn't see any true chemistry between Henry and Claire, but I did feel it grew over time.

message 26: by Joanie (new)

Joanie | 714 comments I loved this book-it was so full of waiting and longing it hurt. I listened to the audio of this one and I think it helped to suck me in more and to keep things clearer since there were two different narrators.

I loved the scene where Clare and Henry are at a club (can't remember who they were seeing) and older Henry lept in (sorry-guess that Quantum Leap, not TTTW!) and Clare talks about how hard it is to be will the present day him who isn't as evolved yet as his time traveling self. I thought that was such an interesting concept-how she had to deal with so many versions of Henry and how much she liked some versions better than others.

I too found the scene with Clare's father and brother confusing and want to go back and re-read that section now for clarification.

I remember getting to the part where Henry meets Alba at the museum and we realize he's dead and not wanting to read anymore knowing it was going to be so sad!

The previews for the movies make me choke up (Although I have pregnancy hormones working against me!) but I really want to see it. I'm not sure that sitting through a movie 8+ months pregnant will be so comfortable but I don't know that I want to wait.

message 27: by Janny (new)

Janny (jannywurts) | 142 comments Lori wrote: "OK, so i read this in one day because I couldnt put it down. It was really supreme brain candy for me.

I loved the fact that it was a love story. I was a bit creeped out by the GOmez crush on C..."

You read this in 1 day?
That is smoking, Lori. I'm impressed.
I turtled through this one in little bursts...

message 28: by Eva (new)

Eva | 4 comments I read this book a year ago and I loved it!

I liked that the characters were so far from perfect, and also that it jumped in time, so you had to rethink the story to get the narrative right.

Just one thing annoyed me. It seemed like when all the characters fell in love, there was no turning back. The tall blonde girl couldn't get over Henry, and Gomez couldn't get over Claire.

message 29: by Meghan (new)

Meghan I read this a while ago for a different book club. I have to say I really enjoyed it and for the most part, most of the book club that participated seemed to as well. The back-and-forth in time reminded me a lot of the movie Momento, which was confusing until the end and you realized what it all meant.

I know Henry's punk obsession bothered a lot of people, but growing up in Michigan in the late 80s, this is a pretty accurate description of the place and times. A lot of the fun I had while reading the book was when I could say "I've been there!"

message 30: by Meghan (new)

Meghan But I really enjoyed the ethical and moral issues that this book brought up. Is it right that Henry "pursued" Claire when he was a man and she was still a little girl, so that she would grow up looking for him (versus letting life lead them together)? Should Henry have pursued the gene testing to "fix" him? Should they have it done for their daughter? How much of the "space-time continum" did Henry change (he only used his "powers" for good like stock tips to help his family and friends make a little extra money rather than become super rich--should he have done more "Quantum Leap-ish" work with his powers if he had the chance)?

message 31: by Meghan (new)

Meghan And then there is the love angle. What would you do if you met the man of your dreams when he was older and the younger self had no idea who you were? And what would you do if you knew he knew when he was going to die? And how would you feel that your daughter got to spend time with him, you always "just" missed him?

While part of me hopes there is never a sequel (or prequel), a story about Alba does interest me. How does she fare with the knowledge that her father's experience gave her? Henry alluded to some pretty nasty moments (one has to wonder, if you show up bare naked in the wrong place, beatings may be the least of your problems), but what happens if those moments happen when you're a girl--young or old? And do they ever discover a way to control it at the very least, "cure" it at best (or is it worst?)?

message 32: by Joanie (new)

Joanie | 714 comments Hi Meghan!!! It's great to see you here! This group is awesome, you'll love it!

You're right that time traveling for a woman (or young girl) could possibly be even more harrowing than it is for a man. I agree that a story about Alba would be interesting-I wonder if she'll ever do it.

message 33: by Lu (new)

Lu I just finished this book and gave it 5 stars! I loved it. It was a rollercoaster of emotions and i did end up feeling sad that its over :( I loved every part of it, i must admit some of the dreams could have been a bit shorter :P

But all in all, a great read!

message 34: by Liz (new)

Liz   (lizvegas) I loved, loved, this book. I read it about a year and a half ago. Reading these posts, makes me think i need to revisit it, as i can't remember a lot of the details.
I loved that it brought out my extreme geekiness. I need to have a sense of order to things, so as i read, I constructed this time line to keep track of what happened and when. I need to pull out that timeline as a refresher!

message 35: by Christi (new)

Christi | 35 comments I rated this book 3 stars it was OK. I don't know if my expectations were just too high but as alot have said I felt no deep connection to any of the characters. If I was to compare it to Outlander another time travel love story it would surely not stand up. But it was worth my time and effort and I am looking forward to the movie because I already feel a deep connection with Eric Bana. LoL

message 36: by Hayes (new)

Hayes (hayes13) Meghan wrote: "I read this a while ago for a different book club. I have to say I really enjoyed it and for the most part, most of the book club that participated seemed to as well. The back-and-forth in time rem..."

Wow Meghan... great list of points/questions. I agree with you about the pre/se-quel... I hope it never happens, but it is an interesting aspect.

And there was that borderline creepy-ness about the older Henry meeting up with the little girl Claire.

message 37: by Tanya (new)

Tanya D (mtlbookworm) | 188 comments I just finished reading it and I still can't figure out whether I loved it or just liked it... there were many things that bugged me, but also many things that I really liked, and I'm not sure yet which side outweights the other.

I think I'll need to sleep on it and come back tomorrow morning, let everything sink in overnight, before I weigh in.

I'm definitely going to see the movie though- I love both Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana- and they're BOTH perfectly cast imo to play the roles of Clare and Henry :)

message 38: by Joanie (new)

Joanie | 714 comments I remember some people in the other thread saying they viewed Henry as a pedophile but I didn't see it that way-they never had a physical relationship until she was an adult and I felt that he was always very careful about how much he revealed to her about their future. I think I'm going to at least re-skim this-I loved it!

Lisa  (not getting friends updates) Vegan (lisavegan) And there was that borderline creepy-ness about the older Henry meeting up with the little girl Claire.

Yes, That part did make me cringe a bit, but only a bit, given the very unusual circumstances.

they never had a physical relationship until she was an adult

It's been over 3 years since I read the book, but didn't they have close to a relationship/a relationship when Claire was a teenager?

message 40: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jennifertudor) I just finished the book and I loved it or most of it anyway. I'm going to have to skim through the book again later on tonight and re-read a couple of parts just to be sure that I truly captured it all.

I also cringed a bit when reading about the first time that Clare had sex with Henry. It was her 18th birthday and he was 30-something. It seemed weird, like he was much too old for her. That being said, I was okay with Henry meeting Clare at 6 and the relationship that ensued there. I didn't feel that he did anything inappropriate or told Clare too much about the future. I also was a bit weirded out by the scene when there are 2 teenage Henry's are naked in bed together and his father walks in on them/him/whatever. I couldn't help feeling that it was one boy experimenting with another boy, rather than Henry being just Henry and being a boy who experiments with himself. Also, while some, even most, of the book was beautifully written, I didn't enjoy that the author felt the need to throw in words like (I apologize for my language but I'm quoting) cunt, cock and fuck. I mean, I'm not a prude or anything but I felt that the words were out of place and just inappropriate for the overall tone of the novel.

Oh and I agree with the above posts… Gomez was such a creep! I don't think that the novel would have suffered at all(might have even been better) if he had never existed as a character. He and Clarisse seemed to be characters who were just taking up space and I didn't care about them at all, except for when Henry was out for coffee with Clarisse and she was upset about Gomez being in love with Clare, etc. At that point, I felt for Clarisse but it was the first and only time I did.

That being said, I still gave it 5 stars. I couldn't put it down. I really liked the time-travel aspect the characters (again with the exception of Gomez and Clarisse). When Henry sees 10-year-old Alba, I was beside myself. I was so thrilled to read about Alba and broken-hearted to find out that Henry would die. Throughout the remainder of the book, I knew he would die but I hoped that he wouldn't somehow. However, if he hadn't died I would have hated the book because it would have gone against everything that the author had said throughout about him not having the power to change the future/past.

More than anything, I loved the romance and the idea that their love and devotion could conquer all, spanning decades and overcoming all obstacles, even death. To me it read like a perfect fairytale, albeit with a lot of twists :)

Edit - Oops, forgot to uncheck the Feeds box. I just deleted and reposted my post with the box unchecked. Hope it doesn't show up!

message 41: by Hayes (new)

Hayes (hayes13) I'm not a prude or anything but I felt that the words were out of place and just inappropriate for the overall tone of the novel.

I had the same reaction... too much emphasis on sex and sex words, and I'm not a prude either.

Lisa  (not getting friends updates) Vegan (lisavegan) Jennifer, If you accidentally post a message to your feed, you don't have to delete and repost. Simply go to your profile page and click on the x at the end of that update, and the update will be removed from your feed. It's a quicker, easier way to do it. Just fyi.

message 43: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jennifertudor) Lisa wrote: "Jennifer, If you accidentally post a message to your feed, you don't have to delete and repost. Simply go to your profile page and click on the x at the end of that update, and the update will be r..."

Okay, thanks. I was so worrying I'd ruin it for someone I just wanted to fix it :) Now I'll know in the future

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Lori (tnbbc) | 10004 comments Mod
Jennifer, thanks for paying attention to that. I appreciate everyones efforts to be careful about not spoiling a friend with a post in here :)

I have to agree with feeling ok about the relationship with Claire and Henry when she was younger. I think it was handled correctly and sweetly, he was very much the gentleman and cautious with how he acted.

I do have to wonder though, since it has been brought up, about the fact that BECAUSE he formed this relationship with her at such a young age, she really didnt have a choice about falling in love with anyone else or hainvg "other" real relationships before they met in real time. She kind of got cheated out of a normal hormone ravaged teen-young adult age.....

Yes, I know, She still had free choice and all that. No one MADE her show up at those times that Henry showed up. She chose it. But still, when you really think about it, Henry put things into motion for her.

And on THAT topic... it kind of becomes a chicken or the egg scenario, doesnt it? I mean, if he did'nt go into her past and set the stage for them, would they have ever met to begin with????? She had no past without him. And he wouldnt have ever gone into her childhood meadow without having known her first. huh. I scratch my head at that when I think about it.

message 45: by Ingrid (new)

Ingrid (shawtygurl15) | 0 comments Hmmm...after reading all the comments it seems like either people loved it didn't...I'm gonna give it a try today & see which side I end up on...hopefully I'll enjoy so it wouldn't be just a book that I need to get through...

message 46: by Tanya (new)

Tanya D (mtlbookworm) | 188 comments After giving it some thought I’m rating the book 4 stars. There were many things that rubbed me the wrong way, but I think the book overall was really good, and the things that bugged me had mostly to do with the author’s writing style, and not so much the main substance. If I were rating this simply from the point of view of a love story, I would probably give it 5 stars.

What I disliked:

As with many others, I really disliked the constant references and lists of bands, made it seem like the author was trying to shove Henry’s personality down our throats, rather than just have it develop. That scene in particular where they were at a party and Henry was talking to those two punk kids really felt out of place and contrived.

I found that there were too many dream sequences, they were boring to read and really added nothing in the way of the story. In that same vein, I hated when the author took two pages to describe what Clare was doing, art-wise. I didn’t understand any of it other than the end result.

GOMEZ really bothered me. At first, I figured that as the story unfolds, we would get more character development for him, but that didn’t happen, and I was left wondering really what the whole point of his character was.

With the exception of the last two pages, the ending bothered me. I felt she could have done so much MORE with the story than just have him lose his legs and then get shot by Clare’s dad and brother. Seriously? That’s how it ends? I was really disappointed, it felt almost like a cop-out to me.

What I liked:

That being said, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last two pages, when Clare is 82 and Henry was 43. It was really bittersweet, the way she waited for him all those years, just to get another moment, however brief.

Many people here believe that Henry’s relationship with Clare when he was 30 and she was 6 was inappropriate. I loved it. I thought it was really cute and really sweet. He was being really careful with her, until she was 18 and he knew he wouldn’t see her or remember her in a few years time.

I loved that Alba and Henry time traveled together. I think it was really sweet that she could still see him and talk to him after he died.

I never even thought of this until I read Janny’s post above, but the fact that they had to live in the moment, every moment because they didn’t know how long they would be together/when they would be together again, really struck a cord with me.

That’s it for now, but I’ll definitely be back with more thoughts later on…

message 47: by Janny (new)

Janny (jannywurts) | 142 comments I was not into all the punk references, or the music - but I just let those details slide past. The characters were into their "era" and, so would a reader be, who shared that pop cultural background. I didn't feel "left out" that the references didn't ring in for me.

But I've been a longtime reader of historical and fantasy, so details that don't connect to my own modern life just add to the atmosphere.

It's interesting (to me) to realize that becomes a deal breaker, for some folk's enjoyment.

Different strokes, certainly.

message 48: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jennifertudor) Lori wrote: "Jennifer, thanks for paying attention to that. I appreciate everyones efforts to be careful about not spoiling a friend with a post in here :)

I have to agree with feeling ok about the relations..."

I wonder that too but they did meet and it wasn't planned, right? The first time anyway (for Clare)in the meadow. And then the first time again (for Henry) at the library. Present-day Henry was supposed to help Clare find something at the library so they'd have met both times. Would they have been what they were to each other? I like to think so. I figure what's meant to be will be, especially when we're talking soulmates. I mean really, what are the odds in real life to meet the one person you're supposed to be with? But it happens? And I think it would have happened with Henry and Clare too. Then again, I am a hopeless romantic :)

message 49: by Denise (last edited Aug 08, 2009 10:42PM) (new)

Denise | 4 comments I think I was expecting so much more from this book because of all the hype. I loved the time travelling and the fact that Henry doesn't change the past or the future like most characters do in other familiar time travel books. The characters were OK, I probably won't remember them in a year. I rate it 3 1/2 stars, and wouldn't recommend the book to anyone. Sorry, it just wasn't for me. DO NOT read if you are pregnant!!

message 50: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (sianin) Akittykat wrote: "I like books about time travel. This one was not articulate,it just left you too confused and off center at times. I will say; it was a sweet romance though. I could have done without the back and ..."

I had the opposite reaction to this book. I loved the time travel aspects and thought that they were unique and turned the usual rules of time travel on their head (i.e you can't ever see yourself, you control when and where you are going) but I did not find it to be a romantic book at all and was quite repelled by Clare and Henry's relationship (although I msut say HEnry did show restraint with his uncontrolled visits to the young Clare)

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