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You know how it goes, what you need to put here :P Have fun! You can have a villains(SP?)and superheros. Have fun and remember your villain must have a weakness.

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Anuhea (anuhearamsey) I used to be Harry Potter obsessed. Anyway, I should make a villain.

Name: Eva
Nickname: Boom
Weakness: Clarisse (more powerful), other villains, disguise. She is never able to fool Clarisse or other villains or Superheros. Disguise is her biggest weakness. She has to have all three meals, or else her skill doesn't work at all.
Skill: Can make any type of weapon appear in thin air, just needs to see the weapon to know how to use it. Has some type of natural shield, but it only works if she is feeling powerful and has enough strength.

Superhero Enemy/ies: Clarisse-Clarisse was trained by Eva, but when she found out about Eva's darkness, she turned away. Like Eva, she can make any weapon appear anytime anywhere. She also just needs to see and touch the weapon to know how to use it. Unlike Eva, her shield lasts longer and is stronger. She works with other superheros to try and defeat Eva. Umm...I guess I should go make a charrie thing for her too.

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