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message 1: by Faizan (last edited Jun 12, 2017 06:18AM) (new)

Faizan (mohdfaizanfahim) | 20 comments I am a journalism student from Jamia Millia Islamia University.
No need to say I love reading. Also, I run a book blog.
I have read books in Hindi, Urdu, and English language. So, many are not on GoodReads because of the language.
I have worked with Harper Collins Publishers India. I did the work with Marketing and Editing teams. I do book reviews on request.
I am also writing a book. A y/a fiction. Halfway through the first draft.

What I see when I beta-read:
- Pace (according to story, genre or scene/ lagging or moving)
- Character (development/formation/traits)
- Facts (date/events/objects/quotes/or any form of wrong facts)
- Timeline (is story is right on the timeline, are parallel stories syncing)
- Writing style (is it fresh/attractive/confusing/do justice to the story/constant)
- Flow (story is moving/jumping/skipping/intersecting parts)
- Missing Parts (required information has been given or not/ story missing important explanations)
- and at whatever the writer wants me to focus on..

No grammar checking, punctuation or spell checking

- Y/A fiction (my strong point, I have read a lot of this genre)
- Fantasy (also my strong point, and I enjoy reading this genre)
- Psychological Thriller (I am also psychology student, has read these subjects for 3 years)
- LGBT (Nico De Angelo and Alec Lightwood are my favorite characters. Do I say more ?)
- Children's and Middle Grade
- Dystopia

For any other genre, send blurb and we will see.
Priorities should be given to Y/A and Fantasy.

You can contact me on my e-mail id ( to ask my charges. It depends on word count and how polished is your manuscript already... But in the case of y/a, we can discuss..

message 2: by D.W. (new)

D.W. Collins (authordwcollins) | 10 comments Faizan did an excellent job beta-reading an excerpt from my manuscript for Henry: From the Other World. He brought up many points I hadn't considered, and I will take his point seriously when I revise further. I would recommend his beta-reading services to any writer.

message 3: by Ellis (new)

Ellis Landon | 9 comments Thank you Faizan, you did a great job and brought to my attention some things my story was missing. Very insightful feedback and great to work with.

I give you two thumbs up :)

message 4: by Marissa (new)

Marissa | 8 comments Like the other two said, Faizan is a really in depth beta reader who will point out things you never would've seen. He gives you detailed feedback both in a separate document and makes notes in your manuscript itself. The price he charges is cheap compared tot he amount of work he puts in. Thanks Faizan for being so helpful and diligent.

message 5: by Juan (new)

Juan Zapata | 66 comments Faizan is very insightful in picking up plot holes and problems with character relationships, but he is absolutely priceless in offering solutions to those problems! Sometimes a writer gets a mental block when it comes to how to fix issues and it is very helpful for a beta to be able to offer suggestions. Will definitely be hiring Faizan again. :)

message 6: by J (new)

J | 52 comments Faizan really went above and beyond as to the amount of work he put into my manuscript, especially considering the cost. The overall report he provided did a very good job of expressing his impressions of the characters, overarching plot as well as subplots throughout the book. The specific comments in the text were a perfect way for me to see when/where things hit or missed the mark. Thanks you!

message 7: by Cassie (new)

Cassie W | 6 comments Wow! Faizan is not afraid to tell you like it is. He tore my manuscript apart and because of that, I think I can turn it around and make it an actual enjoyable read. He looks at things in a completely different way than any other Beta-Reader I've hired and catches things that are super obvious once he points it out, but go over most people's head. I can't thank him enough and I will definitely be hiring him again for future projects!

message 8: by Tano (new)

Tano Sparreboom | 1 comments I absolutely love Faizan. Every other person who'se read my stuff has been like yeah, its good, yeah, I like it, but none have really given specific critique. This guy on the other hand, he is incredibly savage, and will just tear your manuscript apart bit by bit.

I asked him if he liked my story and he said no, and exactly why, and I'm so happy. He gives you feedback, not just a simple opinion. And I love it.

message 9: by N.S. (last edited Sep 11, 2020 04:18PM) (new)

N.S. | 11 comments Faizan is a great beta-reader! He pointed out parts my manuscript that were not working and made detailed comments on why it wasn't working. He also answered all my feedback questions with detailed responses, allowing any confusion to be cleared up.

He's great at pointing out consistency and beliveability of plot and his impressions of characters allowed me to pinpoint in what aspects they were weak and where they were strong. If he doesn't like something in your manuscript he's not afraid to point it out, but if you pass on him because of that, your manuscript might end up worse off!

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