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Psychotic_Dog_Demon | 2 comments Hey, if you want, I'm writing a yaoi that is posted on my account. It's called Crimson Snow. So you can read that if you want to.

Veronika KaoruSaionji | 2 comments Hello, I wrote some ones (and I wil write others), but they are in Czech (I am Czech). My favourite pairing is Kaoru Saionji/Omi Shichijou from anime Gakuen Heaven and I wrote recently one NC17 (their sex in their car) :o). Bust most of them are PG13. :o) I wrote other pairings, too, from Harry Potter, Lord of Rings, Loveless, Shaman King, Final Fantasy VII, some original, too... But most beloved for me are Kaoru/Omi, I adore Kaoru (he is man of my dreams) and I am very fond of Omi, I admire him. I wrote more then 1O yaoi stories with them. :o) But all ones in Czech.

The Eternal Servant, (tykatsuya) | 9 comments I've got SasuNaru, LuluSuza, and YukiShu on my profile, and and original shounen-ai story on www.deviantart.com My story is called Angel Master and my username is Ty Katsuya. I'd love it if you checked it out.

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Jesse | 6 comments I have plenty in the makin man! I have MelloXMatt and LXNear MattXLight and much more man. I have a account on fanfiction.net look for me LilithCelineViolettMasters. Theres not much on it yet but I have to finish writing them. I can give out sneak peeks though. Ask though and I take request. NO ANIMALS THOUGH. I have some people ask me for Hamtaro.

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Jesse | 6 comments Sick.

I found the brotherhood (I AM AN ASSASSIN) Ello, just got on up that is six chapters long on my profile, give it a check out plz, its kinda bad, but i tried~

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Kamyia (lilsweetie216) i have some on http://www.fanfiction.net/~ladyuchiha16 but they arent all finished :-( ...ive been tryin to for the longest but other stuf keeps comin up...plus i cant remember the plots...but ive favortied some good ones on there too ^_^

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