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Kim (kmdoubleday) I love researching after reading.

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Kim (kmdoubleday) Ahhh.....

He supplemented his novelist's income with freelance journalism, book and film reviews for The Spectator, and co-editing the magazine Night and Day, which folded in 1937, shortly after Greene's film review of Wee Willie Winkie, featuring nine-year-old Shirley Temple, cost the magazine a lost libel lawsuit. Greene's review claimed that Temple displayed "a dubious coquetry" which appealed to "middle-aged men and clergymen". It is now considered one of the first criticisms of the sexualisation of children for entertainment. The criminal libel could have led to Greene's imprisonment; and its avoidance, according to Greene's friend Alberto Cavalcanti in an unpublished autobiography, was the motivation for the visit to Mexico, which was to inspire The Power and the Glory. Mexico did not have an extradition treaty with the UK at the time.

Serves the li'l harlot right...

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Go Graham!

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Kim (kmdoubleday) He was a player.. he liked to stir the pot... (what other cliches... hmmm...)

Although Greene always declared himself to be apolitical as a writer, he nonetheless enjoyed being politically connected and appearing to be a supporter for the oppressed. The extent of his involvement in the British Secret Service has become a matter of intense speculation. He
has publicly declared himself a lifelong friend of Kim Philby, after working under him in the MI6. After the publication of The Quiet American, Greene was accused of being anti-American and consequently developed a strong dislike of Americans, particularly Ronald Reagan. He began to delve into Central American politics, associating with people such as Fidel Castro and Manuel Noriega. His friendship with Panamanian dictator General Omar Torrijos led him to write Getting to Know the General.

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Kim (kmdoubleday) I want to read The Lawless Roads

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Jen (missonethousandspringblossoms) | 60 comments Okay, so I am completely off about the Lutheran couple based on that link. Kind, generous.....

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Kim (kmdoubleday) Annoying...

message 8: by Jen (new)

Jen (missonethousandspringblossoms) | 60 comments I just got fake. Totally and utterly fake. People who would pretend that they don't stain their panties.

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Kim (kmdoubleday) Ha! I felt little for them, except annoyance and an overall bloated sense of self worth.

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Jen (missonethousandspringblossoms) | 60 comments Yes. They reminded me of "The Poisonwood Bible"- there is a main missionary couple in there with their "darky" servants and their fine china bringing the "good word" to the "heathens"- and when things get rough they run as fast as their pink little feet can carry them.

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Kelly People who would pretend that they don't stain their panties.

Ha! Beautiful.

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