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Query abandoned by poster > ABANDONED. YA/children: shovel race, maybe a mansion mystery?

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Leela4 | 117 comments A girl is staying at a big house--a mansion?--for some reason. Or maybe a relative works there so she spends a lot of time there? Argh! I think a secret way into a closed-off section is found at some point.

The only part of the book I distinctly remember is the girl participating in a shovel race, courtesy of a boy she meets. (In a shovel race you sit on a shovel which is dragged behind a horse. You get absolutely filthy, and it's a bit dangerous.)

At the time I was into Phyllis A. Whitney and others of that sort, so perhaps this is one of theirs. It had that atmosphere.

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Leela4 | 117 comments (bump)

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D.M. Dutcher  | 340 comments Could it be Secret of Stonehouse by Lynn Hall?

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Leela4 | 117 comments I would need to know more about it to tell. The one review which had a bit of a description didn't sound familiar.

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D.M. Dutcher  | 340 comments I can't find much info. Google Books had the protagonist's name as Heather, it appears she participates in a shovel race as the last contest of some form of event.

The author is known for horse books, and what I could find indicates Heather is taken from Scotland to Wisconsin, possibly by her Uncle Donald who seems to be changed from a kind man to a sinister one. The boy is named Gus, and he tells Heather not to do the shovel race because "Cloudy wont pull it, and Rusty wont let anyone but me ride him."

Most of this was found by searching on google books for it. Unfortunately the preview is limited.

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Lobstergirl | 37833 comments Mod
Leela4, are you still looking for this book?

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Lobstergirl | 37833 comments Mod
No response, moving to Abandoned.

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