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message 1: by Maddy (new)

Maddy Harward | 93 comments Mod
Share your poetry skills! Let us read and critique you!

message 2: by Amanda (last edited Aug 18, 2009 09:52PM) (new)

Amanda | 76 comments You should put your stuff on here, Maddy! Your poetry is SO good. Mine is here:

I would love it if anyone gives me criticism; I'd really like to improve. Hope everyone else puts poetry on here, too.

message 3: by Amanda (last edited Aug 12, 2009 04:48PM) (new)

Amanda | 76 comments Wow! I haven't seen most of your recent ones, Bookworm! I like all of them, but my favorite is Dreams.

message 4: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 76 comments I just wrote a new poem, I think that you might like it, Maddy! Bookworm, you've written great poetry, so you might like to read it. It's right here:

message 5: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 76 comments I already commented on the poem, but I'm going to blubber on about it on here anyway :)
Great job with this, I really liked the thoughts that it brought up. A great topic, with an amazing point. I LOVED the last line and your use of structure to emphasize different words. You should give me pointers on how to get so much deep content into a fairly short poem (mine tend to ramble). No criticism from me, but not because I'm worried about offending you. I honestly can't think of anything! Now, I should probably go do my homework :P I'm such a procrastinator

message 6: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 76 comments Bookworm!!! wrote: "Thanks! And your poem is amazing! I thought different things of it and I really want to know what made you think of it.
I will tell you what I thought of it, but I don't want to spoil it!"

I'm really really really curious, what did you think it was about?

message 7: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 76 comments :D Good job, you figured it out

message 8: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 76 comments Hey Maddy - I just read your poems about Beautiful Things. Great job!!!! I really like them. I did have one suggestion that I decided to put here instead of in the comment because it's so minor and you might not want to change it. In all if your poems, the similes were AMAZINGLY beautiful and creative - I was thinking that it's possible for you to take out the "like" and just make it a metaphor in some cases. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:


Like a lotion coating
your hungered throat "

You could change it here to just
"A lotion coating
your hungered throat"

Simple things like that - of course it wouldn't always be appropriate. Don't change it if you don't want to, though, because these are your poems (and they are beautiful the way they are now). Thanks for the good read!


message 9: by Maddy (new)

Maddy Harward | 93 comments Mod
Awwwww thanks! Okay. I should fix those "like"s, and i'll get those done soon!


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