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Ok! I am going to need things to wear for the 1st day of school (August 19th) I am going to 7th grade and I am now open to suggestions!

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u should wear somethin casual but really pretty. im not sure about specific, but it should be somethin that you know expresses your style, and that you feel comfy. and i hope you have great luck in 7th grade. i'm going to 8th...

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thanks do u have any idea like exactly wat to wear

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hm not really. i dont remember wat i wore on my first day of 7th grade, but i remember buying a shirt, that also matched really cute pants. haha

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thanks lol jk so i will try to think of somethin if u can ask some other people if they have any ideas thanks

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but u shudn't worry too much, the years u should dress real nice are when theyre ur last years at the school, like 8th and/or 12th, especially 12th

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o ok thanks

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M. J | 18 comments well what i would wear, something that obviosly looks good on you. well if you have a tan, wear things that make it look good. Very light pinks do that as well as teal and some shades of turquoise. If you have freckles and red cheeks, that means you have pink undertones, and those undertones look good in blues and deep greens. And if you want to be pinkafied i would wear something obviosly light pink to match your pink undertones but never really really dark pink or rocker pink, cus that can come off as overwheming.

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M. J | 18 comments you have to wear something that expresses who you are, and it has to be a statement peice or you wont be original. dont go to abercrombie to get your " original" outfit because its likely that some one will wear it on the first day , because abercrombie so popular. Also wear a peice that plays up your eyes. i would like to wear this MANGO shirt in teel, that makes my tan look good and bring out the sea green in my eyes. I would also wear gold jewerly to bring out my goldish highlights. Hope this helps!!

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im sure it helps some more than my advice
i tihnk all advice is helpful, some more than others

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ya thank u both for the advice

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lol nice. haha. how do u get images into comments like that ?

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ok do u guys know where i can get denim shorts that are longer then like ur finger tips?? need them for skool!

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im not sure :P i usually just where regular jeans

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o ok i am wearin this cute aero shirt

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nice. is it purple? purple is my favorite color haha

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

no and cool r u in a purple group here i am so ya its white but i have to wear a tanktop with it so yeah do u know wat u r gonna wear 4 the first day of skool?????? ya wat grade ru goin into???

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no im not lol. and i dont know wat im gunna wear. i havent even gone school shopping yet. im going to eighth grade

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I'm wearing this on the first day of school:



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message 22: by M. (new)

M. J | 18 comments No offense to anybody if they like Aeropostale, but to be honest, I think its very poorly made and a bit bland. I remember when I got this sorta cute floral top there, but it ripped in the next two days. I suggest lucky brand jeans, or sometimes they have cute ones at abercrombie that you can get as well. Well Im going into 7nth grade. Im sorta thinking of this amzaing top at ruehl, and then with some abercrombie shorts or something. By the way if any body wants to lean towrads the european flare, style, deffinetly go to MANGO wich is this high end brand that sells the cutest of stuff, and its basically biger thank A&F,AE,hollister combined. also i suggest Colors Of Benneton, j.crew or Bannana republic. All these brands offer good quality items, that a lot of 6th graders admire.

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I'm going into 7th too, but my dad doesn't like spending a ton of money on clothers, and i luv aeropostale. The clothes i get there are good quality, but i guess some of them aren't.. Mine r perfect.... **shrugs**

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cool. i have never owned anything from Aeropostale. So i really don't care about it much, i see some of my friends wear it tho. and MANGO sounds like a nice brand. i like mangoes.....

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Oh, i might wear this instead:

Top: ((Only difference is mine is a pink plaid one...))


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i like the jeans.

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My mom bought the shirt, she's gonna try and make me wear it.. >.>

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M. J | 18 comments MANGO
is an ahmazing place, and its ausome because only you would know about it because it just opened in america, and its like the biggest thing Europe right now

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I probably couldn't afford it.... I can't afford that many big designer brands.... let alone fit into the outfits... Don't have the right body shape.... :P You would understand if u knew me in person.

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M. J | 18 comments well i remember when i went europe, and checked out mango, their was a shirt for only 10 euros, that was on sale because know one could fit in their xs. And their are many sales going on about MANGO. But if mango's to pricy try ZARA, their having amazing sales right now.

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M. J | 18 comments well i cant exactly afford chanel, Or Diane Von frishenburg, Versace or any other stuff but i work hard and splurge on nice long lasting items. At the same time saving for college, parties and ect

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Kelsey (sdfghjkl) | 1 comments HELP!!!!! my friend Taylor has a boyfriend named nathan. nathan has a friend named liam, i just so happen to like liam.. anyways we have a fair to go to on sunday and i have nothing to wear...HELP PLEASE!

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