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message 1: by Ross (new)

Ross | 1444 comments I have just completed the book. I know there is chapter break down thread so I shall be precise. For me the book was an attempt to use communications and methods of communication from the past to show how we have lost touch with the feminine aspects, suppressed them and the determent this has caused society as a whole and women specifically.

The format worked for me as a poem in the vain of Coleridge Rime of the ancient mariner or Homers Iliad. Not sure the author would approve but it worked for me.

I did not find the mix of art and science a problem as such but did have some knowledge of the disciplines before hand. So enough of style now to content.

I like the fact the loss of the wild woman was given full weight but that there was no indictment of any particular element as to why this oppression occurred to women over time. Not that I entirely agree with that assertion.

The use of folktales, the phycology and sociology of there day to explain shift in group coconsciousness that resulted in the gender imbalance was Inspired. And the use of collective thought an entirety acceptable conceit in a Jungian.

Over all I morn the loss of the wild woman even as a construct to show how the feminine power of humanity has been so under valued to the determent of the whole human race.

message 2: by Robert (new)

Robert Smart | 354 comments I finished the book last night. Certain sections spoke to me, as I could relate to certain aspects of my own life experiences. I will definitely be going back to re-read certain chapters as they sparked my curiosity to delve further. Very much worth reading.

message 3: by Dagny Moland (new)

Dagny Moland Seim | 48 comments This has been the most challenging book for me to read, as far as OSS is concerned. I was so skeptical and negative to it when it was announced that it took me a month to pick it up, a month to start and another two months to finish. I usually devour books in a few days, maximum a week!

But I loved it. It has changed me and I trust myself more after reading it. I have already planned to reread it next year (as I did this year with all about love with bell hooks). I believe WWRWW will continue to change me for many years to come.

So to anyone with a scientific, skeptical mind like mine: please give it a try :)

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