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Salvage the Bones
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March 2017: Other Books > Salvage the Bones - Jessamyn Ward, 3 stars

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message 1: by Amy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Amy | 3542 comments Hmm... Its not that the book wasn't a good book, it was well written enough - I just think at this time and place it wasn't my cup of tea. I wouldn't want to not recommend it, as I see why others might really get something out of it. Let me begin by describing what it is about.

A family struck by poverty, tragedy, and loss, lives in the Gulf of Mexico, where Hurricane Katrina is about to hit. A family already destroyed with little hopes, is preparing for what we know will be one of the worst disasters of the century. In the midst of this is a dog named China, who give birth to four or five puppies. Simultaneously we learn that the fifteen year old daughter, narrator to the book, is pregnant. Ultimately, the question is asked about where hope can be found amongst devastation.

I read this book in anticipation of a discussion to be held in two nights, with colleagues I deeply respect. That's one of the things about reading, and about my profession. I think one gains so much more from a book, when even if it wasn't one's cup of tea, that it gets enriched by discussion - and more things are brought out that make it beautiful.

But what I have learned about myself and my reading enjoyment is this. I really don't love stories where there is devastation or lack of transformation at the end. Like with the theme of my life, I vastly prefer it, when even with a difficult end, characters grow. There is insight, the hope of change, transformation, something of meaning to be borne, even in grief. I do hope the meeting Thursday night serves to bring this out even more strongly. Now I don't necessarily like fluff either, though I don't mind it once in a while. Characters don't have to fall in love and get pregnant and have all their dreams come true in a neatly wrapped perfect end. It can be, and often is quite complicated. And more depthful than that - and that's life. But I like that in between space where hope exists, beauty flourishes, and insight and meaning drives the direction forward. Truth is, the more I have joined this group and am reading four and five star reads, (for myself) the higher the bar is for every other book, no matter how good, interesting, or well written it is. The truth is, that we each have so many great books to read, that I have less and less interest in "not my cup of tea." That said, one thing I have learned from my main group - is that were not all drinking the same tea. Books I have hated, and I certainly didn't hate this one, have been beloved by others. So I certainly wouldn't dismiss it on my account - and in fact if you are drawn to it, go for it. As always, I want to hear why you loved it. And I'll probably love it a little more by Friday too.

message 2: by Denizen (new) - added it

Denizen (Den13) | 1168 comments Interesting review. I picked this up a few years ago as a Daily Deal but have never picked it up. I'll have to look at it again and see which friends loved it, which didn't, and why.

message 3: by Amy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Amy | 3542 comments Just came back from the book group. In fact my coat is still on. Tough read, but people just loved it!

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