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'The Rippper and Mary Kelly'

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Gregory Boulware /*
Hello Evreyone!

I'm always interested in different takes on 'Jack The Ripper' and the investigations surrounding the case. I have an interesting tale, as such, involving the escapades of 'The Ripper' and a French Detective who inadvertently winds up smack in the middle of the ongoing, yet almost ageless, mutilating murder spree.

I am highly anxious to spend time reading 'The Heart Absent.'

Take a look at my latest posting surrounding said events. This new (yet old) story adds a bit of a twist that spans several murder investigations tendered by the private investigator, 'Charles Alexander Duprae' and his close friend, Mr. Poe.

"Bowery of The Crimson Frock and Flesh"

The friend’s disposition mirrored that of several investigating gendarmes involved in or discussing the case.

“Let them talk,” said Duprae. He didn’t think it necessary to reply or indulge. He and Poe had submitted their reports. Duprae submitted his findings to the headmaster of police investigations while Poe submitted to his newspaper/magazine company. The royal administrator who contacted and requested Duprae’s assistance was also informed and brought up to date on his fact finding assignment.

The first respondent detectives indulged in post discussion, the first claiming sovereignty as being the lead detective until the arrival of the Chief Inspector. This individual held great disdain for Duprae’s investigative success. He resented the fact that he had elitist connections and that he was a ‘Blue-Blood’ involved himself in the business of the average citizen and its police.

“Let him discourse, Eddie; it will ease his conscience. I am satisfied with having defeated him in his own castle. Nevertheless, that he failed in the solutions of this mystery is by no means a matter for wonder which he supposes it; for in truth, our friend the prefect is somewhat too...


Thanks for the time and sharing.

Peace and Love,


Gregory Boulware /*
Hello Again...

Does anyone know of the sanctioned hit on Mary Kelly by the Crown - 'Queen Victoria?'

What about 'Prince Edward Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence?'

Is anyone familiar with the master organizer 'Hiram Abiff' or his assistants, 'Jubelo,' 'Jubelum,' or 'Jubela?'

What/How do you feel about the blatant bigotry displayed by the highly positioned and esteemed colloquy of Britains finest professional colleagues and members of 'The Brotherhood of Ordained Members of The Society of Free Masons?'

If you were a victim, the target of such a society, what would you do?

"Bowery of the Crimson Frock and Flesh"

"When There's No More Room In Hell"

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