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Mrsrosmariebelikov Hey Everyone...

Who do you think would be the best cast for a Vampire Academy Movie??

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Mrsrosmariebelikov Alright Everyone here is my cast:

Rose~ Megan Fox
Dimitri~ Kellan Lutz or Ben Barnes
Lissa~ Emilie de Ravin
Christain~ Tom Felton
Mia~ Elle Fanning or Cheyenne Kimball
Mason~Jamie Bell
Natalie~ Alexis Bledel

Tell me wat you think and if i'm missing someone!

April Larsen Camacho Lissa - Rachel Evan Wood
Mia - Willa Holland
Natalie - Anna Popplewell

So that was all I could come up with for now but I am still searching for the perfect people for Rose, Dimitri, Christian and Mason. Jeez this is harder than I thought it would be!

AND for Adrian in Frostbite I would choose Josh Hartnett yumm

Ilze Rose- Arielle Kebbel
Adrian- James Franco

Mrsrosmariebelikov I definitly agree with your lissa april and Ilze i like your adrian

Mrsrosmariebelikov i agree with your adrian too April

April Larsen Camacho Ilze, I like your Rose! and thanks Mrs. Belikov haha
and I really like Ben Barnes for Dimitri and the guy you chose for Mason! If only they would die his hair red haha BUT I don't think we will ever find the perfect Dimitri! Also I agree with your Natalie (:

Mrsrosmariebelikov Thanks for the input April!

April Larsen Camacho No problem :)

message 10: by Keagan (new)

Keagan 12 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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