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Harry Potter Questions!!!

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message 1: by Shiane (new)

Shiane Jacocks (winterwaldo) | 14 comments Mod
Okay, I've always wanted a topic about Harry Potter. Here's one just this start off.

Do you think that Dumbledore loved Harry? I think he was only thinking about, "the greater good," even until the end. He didn't "hate" or find Harry unimportant. I just think that Dumbledore didn't care as much as the movies made it seem.

message 2: by Chloë (new)

Chloë Miller | 2 comments I think that Dumbledore was more of a watchful eye for Harry than anything. If anything, Hagrid was the one who truly loved him. Dumbledore is a master. He's unbiased.

message 3: by Shiane (new)

Shiane Jacocks (winterwaldo) | 14 comments Mod
I get that. He was a master more than anything, but what do you think about his temptation and weakness for power? I think it made him a biased master.

message 4: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Elliott (tiffanykelliott) | 7 comments I think Dumbledore did love Harry. At the same time, he didn't love ONLY Harry. He also knew that Harry and everyone else would have a worse life if Voldemort were allowed to gain power. Since Harry was the only one who could destroy Voldemort (as per the prophecy), what would have been most loving to do? If you know a child is running toward a busy intersection, is it unloving to intervene and throw them to the ground in your haste to save their life?

message 5: by Shiane (new)

Shiane Jacocks (winterwaldo) | 14 comments Mod
Love may be the wrong word. He did CARE.

What about Snape? Did he love Harry or Harry's mom or was Harry just part of the package for loving his mother?

message 6: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Elliott (tiffanykelliott) | 7 comments Snape didn't love Harry. And personally, I don't think he really loved Lilly. He seems more OBSESSED with her than in love. I see Snape as being very manipulative and emotionally abusive. He is probably a narcissist. He slung a slur at Lilly for no reason when she was actively standing up for him. This isn't surprising, given the home environment he grew up in, but that doesn't excuse him. I think Snape loved himself, and having the love of a woman like Lilly would have added some happiness to his life--but she would have been miserable, a continual victim of his abuses.

(I work in mental health, so I tend to see these things through that lens.)

He was an EXCELLENT character, however. Multi-layered, complex, not wholly bad but still with redeeming qualities. I love him as a character, but I'd never want to have a friend or lover with the kind of "devotion" Snape had to give.

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