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Larry Niven rip-off?
Marcel Marcel Feb 06, 2017 06:54AM
by accident I was reading a couple of Larry Niven short stories (ARM, etc) and can't shake the feeling that The Expanse is basically a rip-off of his work. It's literally the same world-building (Niven has another theme about organ transplants which is not in the expanse) and so-far I haven't come across an alien like in the expanse, but still...
Anyone else feeling the same?

If you're having deja vu reading Leviathan Wakes, try reading it right after Redemption Ark by Alastair Reynolds. Not only has it similar concepts, settings and groups of characters, even a character with the same name in the same role ("The Butcher of Tharsis"), it also includes an alien plague taking over a ship and someone integrating with it.

While I agree that there were definite thematic similarities with Niven's Belter stories, it was only the first book in the series that did that for me. The protomolecule storyline soon took over. It was the Niven-ness that grabbed me and got me interested in the books. The Belt setting, the feuding political groups, the mystery element. Niven is one of my top 3 faves. I really appreciate the turns in plot that the subsequent novels took.

Not to necro-post, but there was some political machinations going on in Niven's Known Space in the background, which then was fleshed out in the later works in the "___ of Worlds" series.

Having read many of Niven's books - Known Space, Gil the Arm etc, and all of the Expanse books, I don't get this feeling at all. Niven's worlds were less gritty IMHO and just didn't have the political machinations that The Expanse does.

Just my two cents

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