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message 1: by Grumpus, Hearing aide (last edited Feb 06, 2017 01:36PM) (new)

Grumpus | 474 comments Our friends at Audiofile magazine have lined up John Lee to join us here in the Narrator's Corner next week! Looking forward to having everyone join us here.

message 2: by Jeanie (new)

Jeanie | 3199 comments Wow! Great narrator, great Valentine's present for us audio lovers.

message 3: by AudioFile (new)

AudioFile Mag | 1784 comments Thanks Grumpus. Hi Everyone, Aurelia here. We at AudioFile, and John, are looking forward to his visit on the 15th and 16th. As Jeanie says, a Valentine's Day present! Here's more about John and his work:

Get ready. On the morning of the 15th, you can set about asking those questions and making comments! More soon. :)

message 4: by AudioFile (new)

AudioFile Mag | 1784 comments Aurelia here. In anticipation of chatting with John when he visits next Wednesday (15th) and Thursday (16th), I wanted to share a few of my favorites of his more recent performances. John is really popular for mysteries, literary fiction, and huge long histories (stamina!) among other genres.

I loved his presentation of Elizabeth George's mystery A Banquet of Consequences. ( As well as Alex Gerlis's The Best of Our Spies, for which the reviewer gave him an Earphones Award. ( And Andrew Roberts' thoroughly involving biography Napoleon: A Life. (

message 5: by AudioFile (new)

AudioFile Mag | 1784 comments Aurelia here. As we wait for John Lee's visit with us tomorrow, I thought I'd share the review for his recent Earphones Award winning performance of A Strangeness in My Mind by Orhan Pamuk:

John has narrated (and won rave reviews for) several of Pamuk's novels, giving listeners a sense of continuity despite the books' varied settings and topics.

Looking forward to more tomorrow!

message 6: by Koeeoaddi (new)

Koeeoaddi (koee) | 22 comments My absolute favorite narrator!

message 7: by John (new)

John Lee | 18 comments Looking forward to everyone's questions. Though I try not to favor one book over another publicly I do have a special fondness for Pahmuk.

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