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Monday 2/6-Chapter 1 discussion

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message 1: by MariahFuller (new)

MariahFuller | 10 comments Hey everyone, I hope you had a great weekend! We're going to start looking into Chapter 1 today, if you haven't had a chance to look at the reading schedule please check it out and get caught up on Chapter 1. We'll be going over it on Wednesday as well.

What are Kyra's family dynamics like?
How did her family react to her refusal when she was Chosen, and why is that important?
If Kyra hadn't already been breaking rules, do you think she'd still refuse being Chosen?
What is significant about how Kyra's father treats her? (Keep this in mind throughout the novel)

message 2: by Allie (new)

Allie Gordon | 7 comments they are pretty much pertaining to the gospel, and respecting others. They were pretty mad at her, and it is important because they kind of wanted her to be chosen, but they also wanted themselves to be chosen. Well I really think that she still would be refusing to be chosen, even if she hadn't been breaking the rules. He is not very nice to her, but he is at the same time. That is important because he expects more from her then any of the other kids, and also he treats her a bit worse then the other kids sometimes.

message 3: by Mia (new)

Mia Nguyen | 10 comments Kyra's family had been trying to get her out of the Chosen thing, but they couldn't. So I think they really cared about Kyra and they actually tried to help her even though they believe that it's not good to refuse "God's words".
All of them a little disappointed, angry, and sad, but they couldn't do anything. It's important because they felt sorry for her and it's also one of the reason why she started to break the rules even more.
If Kyra hadn't been breaking rules, I still think that she'd still refuse to be the Chosen one. Because she is independent and she would do everything for what she believes in and love.
Her father treat her as if she is actually his daughter, not just one of his wife's daughter. He actually love her and care for her. Not just like other man who treats their children and wives as their servants (in the novel). He might seems cruel in the novel but inside, he really loves her, and he thought it's best to keep her following the rules, that's what fathers do, choose what they think is best for their children. Some do, not the fathers in that community, but Kyra's dad is different.

message 4: by Capri (new)

Capri G. | 8 comments Kyra's family obeys the teachings of the prophet and they do what they are told to do. The way her family reacted to her being chosen was that they were all shocked. Even her sisters and father. This is important because instead of saying yes she will marry her uncle her father started to argue a little and her mother and some of her family members started crying. This is important because it shows that although her family is loyal to the prophet, they do not always agree with him. I think Kyra would still refuse to get married to her uncle. Kyra see's things differently than others in her community and I think she would still refuse. Kyra's father, I feel, is a lot more understanding than other fathers in the book. Kyra even refers to him in the book as understanding and more gentle than other fathers. I think it is important that her father treats her like this because this is an advantage of getting out of the marriage. :)

message 5: by Spencer (new)

Spencer | 11 comments Mod
Thank you all for your awesome comments and for participating in the readings. Mariah and I really enjoyed what you all have said about chapter one. Many of your comments are awesome regarding the book. One thing I want to suggest is using page numbers from the book. When you use page numbers you can be more specific on what you are sharing. Also, using page numbers will help everyone see what you talking about. I did an example below of how you can share something from pages you read to support your thoughts, or guide us as readers to see what you see:
Kyra calls her dad good and pure on pages 10 and 11. I think her word choice is interesting because her dad seems to be very affectionate to her. Also, her dad on page 45 leaves her a note that explains he went to talk to them (prophet and his homies) about her marrying her Uncle. Kyra's dad appears to really cares about her happiness. He went to see the prophet because even he think the marriage is odd. However, page 70 tells us something strange about her father's character. He is sad when he tells his girls to, 'be obedient' at the book burning gathering. Page 70 is an example of how Kyra's father struggles pleasing his family and the prophet. I am unsure what to think when he is sad. Is he sad that his kids are sad they have to burn books? Or is he sad they refuse to follow the prophets psycho book burning command?

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