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message 1: by Stefania (last edited Feb 08, 2017 05:30AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Stefania (shayleene) | 101 comments Mod
Hey guys! On the 9th of February the buddy read of "Red queen" will start!

How does it work?
1) to join write here below

2) try to read one/two chapters a day and briefly comment them (of couse you're not obliged to read just one or two chapters a day, but it would be useful in order to advance at the same pace)
Ok, the beginning was just soooo amazing! I'm already in love with the main character, even though his personality is a bit creepy sometimes, etc etc

3) Remember to hide the spoilers!

message 2: by Birgit (new)

Birgit (mypreciousbooks) | 22 comments I'm definitely reading! Gotta find myself a copy now :D Anyone else interested in joining?

Stefania (shayleene) | 101 comments Mod
I'm ready with an English ebook copy! *^O^*

Alli (australstar) I read this book a few months ago, I hope you all enjoy it :-)

Stefania (shayleene) | 101 comments Mod
I hope so! :D Well, even though you already know the ending you could join the discussion anyway ^-^
It would be fun having more people :D

Stefania (shayleene) | 101 comments Mod
Updated with the rules :D

Stefania (shayleene) | 101 comments Mod
- One thing that I find absolutely NOT original is using colors to differentiate social classes. Please, be creative and use made up names instead!
- Kilorn: I can't really judge him right now... he seems quite hot, but not one of the most intelligent people

- I've just decided that Shade is one of my fav characters xD Hope he'll have an active role during the story
- Hey, Mare's family is quite ungrateful, isn't it? I mean, she risks her life stealing some goods every day for her family sake, and they're even capable of grumbling?!

(view spoiler)

message 8: by Birgit (new)

Birgit (mypreciousbooks) | 22 comments Chapter 1
First thought: this seems to be a mix of Hunger Games and The Darkest Minds. Second thought: what a nice start, people faced with undeniable existential confrontations between themselves and the system.

Chapter 2
Nice to see how the story centers around the main character and family. But war, war, war! What is going on exactly? Why are there different divisions of colours? Mare seems to be doing all the work herself. :/

Stefania (shayleene) | 101 comments Mod

- So far I'm liking the narrator (Mare) quite a lot. She expresses her feelings and thoughts whithout becoming pedantic and without looking for pity, which is something I always appreciate.
(view spoiler)
Plus, action scenes are well depicted. Short sentences, quick movements... yep, I'm enjoying this!

- about Farley: OMG she's so cool!
(view spoiler)

- about Shade: I knew, I knew he couldn't be just a side character!!!!! Waaaaa I wanna a chapter from is POV, I NEED him *---*

Stefania (shayleene) | 101 comments Mod

- Please... Queenstrial? It this a kind of "The selection" copy? I find princesses quite annoying with their fairy beauty and obsessing bonton!

- Aaaaaaand also this time I won the bet! (view spoiler)

message 11: by Birgit (new)

Birgit (mypreciousbooks) | 22 comments Chapter 3


A nice inlook to the social order and a short backstory...but more is yet to come. If joining the army is not an option, I guess running away will do fine. But all is not so easy: it's gonna take money. A HUGE amount of money...I wonder where Mare is going to get it from. Her loyalty to her friend is something to admire. What will it cost her?! I'll find out soon enough.

Chapter 4

Harsh, just harsh! Much tension brewing in the streets.. “You know the law, girl.” Like what! How can you take the law into account when dealing with a child!! Outrageous.

Stefania (shayleene) | 101 comments Mod

- Okay, I was wrong. I didn't consider that also female Silvers have got powers. This is getting more and more interesting!!!(view spoiler)


- God, how I hate that *biiiiiiip* of a queen. She wants to control everything and everyone. You know what? I think she'll try to kill his husband sooner or later.
I feel sorry for Mare who will have to put up with that viper!

Stefania (shayleene) | 101 comments Mod
So.... uhm... I should really, really apologize, because I got carried away and finished the book in like... one afternoon? xD
I'm really sorry but I just couldn't stop reading :')

But I still will continue commenting with you the chapters, so don't worry xD I've also hidden my review since it contains some spoilers, so you reading won't be spoiled^^

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