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message 1: by Ari (new)

Ari Augustine (ariananelson) | 26 comments Hey all,

I am looking for betas to read the first 5 chapters of my novel. I'm willing to do swaps and BRs for others if preferred. If interested, comment below or PM me. I can most readily be reached at


message 2: by Marco (new)

Marco Silva | 10 comments Hello Ariana,
could you tell me how many words your five chapters have,
and share a small synopsis, please.
Thank you!

message 3: by Ari (new)

Ari Augustine (ariananelson) | 26 comments Hello Marco,

The first five chapters contain 13,213 words.
A short synopsis is posted below:

The Pristine Chaos of Solange Rue is a story about Number 023, a young man who awakes in a cell with no memory of his own identity or the events leading up to his imprisonment. The only possible clue to his past is a holographic image of a woman lying in a field of blue flowers, but after days of staring up at her faceless figure, he's convinced the only logical reason for his imprisonment is that it's a mistake or he murdered her.

With the unexpected help of another inmate named Allegro, Number 023 is forced back into the world at war with itself and governed by a corrupted government known as The Main. Number 023 begins seeing the ghost of the woman from the image, who leads him to the peculiar crew of The Athena, a group of defecting soldiers. And they all know Number 023 as Commander Rue.

When it is revealed he suffers from self-inflicted retrograde amnesia, Number 023 decides to find out exactly who Commander Rue was and why he went to such great lengths to forget his own identity. Before long, Number 023 learns about the tragic events of Elda, an entire planet destroyed for a weapon they might have possessed. He discovers he might have played a role in its demise and the only people who are able to reveal the entire truth to him is a man named Allegro, who isn't Allegro at all, and the ghost of the woman he might have killed.

Information becomes the least of his problems when he stumbles upon the weapon The Main would do anything to get their hands on - a weapon hidden in plain sight - and Number 023 must decide between unearthing the past or embracing an inevitable future of war.

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