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Ann (annrumsey) | 14214 comments Part One "Long Legged Beasties" - Chapters 16-23 - spoilers welcome on this thread.
We appreciate it if the first to post could briefly summarize to guide the discussion for this segment!

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Carol/Bonadie (bonadie) | 7794 comments Chapter 16. Flashback (cont'd) Corbin is now living in Boston in his deceased father's apartment. In an effort to grow closer to his mother and brother, Corbin visited them at his mother's home on the north shore of Massachusetts. He met Rachael on the beach and they stayed up all night talking about their pasts -- they shared similar situations with dysfunctional families. they got together for lunch the next day and decided to have a fling for the two weeks. He grew close to Rachael and shared much about his past. He was tempted to tell her about the two murders, but he knew he could not. After two weeks they returned to their lives. Two months later Rachael texted Corbin to say she was returning to visit her family and asked if he wanted to come up for the weekend. Corbin could not as he was going on a company retreat in the Cayman Islands. When he returned from the retreat he learned on the local news that Rachael had been murdered he knew instantly who had done it. Corbin considered for a moment confessing to the police what he knew. But he didn't. If he did it instead decided to lay low but that if Henry ever showed up or Corbin was able to track him down he would kill him.

Chapter 17. A year after the death of Rachael Chess, Audrey Marshall moved into a vacant apartment in Corbin's building. She was friendly when they met but Corbin was aloof. Eventually she invited him over for dinner and a friendship, then relationship, began. Corbin had one condition and that was that they never be seen together outside his or her apartment. No one could know about them. Audrey found that odd but she joked about it. One day Corbin found out from a neighbor he'd recently played squash with, Alan, that he wondered if they were friends. Alan was vague about how he knew that, and Corbin later confronted Audrey and accused her of having shared the information with someone. They eventually figured out that the person was Alan, who must've observe them from his apartment across the courtyard. Corbin's behavior caused the relationship to be over. When the opportunity to came to transfer to London, Corbin's cousin suggested that he swap apartments with her daughter who she felt needed to get away and do something adventurous. This was perfect for Corbin; he was looking forward to getting away even though it was back to the place where he knew Henry and Claire. He began an email conversation with Kate in hopes that he might hear something about Audrey. One night he came home in the hopes of finding an email from Kate. Instead he found an email from Roberta James of the Boston Police Department who was writing to inform him that his neighbor Audrey Marshall had been found dead under suspicious circumstances and would he get in touch with them as soon as possible.

Chapter 18. Kate awakes with a start and Sanders runs away from her. She doesn't remember letting him in. She searches the apartment to make sure no one is there. She sits down to read and comes across a picture she had stuffed in the book. This gives her the idea to search Corbin's books to see if there are any mementos to be discovered. In one book she finds a picture of a young woman. She wonders at the three different accounts she has of Corbin's and Audrey's relationship. She wants to believe Alan Cherney, that Audrey and Corbin were together a lot in Audrey's apartment. She trusts Alan. Kate decides to take a nap before she has to leave for her class. Her landlady Carol Valentine knocks and invites her to her home for drinks later that evening. Kate leaves for her class and while on the T pulls out her sketchbook. She looks at the picture of Jack and wonders why it doesn't look the way she remembers him. She eventually thinks that someone has gotten ahold of the book and changed the features of the sketch. But how is that possible?

Chapter 19. Kate talks to a classmate named Sumera after class. She mentions the murder in Kate's building. She has read on Reddit that the woman was mutilated with a knife, cut in half. Kate is creeped out and makes her getaway. Once home she looks at the sketch of Jack again and is convinced that the eyes are now different. She tries to find the information on the Internet about Audrey's murder but she can't make heads or tails of the website. Later Kate arrives at Carol's apartment. Alan has been invited, as has another neighbor. When the topic of the murder comes up, Alan reveals that he knows Audrey was murdered with a knife, and that she was mutilated.

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Carol/Bonadie (bonadie) | 7794 comments Chapter 20. They continue talking about the murder until Carol changes the subject. Kate and Alan leave and he invites her to his apartment for something to eat. Kate decides that she's going to sleep with Alan and she does. She hasn't been with anyone since George. She tells Alan that she has baggage, but declines to talk about it. She wakes up during the night imagining George there at her bedside. When she wakes up again she feels the good feelings she had towards Alan begin to slip away. She leaves the apartment and returns home. Later there is a knock on the door; it's Alan.

Chapter 21. Kate emails Martha her neighbor in London to find out if she has seen Corbin. She tells Martha to let her know if she sees him. Detective James wants to come over and search her apartment again and she agrees. Kate goes looking for the key to Audrey's apartment she told them about, and she can't find it. Instead she sees a key labeled “storage” and decides to investigate before they get there. In the storage compartment she finds the normal types of things one would pack and one abnormal thing -- a poster of a young woman. She notices a dark line going down the center of the woman's torso and when she pulls apart the frame half the picture falls to the floor. The picture of the woman has been sliced in half.

When detective James arrived she tells her everything including about the poster. She mentions Jack Ludovico and learns that he never came by the police station as he told her he had. Just then an FBI agent arrives. They think Audrey's murder is connected to two others, one which occurred in Connecticut.

Chapter 22. Alan wakes to find Kate gone. Something must be the matter since she didn't wake him before she left. He goes to her apartment and knocks but she doesn't answer. He knows she's in there and he's angry that he chased after her. Unable to sleep, he looks out the window of his apartment at the courtyard. He thinks he sees movement in Audrey's apartment. Soon the police arrive but don't go into Audrey's apartment. Are they going into Kate's? He then sees a man leaving the building, someone who looks like that guy Jack. He follows him and suddenly catches him when Jack hides in wait. Alan accuses Jack of having just come from Audrey's apartment and Jack says it's none of his business. Jack is sure Corbin murdered Audrey. He says he told the police this and that if Corbin comes back he's going to kill him himself.

Chapter 23. Kate asked Detective James if it's OK for her to continue to stay in the apartment. Detective James says sure if you don't mind staying in the apartment of a murder suspect. Kate gives James the number of her friend Martha Lambert. Kate emails Martha to find out if Corbin has surfaced yet. While waiting for her response she does some online searching for mutilated women and comes up with the name Rachael Chess. She remembers that when she first searched the apartment she found a picture of a woman on a beach and the name written on the back of the picture is Rachael with the same unusual spelling. She goes to look for the picture and it is gone along with the box that was in it. Maybe it was in the stack of boxes the police took away.

She notices that Corbin is online. She talks with them both and Corbin says he's in her apartment in London. Kate asks Martha to go knock on the door and Martha reports that no one is there. Kate tells Corbin that she met his friend Jack and describes him. He asks if she has told the police about him and she says yes.

Kate returns to her sketching. She looks at the picture she first drew of Alan when they met, and she thinks the eyes look strange, like they've been smudged. She sketches Alan again, then Detective James, Mr. and Mrs. Valentine, the other woman at the party, and then George Daniels.

Kate hears a scratching at the door to the seller and we when she opens it Alan is standing there saying "Please let me in."

Sandi (sandin954) | 1185 comments If Alan is an OK guy he is definitely going about things in the wrong way. Trying to get into the apartment by pretending to be the cat is not something that would make me feel comfortable.

So, is someone else getting in the apartment and changing the pictures or some supernatural force or is Kate losing it a bit?

Carol/Bonadie (bonadie) | 7794 comments By this point I kept wanting Alan to be an OK guy but things like peeping on Audrey and now showing up at Kate's basement door after scratching like the cat gave me pause. I can't imagine being Kate and opening the door expecting a cat and seeing a man there instead. Yikes!

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Ann (annrumsey) | 14214 comments Sandi: definitely the Wrong way with a capital W. Alan isn't really an ok guy in my opinion for stalking Audrey and peeping at her and now with this insane idea of coming up the basement stairs and pretending to be the cat - he just isn't right. He may not be a murderer but his perception of how to respect other people is seriously bent. Kate seems to like being with him when he isn't being a creep though.
This apartment building is starting to feel like the creepy building in Rosemary's Baby.
I think there is someone getting in the apartment. It seems big enough to stay apart from Kate. The cat appearing and things disappearing, creeeeeepy. And why would an intruder change the eyes of Jack in Kate's charcoal sketches. I am starting to seriously suspect Jack. Something isn't right there.

Sandi wrote: "If Alan is an OK guy he is definitely going about things in the wrong way.
So, is someone else getting in the apartment and changing the pictures or some supernatural force or is Kate losing it a bit? .."

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Ann (annrumsey) | 14214 comments Carol: I know! Kate was much calmer than I would have been. I think i would have bopped Alan over the head with something. Drunk, sneaking up the back way, false pretenses. Call the police.
What a nightmare for a woman already traumatized by a terrible stalker.
Carol/Bonadie wrote: "By this point I kept wanting Alan to be an OK guy but things like peeping on Audrey and now showing up at Kate's basement door after scratching like the cat gave me pause. I can't imagine being Kate and opening the door expecting a cat..."

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Ann (annrumsey) | 14214 comments Kate is quite an enigma, scared of her shadow since childhood, very cautious and insecure about traveling abroad, and rather wildly brash to go to the storage room on her own. I understand curiosity, and she seems to want the truth about her cousin Corbin on her own terms, but seriously, head down there all alone and right before the police are planning to search?

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Ann (annrumsey) | 14214 comments I feel for Kate and her flashbacks of George, and the premonition that George means her harm. Is there any chance that George wasn't the man found dead outside the closet where Kate was imprisoned, or is she unbalanced? Has she not shared with anyone that she has these feelings? It seems she still needs professional help.

Carol/Bonadie (bonadie) | 7794 comments Ann wrote: "Has she not shared with anyone that she has these feelings? It seems she still needs professional help. ,..."

On that we agree!

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Jack | 179 comments At this point i think i know what will happen. I will block it with a spoiler thing.(view spoiler)
I like alans character, even though he is odd he has good intentions for kate and was very considerate of her.
Its going to be interesting how it ends.

Carol/Bonadie (bonadie) | 7794 comments Clever! You by now have finished the book and know how accurate your predictions were!

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