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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) "Princess Kimberly of Noct." A servant announced as she was ushered into what appeared to be the king and queen's bedroom. She couldn't help feeling very strange about walking into a bedroom and the doors closing behind her, so she did her best to look pregnant proper as her mother had told her to act. She was wearing a lovely long blue down and holding a gift and her hands a long box. with a letter bound the top of it. "Your Highness..." she hadn't even looked up really yet, mostly because she wasn't sure if the man was bedridden from sickness and maybe that's why she was in there or for some reason the throne room was unavailable. I just felt all very strange to her and she thought it best not to make eye contact right away. The mark on her wrist hidden by the long sleeves of her blue gown.

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Christian had been sitting upon the chair in his room pretending to read when the doors opened. As a younger girl entered and was announced he set the book aside and stood. He'd only been reading it to give his wife a piece of mind. She thought eh spent too much time in his head. "Hello Kimberley," he repelled to the introduction offering her a soft nod of his head in acknowledgement.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly lifted her head slightly. "I do hope I have not come at a bad time your majesty." She let herself a slight glance around the room and she lifted the gift before her. "I came with a gift from our kingdom, as well as a communication and request from my parents the king and queen of Noct." She wasn't saying it to sound arrogant or classy, but simply stating a fact. She was a princess of course she knew how to do the diplomatic and proper protocol though she much preferred to be more casual, and free speaking then most royalty around her. Which is why she was so surprised that her mother would send her on such an important task when she was known for not sticking to all the proper protocols, but with the importance of this matter and the desperation of her people she had no choice but to force yourself to act more proper too much was in the balance.

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"Oh?" Charismatic asked airily his eyes glazed and a little out of like usual. "How lovely," he replied after a moment. "My wife...." he trailed off, gazing off over her shoulder. "She's...." he trailed off again just gesturing around with his hands because honestly he had no idea where she was. "Was there something you needed?" He asked again missing the point of her gift.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly now is beginning to consider her first assumption was right and that he possibly was sick. And of course she had intended to speak to the queen is well though separately. "This gift is for you, and the letter is a request. My kingdom humbly six in alliance with your kingdom." Knowing that it was improper to completely approach the king she took a step forward and then slowly melt down carefully lifting the package that contained a beautifully jewel encrusted sword made by their master swordsmiths as well as fitted with Jim's that only could be found in their realm. The letter of course was very flowery way of saying that due to a recent Civil War they are vulnerable to bandits and ruffians that frequent the lambs and need military assistance and will gladly serve this kingdom as a partner in return for aid that they can offer. Of course what Kimberly wasn't aware of as there was a second letter from the Queen of Noct, requesting that the king give permission for her daughter to remain in his kingdom, and that he and his wife might be willing to help her find a noble birth mate for her, she also warns that her daughter is quite spirited and unaware of this intention and would prefer if she remain completely ignorant of their desire for her to be courted.

((Haha! ))

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((Lol unless he talks with Elenor he'll probably spill her mothers plans to her the moment he reads the letter))

Christian raised an eyebrow at her gift. "Quite lovely and very generous," he is sited because if nothing else he was polite. "Thank you very much," he added with a soft smile. Still not sure what she was getting out he requested to see the letters. "May I?" He asked quietly extending his delicate fingers. He wouldn't realize what it was she was asking for until he'd read the entire letter....twice.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((Haha! Your call. No matter what she'll have to be forced to do with her parents say though she'll be very unhappy about it and probably give a negative reaction if he says something out loud XD ))

Kim nodded her head and handed him the two letters so it looked like one to her. she rose and took a step back waiting for the man to read the letters, feeling all the more awkward she was still in the man's bedroom even if he wasn't being creepy or anything it was still just highly unprecedented in her mind in something that wasn't quite appropriate for a young woman to be alone with a man in a bedroom. Though she had done that with her card plenty of times it was different with him, he protected her and was around her all the time so that was an acceptable situation but this… she also didn't know this man wasn't sure if he was a nice person a mean person a prideful person

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Christin smiled at the girl when she left the room before his attention turned to the letters. Skimming them over the first time he managed to retain the general basis before going back to read the letters twice and then three time.s when he had finished he paused for a moment of contemplation. That wasn't quite what he'd expected. Gesturing for the girl to renters the room he knew there was no way he was going to be able to keep true to her mothers instructions. He hated lies. And he'd never be apart of the, again.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly returned at his bidding please that he seem to of taking his time, though she was concerned that he might already have an answer that might've been negative concerning the alliance. Hopefully if he was hesitant he would at least say that he would consider it. A lot was riding on this. "You summoned me your highness?"

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Christian just leveled his gaze withe hers. "I looked over both letters and personally I would be more than willing to help your kingdom out in its situation of duress. However my wife is the one who usually makes these calls my head..." he trailed off. "It isn't quite where it used to be," he added after a moment. "I'm sure she'll have no objections but I'd just like you to look it over with her befreit we make anything official," he explained practically saying that his wife was the in calling the shots here. He didn't trust himself on the matter. "Now the second letter. I hate secrets Kimberley. I absolutely detest lies and deceit. Your mother wants me to find a suitable young man for you to marry. I'd be more than willing to oblige but you must be apart of the process," he insisted laying it all out on the table. He knew what it was like to be lied to. It was an awful feeling.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly was overjoyed that they had one half the battle. "I would love to set up an appointment to speak with her at her most early convenience. I have a box and a gift for her." She responded respectfully and smiled at him however all the Coram pretense impropriety vanished the moment he finished his sentence. Her eyes were around, she looked as if she had just seen a horrible accident in front of her eyes and was completely shocked. "She said that?"
Kimberly was supposed to obey her parents, but to do that in such a way... "I am only just turning 16 this day sir." She responded as calmly as possible. "And though I respect and appreciate your willingness to help my mother in this request I would…" She was having a hard time trying to speak proper and using the words that she was supposed to use she was so flustered and trying not to be angry as well as panicked. "I would appreciate it if you could conveniently not find a suitable courter." She knew what she was asking but, she really couldn't bear the thought of being set up with a husband, especially when she first tasted freedom.

((Who plays the queen? Haha it might be funny if she came in here during all of this forcing him to give her her gift and then see the letters and all of that ;-) ))

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Christian just nodded kindly but at her surprise he couldn't help but feel a little sorry for the girl. She was expecting what he had at her age. "I'm afraid she did my dear. Of course I won't force any issues without your consent. However my unwillingness to follow your mothers request may drive a wedge between our kingdoms," he admitted solemnly. "And I'd assure you I could find you very suiting gentleman. My own marriage was arranged and Eleanor and I get on quite well," he explained hoping to reassure her a bit. He knew it wasn't an optimal option; an arranged marriage. Unfortunately that was just how it seemed to work amongst royals.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) The man was very kind., And Kimberly had to admit how they been talking about a different topic she would've thought of him is a very friendly and kind person. Though she didn't like it the truth in his words were evident. She was a princess. That meant she need to do what was best for her kingdom. She forced a smile. "of course your majesty. You're a very wise. Please forgive my outburst." She lowered her eyes, even if you found the most kind and perfect man and all the kingdom it was something that she was going to choose. But she had to choose what was best for her people. "I would never want to do anything to jeopardize the future of the relationships within our peoples. I appreciate with all sincerity your willingness to help and my mothers request. And look forward to meeting with the queen concerning the matters of my father's request." She was trying to slide back into the role of proper princess diplomat. And not sure that she was upset. She wondered what would happen next, nobles were typically in her kingdom given a certain location to stay in the castle. But Royals were given their own rooms. Or would he allow her to go back to camp where the majority of her entourage waited only her guard was at the castle.

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Christian nodded but he could sense the girl retreating into her manners and holding back. Something about her reminded him of himself quite a bit. "Of course dear. I hoped I was able to help even a little bit," he insisted kindly. "I'll turn this kingdom upside down to search for the right gentleman," he added softly. He was almost acting normal for once but it didn't last long. "Please feel free to visit then flutters and I if you ever need to talk," he offers sweetly but the offer was clouded by his gerautes around himself to the "flutters". They were the beating wings that followed him everywhere. No matter where he went he could always here the beating of wings and make out the iridescent outlines of wings.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly felt endearment at his words of looking for a gentleman. However her expression altered as she wondered what he could possibly have meant by 'flutters' but thought it ill advised to ask. "Thank you your majesty. I greatly appreciate your kindness. Shall I return to my camp? Or wait to see the queen?" She wasn't sure if it would be important of her to try and speak with the queen now, but so far the only thing that of been resolved was the fact now she was going to get an arranged marriage and I think it even been guaranteed that she would be able to get the eight for her kingdom that she was here for to begin with.

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Christian just smiled dreamily and a bit dazedly. "Oh whatever you'd like," he insisted easily. "I..I'm not sure where she is," he admitted after a moment. "But I'm sure she'll be back soon. Then you two can talk," he offered. She would come to learn that Christian wasn't responsible for very much in the kingdom. Eleanor was
the real working force. A stable and rational one at that.

((Ahhh sorry I didn't see your note up a few posts. I'm a little sleep deprived. Anastasia plays the queen and ooh that would be interesting))

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((Cool! Would you ask her cause I'm not sure who that is. Lol))

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Alexandria | 194 comments ((Hello! I'm snoopy and found this myself, I can join if you want and it's Alexandria not Anastasia :p))

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((Haha sure! you can post her coming in and then I'll post. ^_^ i'm glad you were snooping! (-; ))

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((Sure, here goes nothing!))

Eleanor walked into the royal chambers, almost as thought Christians words were a cue for her to enter. For a moment she noticed nothing, not realizing that there was an entirely new person standing in her room. She looked over at the girl briefly before freezing in spot. As usual her posture was perfect and her manners still in place, however that's not to say she wasn't surprised by this supposed visitor. "Well, hello." She said, making sure it didn't just seem as though she was staring. "What, may I ask, is your business here?" Eleanor questioned, glancing over at her husband, wondering what part he played in all this.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly bowed at the person she knew must be the queen. "Forgive me, Princess Kimberly of the Kingdom of Noct. I was shown in to meet with you your highness and your husband the king." She was thrown a bit off-balance still feeling a little emotional from what they were talking about but quickly trying to fall into the roles of her proper introductions as well as describing why she was there. "I came to extend gifts and requests from my kingdom. She knelt down as she had to the king presenting a wrapped box that would contain a necklace of Blackstone's not on expert something else limited only to their kingdom. The sword that they had given the king was still lying out Jewel encrusted with the same jewels made by Master Smith's. With her box there was also two letters like his letters have been asking for an alliance with the kingdom and explaining the situation due to the recent Civil War and their need for men and funds as well as offering business and trade. She also would have a letter inside of that one from the queen with the same request that the king had received asking that she would help find a proper noble husband that would guide her very spirited daughter. The Queen's letter was in much more detail as speaking from one queen to another saying that her daughter refuses to act as a proper princess and they need a man that will tame her, and teach her to act as she should. As well as asking permission for her to stay at the castle so an arrangement can be made and courtship begun.

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"Oh hello darling," Christian said with a light smile upon his wife's entrance. "This nice young lady and I were just having a chat," he explained brightly. He could already tell he quite liked the girl. More than he usually liked people. She reminded him a lot of himself and she hadn't even made a fuss when he'd mentioned the flutters. He usually had to convince people of their authenticity. "She even promised to come and visit us," he added dreamily referring to himself and his "friends" in the plural.

((Agh that ps what I meant I have my Ipad on a German keyboard so it makes strange changes:D))

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Eleanor nodded, giving the slightest of curtsies to acknowledge her husbands greeting before accepting the gifts from Kimberly. "It's a pleasure to meet you!" Eleanor spoke, the words coming out like silk. If she knew anything it was that foreign rulers were to be treated well, it wasn't too uncommon for them to have traditions that make you come off in a bad light if you aren't careful. "I'm glad to hear that you'll be visiting, I'm sure I can set up a room for you somewhere." She told Kimberly politely. She sat down in a chair that was next to a desk in the corner of the room, taking a moment to better examine what she had been given, the necklace was clearly unique, it had similarities to things she had seen before, but it wasn't able to be placed in any categories Eleanor knew too well. "I appreciate the gift, thank you and thank whoever made it as well." She requested, deciding that such an attention to details could brighten the view of an alliance in the view of those in lower classes as well. She skimmed over the letter to get an idea as to what exactly was being asked of them. Amongst the things in the letter one part stood out to her and that was the piece about finding someone to court Kimberly. Eleanor had several ideas, but she thought it best to find out about what she herself wanted as well. As far as the rest of it went she was mentally working out how to sort it all out already. "Well, there is a good deal of information, but I think I can more than manage, I assume you both know about it and I would like to hear what you think of it." She told them, wanting to find what they thought of it all. Collecting all related information would make it easier to make the most logical decision possible after all.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly was a little confused not sure to what matter she was speaking. "Forgive me your majesty I'm afraid I do not follow." In truth party for probably didn't want to follow, if this was concerning finding a man for her as a husband she had no interest to not having free will of the matter but this was a part of being a princess and Roy life and after speaking to the king she wouldn't dare make that assumption or statement again. She would except that this is what she had to do whether she likes it or not. She also had never considered romance so she had Apsley no idea what she would look for, she of course would want someone that would be more like her, who enjoyed being curious and going on adventures and traveling about the kingdom as well as enjoyed being around animals and horses going for rides and didn't mind that she enjoyed sometimes just being alone and reading books for long periods of times and drawing and writing and art. But would she even have that opportunity to get someone like that? More than likely not. She would get someone of noble birth or even Royal heritage right?

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((I'll let Alexandria post))

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Eleanor sighed, "I suppose I could have specified more so, I was asking about all the things as a whole, a compilation of opinions in short." She explained calmly, mentally chiding herself on not being specific enough. "I pertained of many things, don't feel the need to go into great detail, but please, do tell me what you think of it all, your opinions could prove invaluable at a later date." Eleanor informed them, hoping that she got her point across this time. She understood the idea of an arranged marriage however one had to be suited to the person, whilst you can whittle away at someone to make them suit someone it wouldn't work if they were different types of wood all together.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly reddened. "Forgive me. I should have understood." She felt somewhat stupid she could hear her mother's voice telling her she should've understood exactly what the woman was saying. "I believe that our kingdom is small but quite prosperous it is only due to recent tragedies they were falling upon such hard times. With the assistance of another Kingdom we can return back to our prosperity, but even if we had not fallen upon hard times it would've been necessary for us to reach out and find sister kingdoms to join with, as we can mutually beneficiate others and they us." She recited as if she had rehearsed the speech a couple dozen times. Which probably wasn't far from the truth. "As for the marriage..." of course she didn't know the full details of the letter that talked about her being to spirited so she would've known to speak against that or to agree with it. "I am 16 as of this day. And have not considered relationships or romance in anyway. I honestly have no desire for romance but I understand that it is my duty and will gladly fill it. If you're asking for more about me... as in personality then I would say that I am more of the adventurous sort I enjoy riding on horseback archery sword training, traveling about the kingdom going on trips, I write draw paint enjoy music and singing. And I read a great links preferring quiet times reflection." She hoped that she wasn't over speaking but then she knew that there was one thing she was going to have to tell them. "I also have an ability…" She reach and begin to roll up her sleeve to reveal the symbol that was for matter meaning she could change her form. So they would know what form and she was not obligated to tell them unless they asked.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((wondering if the king will be confused by all this haha ;-) ))

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Christian honestly heard pretty much nothing the two discussed. He was zoned out like usual, lost in his own thoughts. When he heard the conversation pause he snapped out if it and looked up at the two. Offering them a bright smile he grappled to come up with something to same. "Wonderful!" He exclaimed not realizing how out of context it was. But he hadn't really been paying attention and if he had he probably wouldn't have been able to keep up so he'd figured you couldn't really go wrong with a 'wonderful' now could you?

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((Confused, nah. Indifferent, probably. XD))

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((ROTFL, OK now I'm curious have a clean interacts with them because this is hilarious XD )$

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Eleanor listened intently to Kimberly, soaking in everything she was told. The girl was clearly intelligent and polite enough to hold a title of royalty which boded well for her kingdom. The queen knew what types of things her kingdom would need and would gladly provide them what she could. It would be difficult to balance considering the situation of Kortana, but an ally could prove all the more vital than any supplies they would be giving away. When it came to the idea of courting however, it was more difficult, Eleanor herself had something arranged from just about birth so the idea of a true romance was alien to her so she didn't fully understand Kimberly's thoughts on the situation. The information would definitely prove invaluable as she could at least try to find someone Kimberly might like and therefore better persuade her to go along with it. Upon the reveal of Kimberly's ability Eleanor took it unto herself to ask her more about it later, but before she could speak again Christian popped in with merely the word wonderful. She gazed at him, her expression conveying confusion quite clearly. "W-wonderful, yes..." She began slightly unsure, thinking of a way to make her husband not seem like a fool. "I'm sure you will be able to fit right in then! Our children have abilities as well, perhaps you'd get along with them, I believe Maidlin is about your age!" She chirped, trying to play it off as something simple. "As for the courtship, I will do my best to find you someone you can at least call a friend and rest assured, I will of course arrange everything to do with sending aid to your kingdom." Eleanor told her tilting her head slightly to the side and offering a loving smile. "Feel free to ask any questions, you have our full focus" She said, looking over at Christian, emphasizing the word focus. Eleanor turned back to Kimberly patiently awaiting anything the young girl had to say.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((ROTFL I love the both of them! XD ))

Kimberly for her heart leap and she felt certain that she had actually been successful in her first truly big mission. Of course she would never assume that the woman wouldn't keep her word but her mother and father had told her the old farmer adage of never counting your chickens before they hatch so until she heard response from her kingdom showing that something had transpired she was believing for the best of parent her self in case there was negative. She highly doubted that the queen would be lying though if they seem like very kind people and she believed that they would have the best intentions. It was a relief that the queen was kind like the king though obviously a little more in her right frame of mind. Should been confused by him yelling wonderful and watch as the queen seem to try and cover his response. "I would be honored to meet Maidlin." She responded genuinely. She always like to making friends and having been the only child of her household she spent little time with other children and that was her age so this sounded like a good opportunity for her to make personal alliances instead of political ones. It was a more serious matter concerning the courtship obviously she would've had an arranged marriage sooner had the kingdom not have lost so many people and had no close ties. "thank you your majesty. I trust you completely and I'm grateful for your time and consideration for me and our people." In true she really didn't have any questions so she need to find a way to politely excuse herself without offending the king and queen. "In all honesty your highness we haven't pressed hard to arrive here was great celerity, and have hardly had opportunity to rest. My only question is would be at this time if there was an individual I could approach to learn more about your kingdom and her people, but that would be after my initial question of where may I and my guards take our res?" She hoped it came off proper she wanted it to and genuineness she was tired and she had been allowed to do anything fun that she wanted to do before hand because they had to pretty much come here straight away. She assumed that her guards will be able to bunk with the other soldiers or some place and she herself would probably end up staying in the castle if the queen was truly taking on the responsibility of a courtship and Shirley that would be the case.

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((Lol he's one of my favs I may actually get rid of my David rough sketch in aua and try to bring hint over instead:-) )))

Christian nodded along with his wife when she stressed the word focus. Got it. He could do this. He could focus for a little bit. "Focus," he repeated again under his breath but a shimmer near the window caught his eye. It looked like a dragon hide? But why would a dragon be in his bedroom? Dragons aren't real he scolded himself. But aren't they? And just like that he'd strayed off focus again but managed to tune back into the conversation at Kimberly's request. "I could teach you and show you," he exclaimed cheerily. What a great idea. He turned to his wife eagerly like a child waiting for permission. Somehow he didn't think she'd like the idea as much as him.

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Eleanor payed close attention, just in case her husband wasn't she knew the basic things she would have to set up, rooms and perhaps someone to check in with them all, but that would be no issue so she knew she wouldn't have great difficulty attending to what was asked of them. When Christian offered to assist Kimberly she was quite surprised, she didn't expect him to want to take care of that himself, but he did. "Well of course you can, dear." She told him politely, having an understanding of the fact that he was king and in the end his decisions held more weight. "Perhaps you could show her around a bit first, I need to properly set up a room, dusting and the such, but it shouldn't take long. As for the guards I'll have one of ours show them to where they can stay, if we run out of space I'm sure my father would gladly host the overflow." She explained, telling them all the things about accommodations. Eleanor highly doubted there would be any overflow, the barracks were made to fit more soldiers than Kortana had, but she knew that if there were any excess the Wyndham family castle would have more than enough space for anyone else. It also made the kingdom seem somewhat more welcoming, even if only slightly so.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly smile does the king made the offer. She couldn't deny that the man just seem so kind and almost fatherly to her even though she's only just met him she felt like she could trust him. Of course the queen seem very kind and proper as well as lovely. "I am so very grateful thank you both." She bowed her head and did a proper courtesy. Knowing that that more than likely conclude their little meeting. As the king was Shirley about to leave with her and his company and the queen will take care to making sure her guards and men were placed well as well as she had a room of her own.

((Hehe, are there any role plays in the history here between just you two? I want to go back and read them now because I'm so curious how you to interact with each other!

Also should I request that they make a bedroom for her?))

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((There's one, it was the first one and is still ongoing in the throne room and I would assume you should request a bedroom in the castle, yes, unless you don't plan on having any role-plays occur there))

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((Okay thanks! And I do! ^_^))

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"Perfect!" Christian replied evenly but with his eyes focused and gleaning for once. He gave his wife a politely grateful smile when she replied that she'd make arrangements for living quarters and protection. He wasn't much good at that. But he was good at showing people around the castle. He had grown up there. He knew every nook and cranny if the palace. "Shall we be off?" He asked the younger girl but quickly whipped his head around hen he thought he felt something touch his shoulder. But nothing was there. How strange.

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Eleanor sighed, he was childish at heart, but it was endearing in truth. "Be careful and don't get lost" She told them sweetly. She doubted they would get lost, but it was the thing expected to be said in such a situation, or at least that was what she was raised to believe. She shifted in her seat to begin writing a few things down for later relating to the letter. "Oh, and don't go into the throne room for a few minutes, it's being cleaned and I'd rather that be done with quickly." She warned them seriously. She was very particular about how well kept the castle had to be and efficiency as well, so it was important to her that it got done properly.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly bowed her head to the queen. "Yes your majesty." Turn towards the king. "Lead on your highness." She couldn't help the smile and the sparkle in her eye, this actually sounded like it was going to be fun. And that was something she didn't expect to have much of washy was here so she was looking forward to it

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((End it here?))

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