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Follow this template please, for your trainers:








Pokemon rank ((breeder, master, ranger, gym leader, champion, elite four member, etc.)):

Pokemon type:

Pokemon on hand((levels required)):






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(can i claim a canon character plz)

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Ardent || LoveArdent || Raya (loveardent) | 330 comments lys, could i use my own template that includes all of these things?

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Of course!!:D

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Featherflight  (featherflight) | 45 comments ABIGAIL WINDSOR // FEB 3 // 11 // POKEMON TRAINER/PERFORMER


Abby is a very cheerful high spirited girl. She has high hopes, she wants to become a Pokemon breeder. But when she is mad she tends to take it out on her friends, so everyone tries to keep her happy, so she is almost always happy. She loves singing and dancing, which inspired

Abby grew up in the Johto region with her older brother, Edmond, and older sister, Margaret. Abby got everything before she was supposed to. She even became a trainer at nine, choosing a rare starter, Marill . She soon joined her siblings traveling Johto, they soon journeyed all of Johto, then moved on Kanto. While in Kanto they came across a mew. Everyone was extremely surprised. Her older siblings tried to catch it but it would not let its self be caught. It followed Abby halfway across Kanto, until she finally held out a pokeball and it chose Abby. She has been journeying Alola ever since, one day her older siblings heard of the distortion world and volunteered to go in. So Abby's adventurous spirit kicked in and she just NEEDED to go with them. She was allowed. They are going very soon.

none, she loves cute Pokemon though.

Marill - level 63 - male - Rain dance, bubble beam, helping hand
~ Marill is undersized. He is very sweet and once picked a flower for Abby, he never would turn down a battle even if it was against Arceus himself.

Mew-level 99 - genderless - reflect type, transform, psychic, barrier
~ mew is very clingy to Abby. And it is a real sucker for belly rubs. It hates pokeballs and often floats around. And sometimes teases the other Pokemon by levitating water and food.

Mimikyu - level 53 - male - mimic, copycat, shadow claw, payback
~ Abby caught mimikyu while in Alola while on a walk, a gumshoos had took its berry. Abby immediately scared away the gumshoos and the greatful Mimikyu let himself be caught.

Comfrey - level 5 - female - Petal blizzard, sweet kiss
~ while venturing in Alola she found a small egg, she cared for it until it hatched into a small comfrey. It is always around her and usually sits on her head like a garland.

Cinccino- female- level 100- echoed voice, hyper beam, iron tail, attract
~Cinccino is super sweet most of the time, but in battle she is fierce. Cinccino trusts Abby with her life.

Flareon-level 90-female -hidden power, flamethrower, flame charge, Incinerate
~ her older brother's Pokemon, he promised to give it to her at level 100

Edmond - older brother
Margret - older sister

- Pokemon
- Adventure
- Family

- Mean people
- being alone or left behind
- The colour brown

- Pokemon
- Her cheerfulness

- Being sad
- Fear

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Then i claim canon character #1: ash ketchum

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Featherflight wrote: "ABIGAIL WINDSOR // FEB 3 // 11 // POKEMON TRAINER


Abby is a very cheerful high spirited girl. She has high hopes, she wants to become a Pokemon breeder. But when she is..."

APPROVED!! Shes so cute!

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GODDESS *hugs and starts crying* where u been forthe past month!

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LEON!! *hugd tightly* Dont cry ive bern doing school work

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*looks down at her* well if u put it dat way i sory for overeacting

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*smiles up at him* But me here now, right, and so are you. And happy Valentines day! *hugs him tightly*

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Speakin of which guess wat happened as my v day gift 2 days ago

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What?! NO WAIT CHU GOT A GIRLFRIEND!!!! Right?!?!?!? *ctosses fingers and hopes*

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Gødꧧ øf løvê Prïñçꧧ øf wëîrdñ맧~Î'll âlwãŷ§ bê hëré~Lŷ§ wrote: "What?! NO WAIT CHU GOT A GIRLFRIEND!!!! Right?!?!?!? *ctosses fingers and hopes*"

No already got dat wat happened was dat i got my first real kiss on the lips and no it wasnt a french kiss

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Leecowan (Firestar/Leon) wrote: "Gødꧧ øf løvê Prïñçꧧ øf wëîrdñ맧~Î'll âlwãŷ§ bê hëré~Lŷ§ wrote: "What?! NO WAIT CHU GOT A GIRLFRIEND!!!! Right?!?!?!? *ctosses fingers and hopes*"

No already got dat wat happened was dat i got..."

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeals* OH MY GOD WITH WHO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Its a secret

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Oh my gosh yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssss. How was it like;)

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It was good

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Can i b a mod too plz

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There is not enough people for another mod. Sorry maybe ask me again when there is more people, k?

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Leecowan (Firestar/Leon) wrote: "It was good"

-_- that is so vague, more info!:D

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I did not lean into it but she got me to lean in and she was captain of the cheerleader squad

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Oooh boy go get her;)

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Ik but im with sum1 else SO CONFLICTED

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Now abpout my being a mod request

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Leecowan (Firestar/Leon) wrote: "Ik but im with sum1 else SO CONFLICTED"


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Leecowan (Firestar/Leon) wrote: "Now abpout my being a mod request"


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Can i b one plz!

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I said no, well at least not yet!

Ardent || LoveArdent || Raya (loveardent) | 330 comments Leecowan (Firestar/Leon) wrote: "Can i b one plz!"

patience boi

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Janeth.K Can I have a legendary and more than one mega evolution Pokemon

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Of course, theres no rule against that;D

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Ardent || LoveArdent || Raya (loveardent) | 330 comments Nihilego's Trainer - Stella

(view spoiler)

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Oh my god yes! On the her liking Angelo! And she is APPROVED!

Ardent || LoveArdent || Raya (loveardent) | 330 comments yayyyyyy thx

Ardent || LoveArdent || Raya (loveardent) | 330 comments fixed stella a little, mostly about angelo

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Featherflight  (featherflight) | 45 comments Pokemon trainers...



Isabell is one of those people who think she is better than everyone and everything. And she sort of is, I mean: she's a Pokemon master, she is good looking, and she is very happy. She can be very sarcastic at times, but no matter what she always has had a strong respect for her Pokemon.
-Sarcastic at times
-Thinks she is superior to all
-Loves Pokemon
-Can be a bit flirty
-Good with Pokemon

Isabell has loved Pokemon form the very beginning. And has always believed she is better than everyone else. So this lead to her to what she is now. She started her journey in her region, Unova and chose the starter most like her, a high spirited Snivy. So her and Snivy set out on their journey, quickly gaining more Pokemon, and soon evolved into a Snervine. By then she had beaten all the gyms in Unova, so she moved on to Alola. In three years she had easily beaten all the gyms in Kalos, Kanto, Unova, Alola, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Johto. She was done! She had beaten every gym in every region. She had many high level Pokemon. The high spirited Snivy she once knew was now a strong Serperior .She had even managed to catch Zekrom. And she was a Pokemon master.

None, she believes all types are worth training and battling with.

Serperior - female - level 100 - sword dance, sunny day, giga drain, solar beam
~ Serperior and Isabell are very close, Serperior protects Isabell with its life. Serperior was Isabell's first Pokemon and nothing, no matter how powerful can change that.

Skarmory - male - level 100 - steel wing, flash cannon, brave bird, double team
~ skarmory is Isabell's go-to flying type. If she needs to get somewhere fast Skarmory is always there. Skarmory is her first flying type she ever got, she found the abandoned Skarmory chick all alone, and who doesn't want a Skarmory?

Malamar - male - level 100 - Psybeam, night slash, superpower
~ To Isabell Malamar is a must-have, and to her surprise Malamar actually likes Isabell and doesn't hypnotize her, but she keeps Malamar out of his pokeball just to be safe. Malamar and her don't have the best relationship, but they get along well enough to be partners.

Zebstrika - female - level 100 - wild charge, double kick, Thunderbolt, electric terrain
~ Zebstrike was a random catch, but Isabell treats her just like all her other Pokemon. Isabell found Zebstrike during a time where she was panicking about not having an electric type. Just as she was about to go to sleep she saw the lonely Blitzel, and knew she had to catch it.

Lucario - male - level 100 - Aura sphere, bone rush, extreme speed, focus blast
~ Isabell caught Lucario on her first day on her travels. The little Riolu didn't stand a chance against her Snivy. So she did catch him, but he wasn't a keen fighter. She eventually helped him out of his shell and they became very close. Eventually he evolved and Isabell has had a keystone for most of her life, so she went off to find a Lucarionite megaStone! Eventually after awhile of looking she found it. Now her Lucario can mega evolve.
~ can mega

Zekrom - male - level 100 - Draco meteor, thunder wave, dragon tail, stone edge
~ Zekrom and Isabell met while Isabell was flying on Skarmory. She was shocked by the appearance of this legendary Pokemon, she tried and tried to fight it, but nothing could penetrate the flying Pokemon. She finally gave up and just threw an ultra ball at it. It stayed in... SHE CAUGHT IT!

Kangaskhan - female - level 100 - comet punch, rock tomb, revenge, tail whip
~ kangaskhan is very protective of Isabell, when she started getting ready for the distortion world Kangaskhan would not let Isabell go without her. Also Kangaskhan can mega evolve, which is the only reason Kangaskhan was aloud to come.
~ can mega

Tyranitar - male - level 100 - brutal swing, focus punch, rock tomb, ancient power
~ Tyranitar and Isabell didn't get along very well at first. Soon they grew closer and eventually they became close enough to mega evolve.
~ can mega

Isabell has many other Pokemon she switches which ones she carries with her, but she's only bringing her very strongest to the distortion world.
Zangoose (level 95)
Espurr (level 50)
Phantump (level 31)
Infernape (level 100)
Hoppip (level 12)
Pansage (level 35)

None worth mentioning

She has made many friends but they are scattered across the regions

-Her Pokemon

-not getting her way
-Mean people

-Her keystone

-her thinking she is superior
-She gets lonely without someone to talk to

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Featherflight wrote: "Pokemon trainers...



Isabell is one of those people who think she is better than everyone and everything. And she ..."


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GODDESS *hugs and starts crying* i misses u and question u got a facebook?

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Leecowan (Firestar/Leon) wrote: "GODDESS *hugs and starts crying* i misses u and question u got a facebook?"

i missed you to *hugs tightly* nope me do not

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Can u make one dat way we can talk in two places and wanna rp?

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mmm, im not really interested in having a facebook though, i mean whats the point

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U can talk to me and possibly monster more often

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monster has facebook?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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I am Angelo Nova, the King of this world.

The day you underestimate me, is the day you die

Birthday: He keeps this to himself, but there are more important things to revolve around than an insignificant day.

Age: 19

Height: Angelo is at an estimated six foot seven inches man. But very few humans have seen him since his disappearance.

Weight: He's weighs one hundred and eighty to two hundred pounds. This is because of the muscle on his arms and legs and underneath his shirt.

Hair: Angelo dyed his hair black as to not raise suspicion that he was the son of Giovanni. However, when he entered the distortion world the dye eroded and revealed the vibrant dark red underneath. His hair reaches just above his shoulders, layered to a perfect wild style, his longer front hair falling into his eyes.

Eyes: His eyes, once upon a time had been an exotic blue, enrapturing anyone who so much as looked into them. Yet, when he reached the age of ten his exotic blue eyes started to transformed into a dangerous inferno red. People assumed his irises were fake, unaware by how real they actually were. And so he was feared for a such an evil color, but he learned to live with such a stupid race.

Body: His body was designed to take on exhilarating attacks from humans and Pokemon alike. His legs arms and chest are hard with muscle from overpowering training he had done since a child. He doesn't take off his shirt or pants often so its barely noticeable. However countless woman had grabbed his forearm to gain attention, but he wouldn't give them that type of pleasure, and they would be able to feel the ripple of his muscle underneath his jacket.

Skin tone: His complexion is very fair, and his features are far to exotic and handsome for his own good. Everything about him screams dominance and superiority, and a lurking ferocity that draws Pokemon and humans to want to be closer to him. But his sex appeal, and his overall appearance mean nothing to him given any situation.

Scent: Oddly enough his scent reveals in darkness, danger, and mystery. And it even draws in attention from unwanted trespassers.

Through the childhood era and the young adult stages of life he had remained the same. Never showing any signs of his emotions, his eyes blank and hollow, the only signs people knew that he could feel was the pure hatred and rage welling up inside of him. He is quite bold and says whatever the hell he wants to say. A loner in so many ways, he prefers the company of his Pokemon over humans, nobody would blame his decision for that.
Annoyance and irritation is another crystal clear emotion he feels, and its clearly displayed to the world. Their are certain humans that beg for his aggressive violent nature to appear, and this side is not very pretty. His actions and words hold such power that its almost impossible to disobey him, but the select few who do manage to ignore his commands have been targeted by a much greater nightmare than Darkrai himself.
But their is an aggressively gently nature in his mind. Yet no one has seen this side. The day of reckoning will have come if that so much as happened. Smiling and laughing are not clearly displayed in his person as its so clearly pointed out.

There is very few details that transpire in Angelo's past, and each heart clenching moment of anger and revenge burned through his being for the one man who ended his very meaning of peace.

As a child born boy, he was a member of team rocket, the best member Giovanni had ever had. But his fathers betrayal, lead to his hatred and rage, and his thirst for revenge. Like Mewtwo he had destroyed the training arena and possibly killed all who were trapped inside the burning building. But he could have cared less for their worthless lives. Giovanni would hire more, until he had gotten what he wanted

I met the mirror image of my eyes in a Pokemon who wanted the same thing as I. . .Revenge."

Angelo had ventured close to the portal to the distortion world. He was tired of living a lie, of protecting his Novan family from the very man who ended his life, to be reborn into something dark and full of unearthly hatred. Dark Pokemon were drawn to him at his young age, the legendaries all sensed the evil lurking in his essence but could do nothing to sense the diabolical plan encased in gold in his blackened heart. Angelo was hurled back suddenly when an aura of wind blew him across the earth, but he held firm, planted in place, his eyes never leaving the Pokemon who appeared as if from thin air. The surrounding areas distorting with the legendary very presence. Their eyes clashed, sensing who would attack the other.

In the end, they examined one another. Angelo sensing himself in Giratina, and Giratina somehow felt connected to the boy, but he contradicted this miscalculation by attacking the boy. But Angelo didn't fight back, instead he dodged each attack sent at him, until Giratina stopped and stood once again face to face with Angelo. Giratina resisted his choice but he couldn't conquer the Earth by himself so he did the one thing no other human could ever accomplish with just one look.

They agreed that they would help the other conquer the world together, but would sooner betray one another in order to see who would prevail over the other. Human or Pokemon. but as hundreds, possibly thousands, generations or centuries passed by. They had plotted their scheme as equals, as friends, but neither would acknowledge the friendship that forming between the two. his Pokemon slowly became corrupted by the the harsh conditions of the distortion world. But since those Pokemon belonged to Giratina's ally he had spared their lives in exchange that they take over the land that had branded them outsiders, unbeknownst Angelo.

However, his Pokemon grew stronger and even more powerful the longer they had stayed in the distortion world. these Pokemon and Angelo himself had forgotten the meager lives they had left in the once beautiful Pokemon world, but the anger, the revenge, the hatred had never once strayed

Pokemon rank: Pokemon champion, and Master

Pokemon type: Dark Pokemon

Pokemon on hand:
GIRATINA- Level 100
The first day these two met, was a unearthly connection between human and Pokemon. Giratina despised the human race, and yet Angelo never once flinched from Giratina's intimidating height. Their eyes clasped to each others, reading, and analyzing. Until Giratina saw the hatred and the rage burning in the mirror image of Giratina's own blazing inferno red eyes in the boy.

ABSOL/Male - level 100 ~ ZOUL
ABSOL/Female - level 100 ~ SIANA
Zoul and Siana, were little weaklings when Angelo found them in tall grass, shivering and licking each other to stay warm from the blistering cold weather. They were nothing but babies, and Angelo saw strength in them. Zoul held an aura of corruption inside of his being that heightened each of his abilities and power accordingly. Siana, on the other hand held a modest yet powerful stance despite everything she had been through. So given very little hesitation Angel had trained them hard to earn their keep as his pokemon. Eventually they had proved excellent and just as he had thought.

GYRADOS - Level 100
She has her uses in Angelo's opinion, though having trained the girl from a hatchling at the lowest level. Wasnt a problem, she was the strongest and the most unique of her kind. The problem, however, was the day she transformed into a human. A pesky sniveling little flirt and seductress.

HYDREIGON - Level 100
Hydre was always an evil little pokemon, having annoyed Angelo countless times. But Hydre grew powerful each day, every training area. He took out opponents even stronger than he was, and he proved excellent in his ability to take on his weaknesses. That would soon prove useful.

GIOVANNI: "My father huh? The old man didnt know what he made me become...And for that he shall be obliterated as well."
MOTHER: "A mother? There is no such thing."
KALEX: "I respected the old fool, but everything comes to an end. And his time has flown."
ASH: "The little twirp thought he could change me! Imbecile!"
SKYLER: "The spoiled Prince, getting the kingdom i should have taken over, but i thank him for making me King of something far more appealing."
ORION: "A nerd, whose intelligence matched my own, but was too naive and immature to put it too good use."
TERRA: "The girl ive never met, but heard so much about, disappeared, and for what?"

Friends: "Friends are for the weak, but they do have some uses." Despite that, his pokemon are his friends since he trained them with his own hands at the age of five. And even though his Pokemon and Angelo himself are friends, they commit themselves to a mutual understanding. They will not help each other from their own dilenma's.

Sexuality: Straight

Crush: "There is no time for pesky emotions, there is much to do, and indulging in some pathetic fantasy is futile." There are many beautiful woman around but despite that he could care less if they throw themselves at him. Wanting his power, admirable, but worthless.

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Angelo Nova continued part 2

-He likes his Pokemon, that one is obvious. But his bond with Giratina proves the two were destined to be one together, and that is one thing he never ignores

-Seeing the world he once belonged in and despised with a passion crumble by his own hatred. Alongside him a equally vindictive Giratina standing beside him as they both accomplish what the other has always dreamed of accomplishing.

-its not surprising that there aren't many things he likes, he likes woman of course but he doesn't have his mind set on such a ridiculous thing as romance when more important things are meant to be taken care of.

- his dislike for emotions such as love, happiness, sadness, propriety, and anything set to restore such peace have always been his top dislikes about human kind. in his opinion their is nothing to be happy about, nothing to gain, and certainly no one to impress.

-When others believe that they are above others when in fact they are the very scum of the universe, and would be the first to be pulverized by the effects of the distortion world and he would watch each moment with emotionless regard.

-when woman flirt to gain his attention, its not that he dislikes it, its just the fact that it annoys him how disgraceful and ridiculous they would act for him to steal kisses, or embrace them tightly in his powerful arms. A time will come for that but this is no time for such a notion, and he growls out of annoyance every time a new one comes into play to win his attention, wishing for once that they would fond something or someone else other than himself. HE DOES NOT ENJOY THE ATTENTION OF OTHERS.

-His body and his will have never once seized to amaze anyone, he knows what he must do and he isn't afraid to act on such a whim. everything has its own weaknesses and he just knows what that weakness is for others he has met for the very first time

-Dealing with other Pokemon trainers whether they claim superiority over him or complete dominance over him. His skill in strategy, strength, speed, and knowledge always concede him to be the victor. however he sometimes oversteps the Pokemon rule of death and has sometimes managed to almost kill another trainers Pokemon. some would say he doesn't play fair, but they know nothing of what he is and what he can do...

-his ability to calm and communicate with the most deadly and fearless anti matter Pokemon: Giratina. Some see him walk ideally by with the giant Pokemon, communicating with ease, it is almost a blessed sight to eavesdrop upon. but Angelo can sense the presence of unacknowledged intruders and will send Zoul and Siana to deal with the intruders and strike fear into that human's or Pokemon's soul.

-No human can survive the distortion world, and the fact that Angelo has survived long enough to live in it proves how strong he is. However, he is still human and the effects of the distortion world will sooner have a huge affect on his appearance

-their are times when he is vulnerable but when such a sight is forced upon he is usually lost in thought, or standing up with his eyes closed, and his arms crossed across his chest, he may sense the presence of another but he shows little signs of caring if the trespasser is there.


When Darkness Falls : Killswitch Engage

Broken Promises : Element Eighty

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Gødꧧ øf løvê Prïñçꧧ øf wëîrdñ맧~Î'll âlwãŷ§ bê hëré~Lŷ§ wrote: "monster has facebook?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"


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Leecowan (Firestar/Leon) wrote: "Gødꧧ øf løvê Prïñçꧧ øf wëîrdñ맧~Î'll âlwãŷ§ bê hëré~Lŷ§ wrote: "monster has facebook?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"



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*hugs* dont cry im here sweetheart im here

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