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message 1: by Julia (new)

Julia Anyone Watching the Superbowl today?

message 2: by Abby (new)

Abby Swanson | 11 comments Yeah I'm rooting for the Falcons

message 3: by Adriana (new)

Adriana | 7 comments Yeah, but hp is playing so till my gf comes to watch it together I'm watching hp

message 4: by Julia (new)

Julia I"m not loyal to either team. But I am rooting for the falcons today.

message 5: by Asterion (new)

Asterion (Yimsel) | 23 comments I'm just watching Harry Potter for now. I'm still not sure which team to root for, if any. I'm not that big of a fan of football.

message 6: by Asterion (new)

Asterion (Yimsel) | 23 comments I like the commercials though!

message 7: by Julia (new)

Julia Ya the commercials are awesome!!!

message 8: by Dk (new)

Dk Yes. First time in my life I'm rooting for the Falcons.

message 9: by Asterion (new)

Asterion (Yimsel) | 23 comments I would rather be playing video games

message 10: by Anita (new)

Anita | 1 comments Am I the only one who sees super bowl by the Schuyler sisters? No (?) Anyway Krum caught the snitch!

message 11: by Keira (new)

Keira the Schuyler sister performance was so perfect in so many ways

message 12: by Keira (new)

Keira Anyone else a Pats fan?

message 13: by Julia (new)

Julia Keira wrote: "the Schuyler sister performance was so perfect in so many ways"

Yes I loved there performance!

message 14: by Julia (new)

Julia What did everyone think of the Half Time Show?

message 15: by Asterion (new)

Asterion (Yimsel) | 23 comments Darn! I was watching HP and didn't keep track of the time, I missed it! :(

message 16: by Keira (new)

Keira Lady gaga KILLED IT it was amazing!

message 17: by Julia (new)

Julia I agree she did a really good job!!!

message 18: by Maya (new)

Maya (booksholdmylifetogether) | 174 comments Lady Gaga did do good. I also was rooting for the falcons since friday sooooo. Eek I hope they win

message 19: by Asterion (new)

Asterion (Yimsel) | 23 comments Did lady Gaga sing something? I hate missing halftime!

message 20: by Keira (new)

Keira I'm jealous of you falcon fans, I'm Pats all the way and dying over here in NE

message 21: by Asterion (new)

Asterion (Yimsel) | 23 comments The wierd thing is, I don't watch football, but my grandmother does. :/

message 22: by Sejal (new)

Sejal | 28 comments Renee, Jasmine, and Phillipa were so great!! So was Lady Gaga! I didn't actually watch the football part of it. :)

Ravenpaw/claw~Raise a Glass to Freedom (ravenpawclaw) | 677 comments I was rooting for Atlanta, even though I'm not loyal to either of them...I guess I just wanted to root for a team so I picked one?

message 24: by Mia (new)

Mia | 4 comments no... sorry not really interested in sports. was by a community event sunday morning and they kept saying team names and people were cheering and my friends and i were like.. cheer if you dont care! wooo! lol :)

message 25: by aarifa (new)

aarifa King Orrin wrote: "I like the commercials though!"

Same. We were watching the commercials when we were at the neighbors. Did anyone watch Animal Planet Puppy Bowl???

message 26: by Efm1 (new)

Efm1 | 17 comments YES GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

message 27: by Julia (new)

Julia Wow! The end of the game was unbelieveable!!!

message 28: by aarifa (new)

aarifa I didn't watch the end. What happaned????/

message 29: by Julia (new)

Julia SPOILER: the Patriots won in the first overtime Superbowl ever.

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

Falcons for the win!! : ( I only found out the next morning that they lost because I didn't watch the whole Super Bowl.

message 31: by Maya (new)

Maya (booksholdmylifetogether) | 174 comments I was so mad when the Patriots won

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

You were at the ER? Are you ok?

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

Hope you feel better!

message 34: by Mad Giles (new)

Mad Giles (Giles A. Madding) (gilesamadding) | 1856 comments I didn't watch, though I had hoped the Falcons would win. Not much of a sports follower but Atlanta is my hometown.

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