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Margo Roberts | 17 comments Mod
LL has a new book coming out this month... Love Story! It's about two childhood sweethearts, Reece and Lucy, who are forced to go on a cross country road trip, just the two of them. Trouble is, they parted in a heartbreaking way years back and haven't talked in six years. Talk about awkward, right? And on this road trip, they have to confront each other and their own demons in order to save their happily ever after.

Some of you already know how much I love this couple. They bumped Ben and Parker out of first position and that was a hard thing to do. :)

So, Lisa--- she had a good idea to start a discussion about some themes in this book. It's kind of a deep book in my opinion, much deeper at least than LL's Stiletto or Oxford series (I adored Lincoln and Daisy btw), so it's loaded with them. Lay em on me!! :)

This thread may contain SPOILERS, so beware. Thank you!

I'll start:

1, Lost Love (crying emoji)
(These two crazy kids are young when they meet and become fast friends, until after Lucy's graduation that things get sexy. And their relationship is forever changed. L and R both struggle with communication their feelings to say the least and this problem ultimately is the cause of their destruction.

Anyone have some more themes that would apply to Love Story or just simple thoughts about how great the book was... comment below!

ashley detweiler | 10 comments I absolutely LOVED this book, and I definitely agree that there are so many themes in this book.

My theme to add goes off of what you have with communication a little bit:

2. Sometimes actions speak louder than words - (SPOILERS BELOW)-

My absolute FAVORITES scenes were some of the flashbacks - the tree house, where even though Reece says he needs to be along, Lucy knows he could use a friend. I cried at the Reece's dad's funeral where everyone else leaves Reece alone, but Lucy goes over and holds his hand. There are so many little moments that just gave me all of the feels and let us as readers know just how deep their relationship is.

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Yes! You and me, girl! That whole chapter nine KILLED me!

Another great theme. Thanks!

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