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Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) | 0 comments Decorate however you would like!

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Shruti | 102 comments Jessica paused outside the dorm room for a moment before slipping a envelope under the door. Leaving quietly so no one would hear, she slipped off.

Envelope Content:

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Yoongi walked into his room, yawning and blinking blearily at the scatter of his belongings around the room. He was already tired, despite how it was only four in the afternoon. He didn't bring much with him; just a small wardrobe of clothing bighit and the other members had help him choose, a white set of sheets and blankets, and a few BTS posters. His eyes settled on the small framed picture of his band members, loneliness already clawing at his chest. He sighed and walked forward to close the door behind him, but almost slipped and fell on a small envelope on the floor beneath his shoe. He frowned in confusion at it, then bent down and picked it up with two of his calloused fingers. It opened easily, but once he saw the language of which it was written in, he immediately pulled out his phone and opened google translate.

After several minutes of confusion passed, he set down his phone and stared at the paper. Should he follow the directions immediately? It'd take him some time to decode the map and translate it into Korean, and he'd never be sure when she'd be there. He glanced at his watch and sighed. He was too tired to do much of anything at that time, and he had enough time for more sleep before he had to go eat. He might go to see her the next day, but as of then, the only thing he wanted was to close his eyes and catch up on the jet lag. And, with that, he lay down on his bed and drifted into a dreamless sleep.

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