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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) hello

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments hey hey! hows u?

u got any ideas?

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Not so good

And yeah I got one idea

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments Ohh... wanna talk it out? we dun know each other but it does sometimes help

whats that? the one u posted in request?

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) I don't really want to talk about it anymore, and I know I already talked to my boyfriend about it.

And sorta, except: I want to do an RP where an deaf guy comes to town and he becomes friends with his new school's rich rebel girl who doesn't know an speck of Sign Language and therefore his interpreter had to interpret everything to her. But then they start getting closer and closer, and the rebel girl decides to learn sign language while the deaf guy learns how to speak to her, and then I was hoping to go from there.

We can do any other ideas if you have any though

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments Alright. My ears r always open if u ever needed to borrow a pair =)

hmm I do prefer my rps to b based in a more scifi world. Reality stuff usually bore me as it falls plainly in romance. I'll try n twist ur suggested idea to better suit me if u dun mind? or do u have other ideas?

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments need*

sry i had to do that but it was bothering me lol cant edit on phone

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) I don't really have any other ideas at the moment, and feel free to twist the idea to your liking

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments Dimensions are something most of us do not understand. It's a plane of existence that has never been ventured into. The average person would freak if they knew of any scientists attempting to discover it.

Of course, there are such scientists doing so.

Person has never been happier in his life. Smart, rich and famous. That was, until he stumbled into the wrong area. He couldn't remember where it was or how it was like. It was a hot afternoon when he was walking home. That was all he remembered before his world changed. Literally.

(Sry I took so long to comment for this short plot. I realised i was writing a story when i rmbred i was supposed to just give a plot lol oops)

Long story short, Person got transported to another reality. Where the skies were orange, his new world had a sky of blue. Where the japanese ruled the entirety of Asia, his new world had a dozen other countries that had survived the onslaught. Where they already had VR tweaked to perfection, his new world had the primitive design of heavy head gears worn for it. And there was a damn ringing in his ears. Broken and confused, he made sense of what little he already knew. English was still the majority language of the place he was in, but he cant hear shit. So he had to read. Homeless, lost and afraid, he didn't know what to do. That was, until he spotted what looked to b a prestigous school.

A plan formulated in his mind, and he decided to sign up for it. Except... he was deaf. The entire board of staff wrinkled their nose in disgust at the state of him. Dirty and deaf. Everything he wanted to say to them required him to write it all out as he couldn't even hear himself speak.

The principal took pity and decided to just entertain Person. He gave a stack exam papers, the toughest of them. Told Person that if he could even pass it, he would b accepted into the academy.

It was funny to Person how they still used papers for exams. In his world, everything was already digitalised. (I'm still writing a story lol sry i cant help myself. Had to delete a bunch of text) Long story short, the board of staff was mesmerised n shocked to find that he did really well for the papers. Not believing it, they gave him another stack, and this time kept supervision on him to make sure he wasnt cheating. He wasnt, and upon checking, they found out that he scored higher than even their own brightest students.

He was given full scholarship, a place to stay, pocket money etc etc. They couldnt find him on the gov's database, so they had to get his certs sorted out for him in order to have him legally and officially join the school.

Charrie is a demoness. Heck, she is the daughter of the devil himself. (Thus, the rebellious side. Not gonna elaborate too much cuz it's ur charrie n I already overkilled mine oops) Upon hearing this deaf hobo being accepted into the ivy league, she took interest in finding out if it was true. If he was perhaps an agent of the Light undercover, here to try and rat her out. Or if Person was a supernatural being of some sort. After locating the new student, she could tell he was human, yet there was something distinguishably different abt Person. Either he was a really powerful entity that could mask himself even to Charrie, one of the most powerful known beings of the universe, or... or what? Curious, she befriended Person.

I can go on forever but I feel like I've done sufficiently lol. What do u think?

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments sorry if the structure n everything is a bit weird. I typed it all out on the phone n cant edit well.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) That's actually really really cool, I'd love to do that and I love playing characters that are related to people of the underworld >v<

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments Sweet haha I was afraid that u wouldnt like it n I got carried away with my own imagination for no reason lol n wasted all that time to text huhu

So u're playing Charrie then I assume? I usually have charries very simple. Name, Age n Appearance. It feels nicer to get to know the other charrie thru rp, rather than a biography of sorts.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) I'm not a big fan of anything sci-fi or supernatural but this is an exception :)

And yes I'm play Charrie. I'm fine with having short templates and I like building my characters personality and history along the RP because I hate writing it out.

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments haha same. Anyway I'll post it shortly. Dun wait for me tho lol m gaming so might take a while

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Lol okay, I'll put my character up first then :)

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)

Name: Evangeline Marigold Wallace
Nicknames: Angel, Angie, Eva, Eve, Evie, Lena, Mari

Gender: Female
Age: 17 years old
Birthday: April 1st

Social Status: Rebel
Financial Status: Rich



The Devil - Father [ human name: Steven Wallace ]
Unknown Whore - Mother
Bunch of step-brothers and sisters
Bunch of half-brothers and sisters

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) (( sorry, I just already had a profile made for another RP and I couldn't resist using her here too ))

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments That's... a lot more detailed than I expected haha but its ok idm. Heck I copy paste my charries all the time too

Unknown whore lol does that make her only have celestial?

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments Name: Aaron Qien
Age: 17
Appearance: With his youthful figure, most would have thought him a lab assistant from the get-go. That is, until they were introduced to the team of lead scientists hired by one of the biggest multinational company. Standing at only 5 feet 7 inches, he was about the average height for Asian men. Of course, that means he was a dwarf amongst his fellow coworkers of other nationality. Jet-black hair with a brown undertone was accompanied by dark hazel eyes. Slim, but not prominently muscular. A distinguishable feature of his would be his thin connection between two thick brows, creating a noticeable monobrow. He also had a squarish face, angular jaws and slight frown lines that appear even when he smiles.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Your Mom wrote: "That's... a lot more detailed than I expected haha but its ok idm. Heck I copy paste my charries all the time too

Unknown whore lol does that make her only have celestial?"

I have no idea what that question means

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments Umm like a demigod? If a celestial being fcks a non-celestial being n have an offspring, won't she b half celestial then?

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Well I guess, but because she's labeled as an Unknown whore, for all we know she could be part of the underworld...I don't know yet what she'll be so for now she's nothing but information

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments aight lol

Shall we start? Just finished the entire game so me is free lol feeling emotional now since it is my childhood fav T.T

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Awe, that's kinda sweet and adorable, anyways, yes we shall start

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments Lead? I might fall asleep so in case I disappear... u know y. Will reply in the morning tho

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) What do you mean by Lead?

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments lead the way lol as in u start

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Oh alright, how should I start?

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments From the beginning? Where Aaron first enters the building. We can rp a bit of normal life. Ur charrie can then sense something off abt his presence as he took the exams in a small shelter, but brush it off until he made a name for himself.

Have a headache. Going to sleep now. Gn =)

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Okay I'll try my best and goodnight

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments o.O u gonna start or what lol

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Sorry, I haven't been able to find a good way to start, I'm not good at starting these things

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments just say so lol I'll just do it then =) gimme a moment

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Sorry and okay

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments "Go back out-"

"Melissa!" chided the principal, glancing at his staff. "Do you have no sympathy for the poor man?" he asked incredulously as he turned his attention back to the dirty boy.

"It's not as if he could hear us anyway..." she muttered under her breath inaudibly. The boy looked disgusting. What was he thinking that he could just enter a school and sign up? Did he even know what school he had walked up to? Of what ranking? Some other hopeful hobo probably told him that education could change his life around or something such. Probably the only explanation.

The principal just stared at the paper. 'I'd like to sign up for classes please?' was written simply in what most would call a "doctor's handwriting". At least he knew simple English. "Tell you what," the principal started, before he remembered that the young man couldn't hear him. Sighing, he wrote what he had to say down. 'I'll bring a stack of exam papers out. If you can pass them, I'll deem you qualified.'

"But sir..." came his staff's protest.

The young man nodded eagerly and looked up at the principal with what was clearly a look of gratitude.

The principal looked back to his staff. "Just amuse him. He's probably had a tough enough life. Ripped jeans and a hole in the breastpocket of his jacket. Make him just a bit happier, yeah? He's probably not even gonna get a single question right. No harm, no foul." His tone indicated clearly that their conversation over the matter was over.

Melissa, a slightly pudgy woman in her late thirties, slouched in defeat before moving away from the reception counter and back into her work cubicle.

The principal held up his hand to ask him to wait, before disappearing back into his office.


This is ridiculously easy, Aaron thought to himself with a deep frown. Were they playing a joke on him? He could enter if he just PASSED it? Heck, he'd be embarrassed if he even got one question wrong. This school certainly doesn't seem the type to easily take in students. It looked way too prestigious for that.

Placing down his borrowed pen, he took a good look around his environment again. Again, he noticed some students giving him questioning looks, but he ignored them. The cafeteria had air-conditioning, dozens of different stalls for food and drinks, power cables sticking out of tables for phone-charging, couches set around a small table on every corner and plant vines creeping up on the light grey walls to add to the interior design. The outside was massive, too, though he hadn't explored the area yet. He had a feeling he'd be arrested if he did so in his current dirty state for whatever accusations they might throw at him.

But no, it was definitely some sort of either really expensive or really good. Heck, maybe even both.

Whatever, he thought to himself as he turned his attention back to his paper, finishing it up. It was a start to his new world and new life, and right then it was all that mattered.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) After the man had left the main office, Evangeline was called down by her father, aka the principal. He told her about the man that just walked in and was now in the cafeteria doing some exams in order to get in, apparently the man was some kind of deaf hobo that looked utterly disgusting and couldn't understand a single word anyone said. " So basically you're asking me to look over this guy just in case he's not who he looks to be?" Evangeline asked her father with a shake of her head, " Just because I have an abnormal ability to tell when and who's not who they say they are, doesn't mean I want to actually use that ability, but what the fuck ever," Evangeline said as she walked out of the office and out of the main office, every staff member looking at her and raising eyebrows at the girl. " Oh bugger off, I'm on your side," Evangeline said with a wave of her hand before she exited the area and headed for the cafeteria, where the hobo deaf man was taking the exams. " Thankfully Uncle Lucifer taught me some Sign language in case I ever met a good looking one," Evangeline muttered as she walked with her hand holding tightly onto her book bag strap, she pushed back her fiery red hair.

[[ sorry it's shit and feel free to tell me if you don't like anything ]]

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments ((haha besides that its much shorter a starter, i kinda do like it. I like her attitude already XD))

Aaron had it done in no time, and walked back to the office. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him. What if they were lying? What if they weren't even going to let him in the school, even if he did well? Maybe they were just a sick bunch of people who would laugh at him when they crush his high hopes.

Whatever. There was a chance that it wouldn't be so bad. He had to take it.

He was busy checking through his papers, ignoring all the students who passed him and gave him looks of disgust. He couldn't help but feel like shit. He wasn't used to such treatment. Back in his former life, he was liked by almost all. One of the popular kids, as they say. Now? He felt worse than a loser. The things they were probably saying about him was most likely nasty shit. So much so to the point he wasn't sure if being deaf to them was a gift or a curse.

He managed to get back to the office without incident. He dutifully went up to knock on the principal's office door and waited. The man came back out and said something, but Aaron just stared at him blankly. He seemed to remember that he was deaf as he sighed. Grabbing Aaron's papers, the principal handed it to one of the workers and asked for it to be marked. The staff took it reluctantly and started to carefully handle the papers, as if it was made of acid.

Aaron stood to one corner as he waited. He could feel the eyes of some of the staff on him, but he determinedly looked at only the one who was grading his paper.

For the first half a minute, all that was on the teacher/staff's face was disgust. Then it morphed to confusion. Then it morphed to interest and surprise. He said something to the other staff, which made them look disbelieved. They all gathered around the marker, who seemed to have forgotten to handle the paper like it was covered in shit, instead just skimming through pages after pages. She didn't even mark the answers with her red pen anymore.

The rest of the staff seemed to have a short discussion, looking at Aaron occasionally. Aaron, out of his old self-pride and confidence, stared right back at them. He must have been doing well. Or at least, he hoped so.

One of them called the principal out, whom also started to skim through the pages. Shock masked his face, at he stared at Aaron with what was wonder and... suspicion?


Ten minutes later, he was done with a second round of papers. They had him sit in the office, probably to supervise him and make sure he wasn't cheating. Fine by him. The second round was just as easy as he flew through the questions. By the end of it, what he assumed were teachers and lecturers had crowded around him and clung on to every new answer he put into writing. With that done, he gave it to the one closest to him for them to mark.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Evangeline didn't find the man her father was talking about and looked around the school just in case he was wandering around, she frowned upon seeing him in the office being flocked by staff and her father, she immediately walked in and pushed past everyone, she stood in front of the guy and looked down at him. She could feel everyone's gaze resting on her as she surveyed the boy in front of him, he looked so dirty and so disgusting, but Evangeline couldn't help but feel a slight twinge in her stomach. She pushed the feeling off and grabbed one of the exam papers, looking it over she couldn't believe her eyes and turned to the boy once more, ' Do you understand sign language?' Evangeline signed hopefully as she felt her father tugging her away from the man in case the man decided to stand up and do something to her. Evangeline managed to get her father to let go but she stayed in front of him partially touching his chest with her back as she waited for the hobo to speak or write something down. There was something odd about this man and Evangeline didn't want to do anything else but figure that out, she wondered if he was here to rat her out to the council or if he was a member of the Light whatever her dad called it. " There is no absolute reason to crowd around the guy just because he has high marks on an exam that even I passed with flying colors," Evangeline said speaking to the staff, hoping they'd back off a bit now.

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments Aaron just stared up at the new arrival. She immediately reminded him of some punk girl. He was never really into them. She carried some sort of... aura with her. Like power, fear, desire... Aaron blinked, trying to snap himself out of it. But somehow, he couldn't. Looking around, he could sense that she had more or less the same power on the staff. She seemed like the principal's daughter or niece or something such from the way they interacted. Definitely blood related somehow. The girl slapped a note in front of him which made him jerk slightly. What the hell was wrong with her? Upon reading it, he shook his head at the girl.

The girl seemed to say something which had the crowd of staff slowly disperse from around him. The principal looked to have sighed, before moving in to collect Aaron's papers. The boy was definitely deserving of a reward. He hadn't planned on letting the boy study at his institute. But heck, now he not only wanted to let him study there, but wanted to pay for his damn education. He was going to have to have a talk with the board of scholarship of the institute. The boy had definitely proven to be some sort of a wonder. A hobo that did better than the top 1% of the country? It was certainly out of the world.

Which made him suspicious. Indeed, the boy may actually be out of the world. Literally and/or figuratively. He had to keep an eye on him anyway, and having him stay in the institute definitely allowed that. His daughter had yet to actually say anything about his origin, which was odd. She normally just blurted out whatever was on her mind without a care in the whole damn world. Many times he had to make up an excuse for whatever she might've said that made her sound weird. With that in mind, he assumed she probably hasn't quite sensed it out yet. Which, again is odd. Just human then, maybe.

Either way, he was going to offer the boy a scholarship. It wouldn't make sense of he was just a human hobo. But whatever creature he was, the principal was sure that he could always convert him to follow the evil ways. Through the institute, of course.

"Angel, please escort this young man to the waiting room. Tell him that a full scholarship is now in his hands if he so chooses to accept it. Explain to him the contract as I get someone to prepare it." He knew for a fact that his daughter was going to protest, so he gave her a stern look. As rebellious as she was, she knew when not to argue with higher authority. Well, that is of course, only when the higher authority was him or his brother. With that, he moved away to continue 'working'.

Aaron simply watched, clueless as to what they were saying and speechless. Before he knew it, he was left alone with the punk girl who gave off that weird aura which he still couldn't seem to shake off.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Evangeline was about to answer her father except he gave her no time and instead left her alone with the dude, " Oh how very loving, you leave your only daughter that you actually care about with some weird human creature dude that you don't know," Evangeline said with a shake of her head before turning back to the boy, she forced a smile onto her face. She made a motion with her hand for him to follow her and she began walking towards the door and then turned around to make sure he was following her.

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Your Mom (yourxmom) | 1464 comments She was definitely saying shit about him. Aaron couldn't read lips well, but it was unmistakable by her facial expression. Yet, she forced a smile and gestured for him to follow her. Hesitating, he turned to look at the principal who seemed to have shown him kindness in the passed hour. He was nowhere to be seen. Sighing he got up to follow the punk girl, half expecting her to pull out a cigarette or something the moment they exited the office.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Evangeline brought her phone out and typed something out, sighing she showed the dude, ‘ I'm taking you to the waiting room so that you can sit somewhere and wait until my dad decides something about you, there's no doubt you'll be getting into the school, but you'll need to take a shower and get some new clothes, you seriously look like a dirty hobo,` Evangeline held her phone in front of the dudes face until he was finished reading.

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